job opportunities

  1. Wayfinder

    Help me improve my EC's / Gap Year Work Question

    Hello SDN! Just looking for some feedback on my app's process, and job advice. Degree: Biomedical Sciences Graduated May 2018 local state university Cumulative GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.81 MCAT Score: Test date April 2019 (Fingers Crossed! Just started studying.) Targeted Application Date: June...
  2. W

    Alternative Medical Career: Open Position for Medical Writer/Director

    Medical communications is a burgeoning industry with a high market demand for highly-skilled and experienced individuals to fill medical science leadership positions in various arenas (e.g., private communications groups, pharmaceutical companies, ad agencies, etc.). This fast-paced, exciting...
  3. H

    NYC Research Assistant position - Hospital for Special Surgery

    Research Assistant opportunity working for top orthopaedic trauma surgeon in Hospital for Special Surgery/New York Presbyterian. Great opportunity for post grad/pre med gap year. Interest in orthopaedics is a plus. Please respond with interest to forum. CV and cover letter will be requested by...
  4. Wonder women

    "mommy track" job after fellowship

    Quick background before I post questions -I am mother to two kindergartners and feel that between Radiology residency and fellowship I have missed out a lot. Currently in Body Imaging Fellowship in a good program @ Midwest. I am hoping for "mommy track" type of schedule (30-40 hrs/week ) and...
  5. B

    Gap Year after medical school

    Hello, this is my first time posting..I usually lurk but I need some help. Please no trolls or insensitive people. I went to a DO school and due to difficulties with boards and other personal issues, my education was extended for extra 2 years. So I finally finished it and was able to get my...
  6. F

    Other OT-Related Information Part-Time Job During OT School

    I apologize since I know there is definitely a thread about this already, but I was hoping for some personalized advice. I will be starting the MOT program at NYU in the Fall. I will have to take out loans to be used for a little more than half of the tuition costs (About 80k in total, for the...
  7. C

    Letters of Rec from Residency after Fellowship?

    Hey there, was wondering, after you finish a 1-2 year fellowship and are applying for jobs, who does your letters of rec typically come from? Do most jobs require letters from specific people? Your fellowship PD? Your residency PD? Or just people who know your work best?
  8. bernas

    Job Opportunities for ftd?

    Hi everyone, While studying for NBDE Part I, if a Foreign Trained Dentist wants to earn money what are the job opportunities? According to my search Dental assisting is the best one. What do you think?
  9. A

    Scribing as a Freshman?

    I just finished my first semester of undergrad, and am thinking of applying to ScribeAmerica for a scribing job next semester. As much as I would like to take up a job as a scribe, I also know that keeping up my GPA is most important (I finished this semester with a 4.0, and will be taking...
  10. D

    career opportunities uae

    I have 6 years of work experience as a dental consultant / hospital in charge post finishing my bachalor in dental surgery in india. I had to a break for 3 year as we had our first daughter. Now I am completing my master in dental surgery - Pedodontic and wish to move to UAE to practice as a...
  11. YPJ1

    Pediatrics Post residency job search

    As you know, now is the time for pediatric residents to find post-residency jobs. In the past, the search for a Pediatric position was limited to generic job search websites, with no ability to search for all the unique options available within the pediatric profession. Having provided services...
  12. P

    Foreign Trained Dentist Job Opportunities for US Citizens

    Hello fellow Dental students and graduates. I'm an american born citizen currently studying my BDS abroad and am in my final year. I've passed my NBDE part 1 and will return to the USA after I finish my final year to attempt the part 2 exam as well as apply for the international dental program...