master's degree

  1. ToothyBoi

    Getting Letters of Rec While Reapplying

    In the event that I have to reapply, I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about getting more letters of recommendation. I could apply for a Master's degree. However, I don't really want to pursue this for two years, although it would be partly due to be able to get more letters of rec...
  2. E

    Other OT-Related Information Entry-level or postprofessional master's degree for someone with a BSOT

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was so excited to find an OT community that I went ahead, made an account, and jumped right in! I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in OT from outside the US, and I have also received my license to practice there...
  3. D

    Should I retake?

    Hi, everyone. Louisiana boy here. Just got first MCAT results back, and it's a 511! Would normally be happier, but I have a 3.3 GPA from my undergrad and have to decide quickly if I should cancel the second MCAT I had as backup. I have a bachelor's in chemistry, bachelor's in biology, and I...
  4. I

    Nontraditional MS in ChemE (Stanford) to Med School

    Hello SDN, I am always hesitant to create posts on forums, but I've been following various threads on SDN for a while and thought your guys's opinions and advice could be valuable. Background: 24 year old male B.S. Chemistry and Biochemistry from a UC school (3.75 GPA) M.S. Chemical...
  5. M

    Switched to Pre-dental in Summer before Junior Year

    Hey guys, So I just made a the switch to the dental field basically the beginning of my junior. So, now I'm taking science classes. I plan on taking a gap year or two in order to get more experience in the field before applying. Do you guys have any tips on what I should so? I've already...
  6. M

    Graduated with High Honors, overall GPa of 3.67, Science GPA of 3.67

    I graduated with high honors by defending an undergraduate thesis and gained an overall GPA of 3.67 . My science GPA is also 3.67. I worked and performed research in a stem cell lab for 2 years and presented research at several conferences. I graduated a week ago and still need to study and take...
  7. Mason91

    Master's recommendation? Boosting GPA

  8. T

    Engineer to MD

    I suppose above all I'm looking for someone to tell me I'm not crazy for wanting to make this change. I have a master's in mechanical engineering and have been in the aerospace field for about two years now. While I truly do enjoy my job and enjoy going to work, I can't help but think that I may...
  9. M

    Canadian trying to find their way

    Hi everyone, This is my first time applying to the US and I'm trying to get a realistic idea of what my chances are. I have applied in Canada twice and never interviewed. I interviewed and was accepted at schools in Ireland and the UK last year but declined. I graduated from a 4 year H.BSc...
  10. A

    Pathologist Assistant Career Undergrad Prep and Scholarships

    I'm a sophomore biology major currently (recently) planning for a PathA career. My understanding is that admission to a masters program is competitive, but I'm shadowing at and volunteering for my local hospital's pathology/anatomy department, and my GPA is in good standing. Aside from that...
  11. A

    MS: TouroCOM-Middletown vs. PCOM

    Hi guys! I have been planning on attending TouroCOM Middletown's 1-year Master's program next year, which has a guaranteed acceptance into their DO program if you obtain a 3.5 GPA and pass the comprehensive exam. Apparently ~50% of the MS students reach this goal (according to a professor...
  12. F

    Tunisian MD looking for scholarship programs for a Master in the US

    Hi everyone, i am a Tunisian MD in general medicine. I graduated with highest honours and i am looking to prefect my knowledge in the US by enrolling in a master's program. However, i will need to have a scolarship in order to be able to do that so far away from home. Would anybody help me...
  13. NancyPansy

    Getting a master's in between med school & residency

    Good or bad idea? The master's would be related to neuroscience (will probably seek a psychiatry residency) and would happen after medical school. I'm only considering this because I'm interested in the stuff and the program is near me, which makes it more attractive. I wouldn't be doing this in...