1. P

    US Med Student considering moving to the UK

    I'm a M3 considering moving to the UK post grad and I'm wondering about what my options are, what exams I would need to take and if I'd need to take any additional courses.
  2. N

    Moving Mid Cycle

    Hey all, I currently live in Wisconsin and submitted both my AACOMAS and AMCAS app. I recently discovered I need to move to Connecticut and plan to find a job there which means a few of my activities on my AACOMAS and AMCAS become irrelevant since I did write I will be working until next year in...
  3. PreDrANB

    Cross-Country Move/Moving to the South Advice

    I recently read a nice thread in the pre-med forum in which people were offering some really great advice to a student who will be moving from California to the Midwest. As an incoming first-year (PhD) who is moving from Southern California to the South I, too, am a little nervous about moving...
  4. D

    Should I change State Residency before applying????!

    Help!!! I am a legal resident of Georgia but I have been living in Pennsylvania for a year while obtaining my Master's degree. I would like to stay in the area and work as an EMT for my gap year, but that would require me to change my legal residency to Pennsylvania. I've been told to look at...
  5. Piglet2020

    Incoming student, feeling a bit scared

    Hey everyone, I’m an incoming MS1 and I’m feeling a bit scared about medical school. I just remember hearing things like: “oh you wont have time for anything when you’re in med school” and just general depressing things. I know I’m going to work hard but I dont want to get to the point where...
  6. M

    Live at home vs. moving out

    Hi everyone - I am still deciding between a couple of schools, and one is right down the road from my house. I really feel like I would be better off not living with my family during medical school and having some more independence, but it would of course save a ton of money on rent and food if...
  7. polygondust

    Moving during application cycle and residency

    If you are a resident of state A and you move to state B before the application cycle begins, how does this affect applying to public schools in both states? As in, will state A and B consider the applicant OOS?
  8. polygondust

    What's the deal on residency when you relocate just before an application cycle?

    QUESTIONS: 1. What happens to your residency status when you move just before an application cycle starts? 2. With the fact that I am 2 years out of undergrad in mind, is it worthwhile to take more time off to gain financial independence and establish Texas residency since I want to end up there...
  9. @Hazel-rah

    *Financial advice*--selling house, buying vs. renting, and getting loans

    I just realized there is a separate finance forum, so I'm moving this post there! Please go read and share if you'd like! *Financial advice*-- M1 selling house-> buy v. rent & getting loans
  10. P

    Need some consolation

    Hi people of the internet. I just got my first MD acceptance (!!) and I'm in shock. I'm so so so excited to have achieved this and it is huge for me. I'm a Californian and this MD acceptance is way over in Vermont. I loved my time in Vermont and am pumped to start this new chapter. Plot...
  11. prairiemusic

    Does it matter where you spend your gap year?

    Hello friends, I'm in kind of a weird geographical situation and I'm not sure which state I'll use for my residency when I apply. I'm from the Midwest (hence the username) and I went to college in a big city on the East Coast, where I met my current girlfriend. I would like to stay on a coast...
  12. P

    Canadian Pharmacist US PharmD - Moving to US

    Hi, Does anyone know what the best steps are to take: I am a Canadian Pharmacist (BSc Pharm) . I graduated with a PharmD from Colorado. I would like to work in the states as a Pharmacist. I have a job offer. I don't have my SSN, and therefore could not yet apply to write my NAPLEX exam...
  13. W

    Moving to Canada post-US Internship

    Hey everyone, I'm about to go to internship, but I'm thinking about moving to Canada afterwards. As an American doctoral candidate and future Counseling psychologist, I'm curious to know what the experience might be like. Has anybody recently made the move to Canada (specifically Ontario or...
  14. M

    Moving to Virginia from Ohio, transferring licensure plus general questions

    Hello, I am an LPC in Ohio currently under supervision working to LPCC. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about transferring either hours or licensure to Virginia? Also, how do the educational requirements work when transferring? The only course I do not have would be one focusing...
  15. A

    Moving to Buffalo, NY for school purpose

    Hello everyone, I am planning to movie to Buffalo and trying find out the best place to rent a house and find a decent place. Anyone has some idea? As of this website http://www.bestplaces.net/city/new_york/buffalo Buffalo is 26% lower than the USA Average and the best place to live is round...
  16. K

    Considering relocation to the Caribbean to practice dentistry--PLEASE help, information request

    I have been licensed to practice dentistry in Kansas (US) since 2003. My wife and I are considering relocation to the Caribbean in the very near future. I am hopeful I can buy/own a practice. I am looking for information regarding where I can practice, what the dental license requirements...
  17. NY-Psych-Dream

    PhD/PsyD Moving Cross-Country for Internship

    Hi all, I'll be moving from California to New York City for internship. My family is moving with me and we're trying to figure out details. My NYC friends and colleagues have been helpful in tips on looking for apartments, but the move itself has been difficult to plan. We don't intend on...
  18. ccrain24

    Move before or after medical school? I need some advice, preferably from experience.

    I want to move to Washington (state) for personal reasons after I graduate. (girlfriend wants me to move with her, her family is moving so she does not have a choice. It's a very serious relationship, the second serious relationship for me.) Should I move to Washington first to qualify for...
  19. S

    Can gen. Surgeons MOVE every 4 years?

    Can I move around and change jobs every four years if I am a general surgeon? Let's just assume my husband is military and I would have to move for those reasons.