intern year

  1. D

    Anesthesiology Residency - Mayo Jax

    Greetings all, I was hoping to get some feedback on what other people who interviewed here or from current and graduated residents thought about this program. I was planning on ranking them very high, but something doesn't sit well with me about the 1st year being run by the IM department with...
  2. U


  3. Prionos

    NCH Baker Transitional Year

    I just felt the need to post about my transitional year program. I’ve only been here a few weeks but I’m already quite positive this must be one of the best (if not the best) transitional year programs in the country. It’s brand new so I’m sure not many know about it, but the pay, the hours...
  4. G

    Prereading before gensurg intern year

    I'm a nontrad med student (MS4) who just applied into General Surgery. I have a few months off between my graduation and July 1 and really need some advice on what resources I should use to keep my medical knowledge current before starting internship. A lot of residents say things along the...
  5. punMD

    Peds Intern schedule. What order do I do it in?

    I realize that, much like the order of M3 rotations, intern year in pediatrics will be similar no matter how you slice and dice it.... I also realize there will be significant variation between programs... HOWEVER... I dont have any specific life events to schedule my vacation and Im not...
  6. P

    Position Swap PGY1 TY in miami wanting to swap for any prelim (surg/int/TY) in PA, MI, OH, WV, MD

    I have a Transitional Year PGY1 in the Miami area, I am looking to swap with any type of prelim (including surgery) in PA, Ohio, Michigan, WV, or MD. The only reason for wanting to swap is family, the TY is great! Let me know.
  7. R

    Restarting residency as PGY-1

    Hello all, I am an IM resident and I was informed by my PD that I have to restart residency as an intern and complete 3 years because of a gap in training. I had 2 medical leaves one at the end of my intern year from mid June to beginning of August. I returned in August. The I had my second...
  8. allojay

    Ortho Intern year Preparation

    Hi everyone, I recently matched into an Ortho program and was doing an extensive online search on how to prepare as an Ortho intern. Most of the posts were dated and I was hoping to get a more current idea of what I can do to prepare before intern year begins. So far, I've seen people say...
  9. NYfutureFMdoc28

    USMLE Kaplan Step 3 videos vs other videos?

    Hi I am an MS4 and I just found out that I matched into FM! Now that I matched I started to think about Step 3. I have always needed extra time than the suggested 4-6 weeks of dedicated Step study time, so that why I am starting to study now. I passed Step 1 on first try and Step 2CK on the 2nd...
  10. CrunchyTeddy

    Do you need to pass step 2 cs before starting intern year (AMG)?

    I recently found out that unfortunately, I failed my step 2 cs. This was a huge shock to me as I’m a 4th yr student at a well regarded US medical school and have done well with SPs throughout my clerkship and sub internships. I’m not terribly worried about the match because all the rank order...
  11. O

    Trying for a baby at the end of intern year?

    I'm a 4th year medical student applying into OBGYN getting married at the end of 4th year to a now-1st year law student. If I match in the city where he is, we'd like to have a baby at the end of my intern year (summer or start of his third year). His schedule as a third year law student will be...
  12. iamironman

    Onlinemeded PDFs reviews for CK and intern year

    I just found out that onlinemeded has two PDFs. One with the Tables to quick review and One for Intern guide book. Is it worth spending money on for CK or UWorld is enough? experienced persons' advice needed here!
  13. F

    switching into IM residency after intern year

    How difficult would it be to switch from Rad Onc into the IM residency program at the institution where I do my intern year in medicine for Rad Onc? Ostensibly, this is easier than going from IM to Rad Onc, but I'm not sure how feasible it is regardless. How many PGY2 IM spots are available at...
  14. R

    Help/Advice needed - intern year

    I'm an IMG started my intern year in IM and started of with ICU rotation. I did bad not with the patient care but a bit slow due to understanding the new process and system here. But senior resident whom I rotated with made that a big issue and projected as I don't know how to take care of...
  15. O

    Studying technique/Strategy to do well

    Hello All, Hope all of you are doing well I need advice and help, take 2 mins out if you can. I started ortho residency 3 weeks ago. And prior residency i kept asking residents about their studying habits, recommended books and i got different answers.
  16. D

    Repeat intern year and residency funding.

    To the short of it, I was at PGY-1 in a categorical residency and had to leave due to some family crises. I left about 8-9 months into my intern year. I understand GME funding is not available or at least limited for repeating years of categorical programs. Does this extend to my circumstance...
  17. Wolf3D

    Ask a PGY-1 at a top 10 anything (experience w/ admissions)

    Hi all, I've got a couple of relatively slow shifts coming up (including a 28-hour one....) and I just rediscovered this website so figured I might make myself useful. Back in my day it wasn't nearly as bustling as it is now, happy to see the site still thriving. I'm currently doing my...