1. S

    Interview Prep Class of 2023

    Since interviews are coming up, we should all be preparing! Let’s work together and share all of our tips, ideas, or questions. What worked for you in the past? Have any questions that leave you stumped? MMI vs student panel?
  2. S

    Discussing MMI prompt in Secondary at that school

    I couldn't find this discussed anywhere as it is pretty specific. I am writing a particular secondary essay regarding "challenges in becoming a physician". The challenge that I have identified is actually exemplified in an MMI from the school I am a reapplicant to. Essentially my question is...
  3. B

    MMI interview?

    Hello! I noticed that pretty much every vet school that conducts interviews follows the MMI format. MMI's are defined as "A series of timed scenarios, which assess attributes such as communication skills, ethical and moral judgment, management of team and self, problem solving and critical...
  4. A

    MMI didn't go so well. Do I still have a chance of getting accepted?

    There were 5 stations, each for 8 minutes. I think I did well on 4 out of 5. In one of them, I was given a scenario. The scenario was that I was the only person who knew that this kid in class cheated. The teacher was suspicious and anyone who can provide evidence will be rewarded extra credit...
  5. M

    UNM COP 2017-2018

    I have an interview in January for the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy. They changed the interview process to MMI this year so I was wondering if any of you have any tips to prepare. If by chance any of you interviewed early for UNM I would appreciate some feedback on the new...
  6. J

    SUNY UPSTATE Interview MMI

    Hi everyone I just received my invitation to SUNY Upstate for interview. I was told it will be conducted in MMI format. We also have to write an essay . For those who have experience about interview at Upstate or just MMI interview, please share me some tips. TIA
  7. J

    University of Cincinnati 2017-2018 Application Cycle: Interviews

    I just received an invite for an interview at UC! Are there any current medical students or students who have interviewed with them already this cycle that can shed some light on the interview process? Do you have any suggestions/comments regarding the MMI format and how to prepare?
  8. H

    Post MMI

    Hi, would it be effective to write a thank you email/letter to the medical school after an MMI interview or even a traditional interview? If so, to who?
  9. H


    Not finishing my thought because time ran out. Is this bad??
  10. I

    Ethical Question on Parental Consent

    Hello, I was thinking about 2 different situations revolving around parental consent and how physicians are expected to respond. Assume child is under 10 and does not have decision making capacity. 1) Child diagnosed with acute lymphoma. Determined that if child does not get blood transfusion...
  11. D

    Multiple Mini Interview Advice

    Any advice out there for MMI interviews? Ohio State has this format with four 15 minute stations... From past year's OSU threads people seem to enjoy this interview and see it as not very intimidating, though there's not much detail on interview content provided.. What type of questions would...
  12. J

    University of Sydney MMI format

    Hello, I'm preparing for my MMI Skype interview with the University of Sydney for dentistry, and I'm still not sure exactly how the MMI will work. I understand that the interview will consist of 5 questions of 7 mins each. In between there is a 2 min break, bringing the total interview time to...
  13. ArdentMed

    MMI Done Right - Part I: Resources

    The multiple mini interview (MMI), for example, is often thought to be impossible to prepare for. I am here to tell you that practice makes perfect. This applies to everything in life. Whether it involves preparing for an organic chemistry test, preparing to give a speech in front of an...
  14. Illegible Thesis

    What do interviewers expect (MMIs)

    What do interviewers often look for when you do the MMIs? Is there a certain set of criteria , or a set of checkboxes? I understand that each scenario doesn't have a "correct answer" and it is dependent on how you analyse the senario and evaluate it. However is the delivery (tone, hand...
  15. ----x----

    ----x---- MMI Strategy

    I interviewed at one school with an MMI, got in, and as it is my top choice I am not doing any other interviews. I don't have a wide breadth of experience to share, but did prepare significantly for the interview and I definitely was more comfortable because of it. I have done mock interviews as...
  16. saratonin

    Two MMI questions.

    Hey guys, I have an upcoming MMI, and I have two questions on the process. First of all, do any of you recommend any certain services/companies for prep? Is it worth it? Should I just buy a book? I'm out of school so I don't really have a pre-med advisor to help me with this. Second, I...
  17. N

    MMI with Standardized Patients?

    I have an MMI coming up and they let us know that some of the stations will have standardized patients that we're expected to interact with for about 5 minutes. It says we are not expected to have clinical knowledge and the exercise is to evaluate interpersonal, professional, communication...
  18. CavsFan2016

    Post-MMI follow-up?

    Is it necessary to follow-up with a school after your MMI interview? Hand-written noters to your interviewers wouldn't make much sense. Would asking to connect with another student or asking additional questions via email be of any benefit?
  19. M

    Thoughts on this MMI Sample Question Reasoning?

    While on a Cruise, your patient developed flu-like symptoms. He had a prepaid excursion that day which he was unable to attend due to feeling sick. Upon returning home, he is informed by the travel company that the money spent for the excursion can only be refunded with a signed doctor's note...
  20. M

    MMI Prep Books

    Multiple Mini Interview (MMI): Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty vs Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for the Mind. Has anyone read either of them? Are they helpful? Is one better than another? Thanks so much!
  21. MiamiBoyy

    Possible MMI Scenario?

    So Im wrapping up a quite eventful night shift in the ER (Im a scribe). A few hours ago, a month old baby came in with a 102.5 F fever. The poor baby also had a recent liver infection for which he stayed 10 days in the NICU. Pediatrician that took care of him during that time is concerned for...
  22. V

    ASDOH Interview

    Anyone who currently attends there or has interviewed there before willing to provide tips, what to expect, I did look on the interview feedback page but would like more information because they have a group activity, MMI, panel etc. So I would like to know what I should expect. Thank you all.
  23. CavsFan2016

    MMI Interview tomorrow...any tips?

    I have an MMI interview tomorrow at University of Cincinnati. What can I expect?? Any tips/advice appreciated!
  24. OnStrings

    Tips to prepare for MMI's?

    What are some good tips to prepare for MMI interviews? All I can really think of is reading through sample questions and formulating answers, and practicing aloud, but how do I know if my answers are 'correct?' Are there resources available that detail recommended answers to questions that have...
  25. P

    Pugs' MMI Interview Strategy

    In light of receiving an acceptance to NYMC recently, I decided to share the MMI strategy that I used in hopes that it can help you with your upcoming MMI interview. I created this strategy from reading over many different threads, posts, and websites to compile all of the things I thought were...
  26. MD Consultants

    MMI Preparation for Canadian applicants

    Hey all - we're hosting MMI practice circuits in downtown Toronto on December 12 and 13. They will be small group sessions facilitated by current medical students. We're giving away a couple of spots for free - PM me if you're interested!
  27. R

    MMI Resources wishlist

    Does anyone have a wishlist for preparing for the MMI? There's quite a bit of free advice out there, and then some pretty expensive one-on-one courses. Is there a market for relatively 'canned' material at a reasonable price? ($25-100) Such as: - footage of good/bad performance to analyze -...
  28. M

    Specific MMI Scenario Question

    Hi all! I was presented with a scenario during an MMI (at a school that I will leave anonymous) which seems to be a popular one from what I've read. I was asked to interact with an actor/actress of opposite gender with the prompt being that the other person was a long time friend who is acting...
  29. I

    Friend thought he did well on his Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)...rejected....why?!

    What exactly do they look for here? My friend interviewed in Ohio a few weeks ago and said that he felt extremely good about his performance, and that he "clicked" with the interviewers, but he just recently got his rejection email.
  30. medheart

    2015 OHSU Pre-Med Thread

    I have an interview at OHSU this Friday morning. I am told it will be both MMIs and a one-on-one interview with an administrator. Does anyone have any pointers for the OHSU interview? Or MMIs in particular? Please and thank you.
  31. elgauchotejano

    Quick help on MMI response

    Hi everyone, I have a quick question on MMI responses. Is it necessary for me to reiterate the stations prompt to the interviewer before articulating my response? Example: the prompt on one station asks that I describe myself. So should I 1. Greet and introduce myself 2. Next, Restate the...