1. D

    GPA 3.988, sGPA 4.0, MCAT 518, Aiming for T10-T20, Gap year advice needed

    Hi all, Looking for some guidance on what to do moving forward. I’m in my final year of undergrad and recently got my MCAT score back (518). I have an LM 75.9 and WARS 85, conservatively. The 2017 WARS doc gave me an S level rating and recommended I make 45% of my applications to Category 1...
  2. ColZee9

    Too late to apply to NIH post-bacc IRTA?

    Dear SDN, I just graduated in Neuroscience in the top 1% of my class overall (GPA: 3.96). I plan to take 2 gap years and thus plan to apply next cycle. I'll make this brief whilst still giving important context: I put all of my eggs into one basket for this gap year and made it to...
  3. N

    NIH IRTA Application Advice?

    Hi all, I recently have gotten an interview (really excited and nervous!) for an IRTA position at the NIH and I am wondering if anyone who has been an IRTA or who is currently an IRTA has any insight onto how it is working in research at the NIH (e.g. research productivity, opportunities to...
  4. The Cinnabon

    NIH IRTA Hopeful

    My dilemma that I face is that it seems that I have the chance to graduate early ( I am currently a sophomore) this is mainly to relieve the burden on my family that is college costs since they've been insistent they bare the costs. Since I desire to make my families lives much easier I may in...
  5. H

    UCSF vs Gates Scholarship (plz help)

    Hi Everyone! I'm incredibly fortunate to have received acceptances from both UCSF and the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship for a PhD in Computer Science at Cambridge University (waitlisted UCSF MSTP). If I went to UCSF I would send a strong LOI and likely convert to MSTP later if not accepted...
  6. K


    Hello everyone! Has anyone applied to the IRTA post bac at the NIH for this year? For former post bacs, how was you experience and what were some of the challenges you faced during your time there? I had an interview today for Bethesda, MD. Has anyone ever worked there? Please share your...
  7. B

    NIH TL1 Training Grants

    I am taking a research year in between third and fourth year of med school. I am looking into grants now. I understand that HHMI has been discontinued for the time being. Does anyone know anything about the NIH TL1 grants? How do you go about applying for them? How competitive are they? How...
  8. Asclepius293

    Global Health Opportunities in taking a year off med school

    Hey all! I am curious if anyone has taken a year off in order to complete global health related studies in between 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th years of med school. I was thinking of either applying for a fellowship, research opportunity, or pursuing a one year masters in public health. The...
  9. D


  10. G

    Gap year choices

    Hi I am currently finishing up a year as a Fulbright to the United Kingdom where I am obtaining my MPH. I will be applying next cycle and will therefore have two gap years. I have two offers that I am considering and would like peoples thoughts. The first offer is an IRTA (intramural research...
  11. L

    Roommate (Bethesda, MD) Looking for roommate beginning May/June 2018

    I’m an IRTA postbac looking for a roommate to share my two-bedroom apartment in Bethesda, MD beginning May or June 2018. The apartment complex is Flats 8300, and we would split a rent of $2600/month (not including utilities). -Our suite already contains furniture, kitchen supplies...
  12. D

    NIH IRTA @ NCI Frederick

    Hi all, I just recently got a position for a postbacc at NCI Frederick that I am still deciding on. Wanted to know other peoples experience living in Frederick, MD for a whole year doing the NIH IRTA or just living there. What's there to do out there? Feeling concerned that I wont get to enjoy...
  13. sat0ri

    NIH OxCam--Does GRE vs MCAT matter?

    The NIH OxCam page states that GRE OR MCAT is required--but is there any preference? I will not be able to take the MCAT in time for the application so I will have to take the GRE, and so I'm curious if this is looked down upon at all. I will be applying track 3 (i.e., doing the full PhD at...
  14. sat0ri

    NIH OxCam Program, Track 3--Do MSTP schools dislike this?

    Based on the figure below, I'm curious if the track 3 NIH MD/PhD pathway might but you at a disadvantage when applying to dual MD-PhD programs? My reasoning is that, if you spent your PhD somewhere else, what incentive is there for the med school to pay for your tuition if you will not be...
  15. Lubdub223

    F30 Impact score 10?!

    Hello SDN Experts, I'm hoping you guys can help me settle a little debate I've been having for a few moths. I applied for an F30 and got an impact score of 10 on my first application. Obviously, I was thrilled and feel super lucky to be in an environment that made that possible. But now the...
  16. Asclepius293

    Research Fellowships in Japan?

    Hey all, Just curious if anyone knew of a research program in Japan that a medical student could get involved in with a research year. I've found Fogarty grants in Japan but they're for PhDs. Thanks!
  17. N

    NIH Post-Bac IRTA Timeline

  18. A

    Renting Washington DC, Bethesda Maryland Housing 2017

    Clean, luxurious, quiet housing available Close to: Washington DC - Bethesda, Maryland - Silver Spring, Maryland UNIT: Private bathroom + private bathroom SUITE Queen bed, desk, great city views, clean linens and storage Club room - gym - parking garage CONVENIENT LOCATION: AIRP Classes -...
  19. S

    NIH-NIDDK Summer Research for Medical Students

    Hey everyone, Has anyone heard back from NIDDK for the summer of 2017? I know the application said we would hear back in mid-March, but it seems like last year, applicants started finding out in February.
  20. iceberg413

    NIH IRTA vs. Dana Farber

    So I need some advice on a decision coming up. I'm graduating undergrad in May and am looking for a research/hospital position during gap1 and gap2. A little about me, I'm from a top 40 research university, 3.6-3.7 GPA, 2 years of research, extensive public health leadership and international...
  21. D

    NIH Postbac IRTA

  22. nostra_damus


  23. F

    NIH PREP Programs

    Hello, So I am senior in college and will be graduating in May 2017. I'm a Biochemistry major with a 3.59 GPA. I have done three summers of research; two at Vanderbilt University working in a biology lab studying breast cancer and one at Rutgers doing public health related research studying...
  24. B

    Sexual and Gender Minorities Formally Designated as a Health Disparity Population

    For those who haven't heard yet, this is really exciting news: http://www.nimhd.nih.gov/about/directors-corner/message.html
  25. I

    Information about types of grants MD/PhDs are eligible?

    Hi all, I've heard that the NIH grants you are eligible changes as an MD versus MD/PhD. Can someone please point me to where I can find more information about that? Thanks
  26. Q

    Two years off after undergrad - Same lab or NIH?

    Hi all, I'm taking 2 years off between undergrad and MD-PhD programs. I've been offered a paid research position in my current lab for these 2 years. During this time, I would be working on an independent research project that is different from the research I did in undergrad. Alternatively...
  27. D

    NIH Summer 2016

    Anyone else here going to be doing research at the NIH this summer?
  28. M

    NIH Postbac IRTA

    I just got invited for an interview at the NIH for the Postbac research program. I know this is a great opportunity and all, but I wanted to ask if anyone on this thread has been involved in it or knows someone who was - how was the social life? I'm from Bethesda originally (went to college...
  29. I

    NIH Summer Research Housing

    Hello, I have been accepted to the National Institutes of Health Summer Internship in Biomedical Research at the main campus in Bethesda, Maryland. I was wondering where others who are accepted are going to be living or if past participants could tell me about their experience with housing...
  30. X

    Looking for room or roommate near NIH, Maryland (January 2016)

    I am a final year International Medical Student (from India) and I will be attending a Clinical Elective at NIH CC in Jan 2016 (for 4 weeks only). I am looking for either - - an apartment with room for one extra person for a month; or - another student vising Bethesda who wouldn't mind looking...