1. P

    mcat timing

    Hi there, I've taken all the pre reqs for med school besides biochem so far. I take biochem this fall. I want to take the MCAT in January 2020, so if I use a test prep company, would it be best to start studying for the MCAT now (~6 months of studying) or wait until September when school...
  2. Golden-Future

    HELP!! Need a tutor for the MCAT! Anyone use "Tutor the People"?

    Does anyone know of any worthwild tutoring services??? I don't think courses will work for me, because I know content, but my strategies are bad. -I feel like watching how to do a CARS passage strategy doesn't work. Has anyone Used "Tutor the People" for the MCAT: MCAT Test Prep | Private...
  3. sunny234

    Have to include grades in update?

    I am sending updates to schools about my activities but am not sure if I need to include my grades from the past semester. They weren't bad (2 A's, 2 A-'s) but don't really show an upward trend. Should I include them anyways to be safe? Thanks!
  4. B

    Anyone looking for FM residency to start in January 2018?

    I am currently in a FM program that is looking for DO graduates interested in starting in January 2018. There is really no way to advertise this, so we thought we'd try forums like this. Please reply if you are interested or would like to know more.
  5. S

    DAT Rescheduled: Studied in the summer, taking DAT in the winter

    Hey guys! I've been trying to find a thread that matched with my situation the most, but I cannot seem to find any. But I really need advice and some help! I was set to take the DAT this early September but I do not feel ready at all. I've studied everything but my scores in QR/Math and General...
  6. P

    Take MCAT Prep Course in Summer, although test will be in January?

    I've read through a number of other threads about this, but can't seem to find one like my situation. I haven't taken all my prerequisites yet, including the necessary Biochem and Physics 1. So, that's why I'm planning to take the MCAT in Jan. I don't think I have time to do a prep course in...
  7. D

    January 2017 NPTE Study Advice Needed

    Hello fellow PTs and PTAs, I am currently looking into purchasing the "Final PT Exam" video lectures and was wondering if any of you have purchased these in the past and found them to be successful? Any and all advice at this point would be helpful. Thank you in advance!
  8. U

    MCAT January 2017

    I am planning on taking the MCAT in January of 2017.. however I just realized that the schedule out is for 2016. Is it safe to assume that there is going to be an MCAT in January? I am pretty much planning my life around that date. Has their always been one in January in the past?
  9. neurome

    SGU January Class 2017

    Hi Everyone, I know it is still a bit early in the game but i am so excited about this next phase of our lives. This thread is to provide an avenue for students who have been accepted into the January 2017 entering class at SGUSOM to interact before a Facebook page pops up for us. I have been...
  10. B

    Ross January start and Match

    I was wondering if someone who starts in January and does 4 semesters on the island would be able to finish in 3.5 years and make the match, assuming all goes smoothly? ie. If start in January 2017 then match in March 2020 and start residency that July 2020? And if possible, how likely? I...
  11. M

    East coast winter storm?? Jan MCAT

    Anyone else freaking out about the East Coast winter storm Jonas thats about to hit the North East hard on Friday night...signed up for the MCAT on Saturday...hope that it doesn't get cancelled.
  12. L

    January 2016 MCAT during cycle as an update?