LECOM-Bradenton vs. VCOM-Auburn

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    I have interviewed at both schools and really liked both. I'm having issues deciding.
    I learn best via conversation, talking things out. So the Lecture style at VCOM versus the PBL at LECOM isn't as cut and dry a choice. In the lecture, I am listening for hours. In PBL I am reading all day. Neither really engage conversation until study hours.
    No one in my family has any experience in medicine, so we're all swimming blindly in this process. Any help would be appreciated. I also prefer to DO school over MD.
    • I really liked the people I got to speak to, and everyone seemed happy and engaged.
    • I was having to restrain myself from piping up with questions and comments at the PBL session we sat in. It seemed like a great curriculum to teach HOW to be a doctor, rather than just teaching content.
    • They did have exam rooms for simulations. Been seeing comments about no sim rooms. We walked through some. They also 100% have cadavers, as they took us to the cadaver lab.
    • Cheap. 30k a year.
    • I live in Florida. And drive a convertible. Don't have to get a new car if I go here. Or learn how to drive in snow.
    • My mentor from undergrad works as an adjunct professor at the dental school. Going to LECOM keeps me in contact with him. Been this guy's TA since I was a freshman. Now a 5th-year soon-to-be-graduate.
    • GREAT USMLE and COMPLEX scores.
    • Don't care about dress code or eating. I can feel myself becoming more professional when I dress like it. If I can't handle not eating for the 10 hours per WEEK on campus, how can I handle a 12-hour hospital shift per day with a single five-minute break? I was raised to be professional throughout the day and I'm not eating in front of patients.
    • (Not sure where to put this) LECOM felt like a hospital, but you're there 10 hours a week.
    • Not sure how I will convert to PBL. It sounds awesome, but I've really NEVER used the book in undergrad, its been all powerpoints and engaging my professors in conversation. Went to a smaller university, max ~35 kids per class.
    • Smaller school, not attached to larger universities.
    • Been reading things about being thrown like a fish out of water for rotations???
    • I've been seeing a lot of mixed reviews from people on here.
      • A lot of comments stem from "shady" business practices. Claims that they are secretly for profit and are scamming students. But with the tuition and class sizes so small this is hard for me to wrap my head around. With the scores, the students get, it's not like they aren't learning. And isn't ANY business out to make money?
    • I interviewed on the 5th (Monday), and they accepted me on the 9th (THAT Friday). They really want me there.
    • I'm interested in forensic pathology (forensic science undergrad), and they deliberately had me interview with the forensic pathologist on the committee.
    • Said forensic pathologist runs a special thing in the cadaver lab where if you find something cool you have to put together a report and present the case.
    • Said forensic pathologist would have more connections to residencies. Who you know, not what you know and all that frustrating networking in the professional world.
    • Attached to a larger university, Auburn University. The whole city is built around the school. Wonderful area. The medical campus was painted orange and blue on the interior. A very warm building that felt comfortable, but it has to be when you are there all day.
    • I've been in lectures my whole life. Familiar study style.
    • New, pretty area. I've been in Fl since I was 7. I forgot hills existed.
    • 45k per year. ABout 15k more expensive. Plus having to get a new car.
    • Farther from my family. 1-hour drive vs. 10-hour drive.
    • Apparently Auburn is enforcing a conjugal law about three people who are not related are NOT allowed to cohabitate, even if the same sex. This was pointed out by one of the first year tour guides who said three of his classmates got a house together and were then kicked out because the three men were cohabitating and none were related.
    • Lectures from 8am-5pm daily. With 50 min classes, lunch, block, etc. Like being back in high school. Then you have to read everything ANYWAY. A student I spoke to who was not on my tour said they most students skip class to study and watch videos anyway.
    • While VCOM is 15 years old and promotes an overall 95% first-year residency match rate, the Auburn campus is 2 years old, and just send their first class to rotations. So no real data about residency exams.
    • Like LECOM, they have a list of hospitals for 3rd-year rotations, and 4th-year rotations are spent traveling. I was under the impression at the time that this was standard until I started looking through forums. Now I am just confused.
    • Have to learn how to drive in snow. And live in it.
    I have until the 23rd of this month to send in my deposit for VCOM. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
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  3. Dremt

    Aug 22, 2017
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    What I will say is that the snow thing shouldn't be a factor, you will very rarely get any snow down in Alabama, just the same as Florida.

    If you did every get any sort of snow, you might get like half an inch of sleet max. But really, when is the last time southern Alabama got any snow?

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