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  1. W

    Open Positions for Physician Anesthesiologists in LA

    Exciting opportunity in the San Fernando Valley at a small community hospital in West Hills. Small private practice of only physician anesthesiologists, lifestyle-oriented practice. No trauma, no OB, no in-house call, minimal emergencies, 40% hospital, 60% surgery center-based, roughly 40...
  2. C


    Fresh graduate considering a nocturnist position in Los Angeles: 7 on/7 off schedule 12 hrs, 8-12 admissions, floor calls, rapid response calls, intensivist support overnight. What is the typical salary for nocturnists in LA and is the job description above typical for nocturnists?
  3. G

    Physican Anesthesia Group, Santa Monica, CA

    Open recruiting for full time position(s) in all physician mid-size anesthesiology group in Santa Monica, CA. Collegial rapport with surgeons and a lifestyle oriented practice with stable, team-oriented group that values mutual support. Rare opportunity to join a group that has historically...
  4. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's University Of St. Augustine (USAHS) - Flexible Master of Occupational Therapy MOT - San Marcos

    Hey! I’m here to connect with students that were accepted to University Of St. Augustine (USAHS) - Flexible Master of Occupational Therapy MOT for San Marcos. Looking to meet fellow students :)
  5. PeonyLeaf

    SoCal Anesthesia WAMC

    (Yes I'm aware there's a WAMC superthread. It hasn't been posted to in months) M3 from the Deep South. Definitely want to get out of the Southeast and have family friends in LA. Loved the area ever since I was a kid and want to go out there for my career. Step 1: 239 Clerkship grades: All...
  6. P

    Suburban Los Angeles Anesthesia

    PP all MD group all cases except transplant 1099, good income non-predatory group, transparent usually 1 year to yeah or nah partnership vote (almost always yeah) expanding hospital Call gets nightly stipend plus what you collect from cases.
  7. Itsnotludwigs

    Los Angeles GPRs - trying to compile a list!

    I'm trying to compile a complete list of all the match and non-match GPR programs in LA. Here are the programs I've found so far: 1) USC 2) UCLA 3) Harbor - UCLA Medical Center 4) VA Greater LA Health Care System 5) Veterans Admin Medical Center - Sepulveda 6) Rancho Los Amigos National...
  8. D

    DIY post bacc options in Los Angeles/Inland Empire area?

    Hello, long time lurker here! I am graduating from UCLA in a few weeks with a pretty sad sGPA (3.0), and I want to do a DIY post bacc to help boost my gpa! Does anybody have any experience doing a DIY post-bacc in the Los Angeles or Inland Empire area in California? I was looking at UCLA...
  9. M

    Looking for roommates, Los Angeles, CA area

    Hi! I'm a psychology female graduate looking to return to the West Coast for internship, research assistance, and eventually more schooling starting March or August /September. I have also studied public health at the University of Missouri and in the PNW. Looking for those who want to share...
  10. T

    2019 Residents in the Los Angeles area

    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread for anyone moving to the Los Angeles for residency this summer as an opportunity to meet people before we all get there. Feel free to post to which program you will be attending below, when you start, and where you're from.
  11. C

    Dental Volunteering Opportunities Los Angeles

    Hi guys! I'm currently looking for shadowing/ volunteering dental opportunities near the USC area, but no success. I found the UCLA dental volunteering program, but I don't know how easy it will be to commute during the school year. If anybody knows of any dental shadowing or volunteering...
  12. V

    looking for SP 2CS on June 13th in Los Angeles

    I will be taking the USMLE Step 2CS on June 14th. I will be staying in a hotel near the testing center and I would love to meet up on June 13 to practice some cases. Please reach out to me if you are interested in helping me out with a last minute study session! Thanks :)
  13. N

    Los Angeles - MCAT Accountability /Study Partner

    Hey, I'm from NY, but here in LA. Message me if this is something you're seriously interested in. We can Facetime and determine if our goals are aligned and go from there. Thanks! Location (City, State, Country): Los Angeles, CA, USA Test Date (Anticipated) (Month AND YEAR): April/May 2018 MCAT...
  14. X

    Looking for Home Health PTAs in West Los Angeles area

    Hello, I'm the director of therapy services for Olympus Therapy Solutions, a therapist owned operated home health therapy company on the westside of LA and we're losing one of our best PTAs because he is relocating back east. Does anyone know of a good PTA looking to work in home health? We're...
  15. tlnjd117

    Dental Assistant Job (No Experience!) - LA Area

    Hi everyone! I am currently working at a dental office in Encino, CA (perfect location for someone in LA and the surrounding areas). I have been accepted to dental school and will be starting in a few weeks - therefore I am looking to replace my position as a dental assistant at my current...
  16. D

    Associate Dentist needed- Full time or Part time in Los Angeles

    Associate dentist is needed at my private dental office in Mid-wilshire area in Los Angeles. Full time or part time is available. Prefer bilingual in Eng/ Korean. Prefer 2yr + experience If interested, please send resume to [email protected] or call to set up interview at 213-385-2875 thank you!
  17. W

    Summer Housing Los Angeles

    Hello everyone! Does anyone have a place available in LA for June and July 2017? I'm looking for a private bedroom near children's hospital of LA on Sunset (WeHo, Koreatown, Little Armenia, etc). I'm also willing to swap my place in Atlanta!
  18. S

    Any housing advice for UCLA School of Dentistry?

    I was accepted into UCLA School of Dentistry class of 2021. Los Angeles is a big place and although the tuition is very cheap, the cost of living in LA already has my bank account crying. Thus far, between filtering through and having several conversations on SDN, talking to peers in my class...
  19. S

    MSW Programs in Los Angeles

    Hello Student Doctor Network: After 2 years of painstakingly trying to figure out my next path from a BA in Psych towards a private practice, I have finally found that I believe the path to LCSW will be the best and most rewarding for me. I would love to get a PsyD but feel wary due to readings...
  20. rulesoferick

    Attending the 2016 LACPA Convention.

    Im about to attend this huge event with my UCLA group. "Founded in 1945 and incorporated in 1962, LACPA is a chapter of the California Psychological Association (CPA), a state association of the American Psychological Association (APA). With over 150,000 members, APA represents psychologists...
  21. D

    LA Schools: USC vs. West Coast University

    Just wondering if anyone else here is planning on applying to these two schools. In your opinion, does WCU have any advantages over USC (besides the lower cost of course)? Since USC has the more established program, I suspect employers would be partial towards applicants with degrees from USC’s...
  22. J

    Pharmacist Job Opportunity. LA/SD

    Hello All- I am not sure if this is the right forum for this but I am posting for a potential opportunity for LICENSED Pharm.D with experience in Los Angeles. If interested in more details, please private message me and we can exchange emails. This is more than just a Job, but rather the...
  23. O

    Step 2 - CS test takers/Live SP's - Los Angeles Group

    Dear All, I am creating this thread with an intent to have a common platform for students who are giving their exam at Los Angeles center. Use this thread to - Post our exam dates Find live SP's Coordinate travel dates Share accommodations Practice all the cases mutually with your sp's Support...
  24. O

    Looking for female sp/ CK

    I recently finished my Step-1 a couple weeks ago. I am looking for a female study partner.I am from Cali. My goal is to give the exam by September 2016. Please reply me back or inbox me your contact information so that i can contact you.
  25. R

    Program-Specific Info / Q's West Coast University Housing

    Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any tips for housing, where to look, or if anyone who's already in the program is looking for a housemate? I've already looked at apartment websites and such but I'm not not sure how credible they are. I'll be moving from Sacramento, not too far...
  26. cvtliving

    Roommate $810 - 1 mile to LAC+USC Medical Center

    Located in City View Terrace, right next to Lincoln Park 1 mile to LAC + USC Medical Center, walk to USC Health Science Campus : ) 3 USC MD students, are looking for a 4th housemate to share a 4 bedroom 2008 built condo in City View Terrace, a gated community next to USC Health Science Campus...
  27. CardsDMDOMS

    Practicing on the West Coast

    Any help is appreciated. I am graduating dental school soon and will be doing a 1 year GPR which gives IV sedation competency. My significant other and I will be looking for places to settle down, and SoCal is desirable. - Is Southern California actually as hard of a place to practice as...
  28. cvtliving

    Roommate Affordable housing - Walk to LAC+USC Medical Center, Los Angeles

    Affordable housing near USC Health Science Campus http://cvtliving.com/available-4-bdrm/ Home Community of LAC + USC People City View Terrace is a gated condo community located in the Lincoln Park area in East Los Angeles, it is about 1 mile from the LAC + USC Medical center.The contemporized...
  29. J

    EPPP tutor in los angeles area

    Hello! I am looking for an EPPP tutor in the Los Angeles area. It can also be someone who has passed the exam that really knows test taking strategies. Thank you!!!
  30. S

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Tufts vs. USC 2016

    After being accepted, I'm trying to decide between USC and Tufts for occupational therapy graduate school. I'm currently living in Northern CA but I don't mind going out of state. I received a scholarship for Tufts ($15,000) so it is the cheapest option (by a total of $60,000 - USC= $120,000 for...
  31. DoctressM

    MCAT STUDY BUDDY 2015-2016 Online or in Person. Los Angeles Area

    I should start with I work full time. Office hours, 9-5 kinda thing. I also volunteer twice a week. Having a hard time finding motivation to study for the new mcat. I took the old one and got 10-10-7. I have PDFs of EK, TPR, and Kaplan. I also created my own schedule. what i need help with is...
  32. V

    USMLE Step 2 CS date Swap / switch