1. A

    Step P/F - What does this mean for Class of 2023?

    I'm kind of freaking out right now. I go to a lower tier MD school, class of 2023. Knowing that Step is an equalizer for students that work their butts off, kill Step, even though they don't go to Harvard Med was really encouraging. Now I'm feeling like there's even more barriers in front of my...
  2. postponemastudentloan

    What type of EC’s for Med school?

    Hi guys, I wanted to get your advice on what you think standard EC’s (and how many hours) are for MD schools? I’m not sure what all falls under the category of EC’s but this is what I’m doing so far: -working as an LPN -research -volunteering in a hospital because of my clinical experience...
  3. chemdoctor

    Are these EC's good or am I missing something?

    Volunteering at Hospice volunteering at an Alzheimer's clinic volunteering at a soup kitchen volunteering at a children's orphanage lifeguarding (mostly during the summer) water safety instructing (mostly during the summer) alzheimer's association walks and charity events stuff for clubs at...
  4. chemdoctor

    Applying to MD schools while Green Card is in process?

    Is it possible to apply to MD schools while ones green card is in process? Or does one have to wait until the green card is in hand before applying? Can't you put on your application that you'll be getting your green card in like a couple months? Or not?
  5. N

    Do I have any chance? 3.77cgpa, 3.68sgpa. TX Resident

    Hi. Im an asian and I recently finished my first semester of Junior year. If I maintain my recent gpa trend I will end up with a 3.77cgpa and around 3.68sgpa by the end of Junior year. My recent MCAT score: 516 (maybe around 35 from the old MCAT?) I have 200 volunteer hours in a hospital from...
  6. Wolverine2017

    What Questions to Ask Youreself: MD-PHD vs. MD

    After reading a half dozen MD vs. MD/PhD posts, I wanted to put up my own dilemma since I don't think what I saw really addressed my doubts. I want to be a physician, that much I know. However, I also have a fundamental appreciation of basic science and the steps it takes to bring us closer to...
  7. M

    Lost, post grad, pressured to finish soon, depressed, what now? PLEASE HELP!

    I am directionless, depressed, and being pressured (by some family, but mostly myself) to finish a program that will give me ensured, but fulfilling, employment. All throughout HS and undergrad, I thought I was going to try to get into med school, be a doctor, etc. Did not really think about...
  8. mpsu2014

    To make a deposit or not: that is the question

    I'm sure plenty of people sit in the same boat as myself , but here we go with this dilemma post+pity+: Do I put down the money to hold my spot on my first acceptance due to fear of not gaining acceptance anywhere else/somewhere higher on my list? I understand the deposit is such a small amount...
  9. Joewildcat

    MD & DO Chances? Advice?

    Hello everyone, So I was hoping anyone could shed some insight on my chances of getting into MD or DO schools with my credentials. I recently graduated UNH with a 2.98 ugpa and a 3.0 sgpa and a B.S. In Biomedical Sciences. I am currently in a post baccalaureate program at ELMS college and as...
  10. canes_season

    MD & DO 3.63 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA, 506 MCAT- School List

    Hello all, I’m currently deriving a school list for applications in June. Any suggestions to boost my application are very much appreciated (criticisms as well). I’ll be applying to both M.D. and D.O. schools. Here are my stats: - 3.63 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA (bad freshman year, upward trend, 4.0...
  11. D

    29 not sure what route to take.

    Hi all, This is my first time posting so any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. My name is Wesley I am starting over at the age of 29. My first career was in criminal justice, I was a police officer for 7 years and was a supervisor for a year of my time on the force. I resigned due...
  12. mayo33

    3.9 cGPA/3.8 sGPA/29 MCAT

    Hi everybody! So I'm already pretty deep in the application cycle- meaning that all my secondaries are in (EXCEPT FOR ONE- I'M LOOKING AT YOU, HOWARD) and I've already received some interviews. I applied to 33 MD programs and 7 DOs. I'm primarily curious about where I stack up for MD programs...
  13. F

    Ideas for a foreign medical degree in the US

    Hi everyone, I am a Doctor of Medicine freshly graduated from the Tunis Faculty of medicine after 5 years of studies and 2 years of clinical internship in various departments in the hospitals of Tunis. I know the path that i am supposed to take in order to obtain a licence to practice medicine...
  14. petitechouette

    MD & DO Got a D, retook and got an A: Medical school application chance?

    Hi Everybody, I recently graduated from my college with a double major (Biology and French) and a minor. My final cumulative GPA is 3.58. Throughout my undergrad, I received about 40 A's and 20 B's. I received a D from Gen Chem I (sophomore year's first semester) and I received a C in Calculus...
  15. B

    Would human genetics count toward my science gpa?

    The class is called "human genetics" but it is offered by the anthropology department at my school (I don't know why). I got an A, so I really want it to count. Could it be considered Biology?
  16. S

    My chances? Back-up plan advice/recommendations?

    Like many I am worried about my current medical MD and DO application cycle. I just submitted my application and my transcripts are waiting to be reviewed. My concerns are due to my low MCAT score (which I took only once due to taking it August 28th) and the "late" submission of my application...