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  1. S

    One-on-One NAPLEX Tutoring

    I took the NAPLEX in 2016 and passed with triple digits on first attempt. I was an average, middle-of-the-class student who graduated with just around a 3.0 and lacking motivation to study. I took about a month after graduating to study about 15-20hrs a week and have since tutored students in...
  2. L

    My Naplex Experience 2017

    Hey everybody! I passed the NAPLEX with a 104!! Since I used the studentdoctor forums to help with my anxiety and help with my studying, I believe I must pay their help forward. I will NOT be sharing: specific topics or questions from the exam, and my materials will not be available for sale...
  3. I

    RXPrep Naplex online course 2017 for sale..

    I bought the Rxprep online 6 month course, 2017 version, in February and used the material for 2 months and took the exam. I passed the exam with 90 percentile. It is a very useful course. I highly recommend it . It has video lectures and 100's of test bank questions on every topic. It is a...
  4. J

    My NAPLEX May 2017 Experience

    Hello everyone, I took the NAPLEX this month and just found out the results today - I passed! I wanted to post my thoughts on it in hopes of helping anyone else who is frantically reading SDN posts to make themselves feel better about the exam. I did that too and now that I passed I really...
  5. A

    Just me or does NAPLEX still seem adaptive?

    Hello everyone, I realize the exam is a "linear " format now, but let us put that fact aside for a moment. While taking it, I kept thinking that something about it still seemed adaptive in nature. Does anyone else agree? For example, I noticed some questions (that I probably messed up on)...
  6. L

    NAPLEX Study Partner 2017

    Hi there, I'm looking for a study partner to go for NAPLEX on mid-February! Any interest?
  7. studentpharmacist1995

    How did you study for NAPLEX2016 and your experience?

    Hello, I am wondering how you guys studied for NAPLEX 2016 and if you could share your experience about passing / failures. I am a P3 now but I always check the updates. Recently I heard that the NAPLEX exam was reformatted for the first year change being devoted to the 2016 exam takers. I...
  8. K

    NAPLEX: results by mail , Registration closed, NULL Q&As

    Hello, So I'm writing this to try and help those of us whom are members of masochistic states like my own - by this I mean, they send your scores by mail. First, if your online account before/during/soon after taking NAPLEX said "ATT Generated" with options in the furthermost column being...
  9. C

    NAPLEX in 2017 HELP

    Hello all, I am in my last year of pharmacy school on rotations. I am looking at getting the rxprep 2016 now to start studying but I did not know when the new version 2017 would be released. I hear they are changing NAPLEX adding a lot more questions to make it harder to pass for 2017. so...
  10. A

    Tutoring for NAPLEX

    Took the NAPLEX and failed (score was 69). I used the RxPrep book, not the online quizzes the first time. So this time I bought the online membership but I'm looking for more guidance than that. I absolutely have to pass on my 2nd try to keep my job (my dream job!). I can't find any tutoring...
  11. doe_eyed

    What is current 180 question 2016 NAPLEX like?

    Hi, So I'm very confused over the current state of the NAPLEX. I think it's great news that the exam won't officially be changing to the longer 240 question version until later this year. However, that still leaves me wondering what exactly the test is like now? I will be taking the NAPLEX...
  12. doe_eyed

    PHARMACY JURISDICTIONS - smarter to choose state you graduated from?

    Hello, So I graduated with my PharmD from Northeastern in Massachusetts. However, my hometown (driver's license, address, etc) is a different state - Connecticut. For picking jurisdictions, is it smarter (this is in italics for a reason) to choose MA, in my case, over CT? Does NABP prefer...
  13. doe_eyed

    failed again Really need advice-should I change my jurisdiction??

    Hi, I would really appreciate a lot of comments to this...because a week ago I was wishing for my own death.
  14. doe_eyed

    NEW NAPLEX - no partial credit on select all that apply? T/F?

    According to RxPrep instructions: For the NAPLEX: You may have heard that the exam is somewhat more complex, and there are a higher percentage of Select ALL that Apply questions, which do not have partial credit. Is this true??? Obviously, I believe yes. How much partial credit was given on...
  15. doe_eyed

    NAPLEX - anyone favor anything OVER RxPrep??

    Hi, So I actually used RxPrep when I took my NAPLEX for the 1st time a month ago (it was still the original version.) My friend had the online videos/quizzes, and she let me use her login. I utilized the online videos/testbank and I have the book. I messed up the 1st time because I got so...