1. Med.surg

    General surgery IMG observership

    Hello, everyone! I am an IMG from Europe who graduated and received my M.D. in 2021. I am currently living in Illinois. I passed step 1 with a score of 238 and am awaiting step 2 ck. Perhaps there is a kind General Surgeon who would allow me to observe his job and gain a better understanding of...
  2. D

    International Medical Student USCE requirements for Neurology

    Hi, I’m an international medical student about to start my last year. Currently I’ve not made my STEP 1 and I’ve read about the importance of USCE. I know my options are limited, but from what I’ve read, clinical electives available for me are 3000-5000 each month. Honestly that’s a lot of money...
  3. P

    Canada observership

    Hello I’m an IMG currently at Canada, where can I apply for an observership? Thank you.
  4. M

    Pathology - observership vs clinical elective

    When it comes to internal medicine or surgery, I understand that there is a big difference between an observership (no one-on-one interaction with patient, no procedures) and a clinical elective (students take history and do procedures). Obviously, clinical elective is a more valuable...
  5. E

    Family Medicine observership - Houston

    Hello, There's an opportunity for Family Medicine Observership for medical students and graduates in Houston, Texas. No visas sponsorship available. Student must have passed Step 1. Minimum 4 weeks required. Please contact if you have any questions or would like to get started. Goodluck!
  6. S

    Do observerships help with courtsey interviews

    Hi I am an ECFMG certified IMG with pretty poor scores. I graduated 5 years ago and have about 6 manuscripts and bunch of reserarch. I have been told to do observerships to increase my chances of interviews at programs with residency. I was wondering if programs do provide a courtsey interviews...
  7. R

    Clinical experience in US for IMG

    Hi guys! This is the first post I'm writing although I have been lurking around SDN for a few years now. I'm in a bit of a situation and would really appreciate some advice. I'm currently a 4th year medical student in Ireland, and would like to apply for the Ophth match when I graduate...
  8. R

    Observership with no interview?

    I am an allopathic medical graduate applying for residency. I did an observership for a certain residency program over the summer to get some clinical experience since I am no longer in medical school. Also, I wanted to demonstrate that I am interested in the program and hopefully get an...
  9. D

    Observership advice

    I am IMG , I have got the opportunity to do observership / shadowing at USF Tampa ( Tampa general hospital ) . Since I am a graduate I can only do observership , please if anyone can tell me getting LOR would that help my application for IM residency as I can only observe I am not sure how much...
  10. D

    Allegheny health network Observership

    Has anybody done an Observership at Allegheny? If so, is it worthwhile Do they provide observers with an LoR?
  11. D

    Questions about observerships?

    hello, I am a IMG (but US citizen) graduate student. So, i have no choice but to apply for observership to different programs or through paid services. My question is how many residency programs don't count them as USCE. is LOR obtained from doing these observerships have no value? what else...
  12. M


    Hello everyone! Since I started to try to learn the Canadian medical residency matching process, i realized something. Everyone in the forums who obviously know how the system works talks really hopeless for IMGs. I mean, before i started to study for the MCCEE, i think i am about to give it up...
  13. K

    Observership/externship in Germany

    Hello, im 4th year medicine student in Turkey. After my graduation, i want to do my residency training and work in Germany. I have been to Germany a lot. I know Germany would be great place to residency training and making science. I have just A2 level German and i believe i can make it B2 or...
  14. A

    Position Available Medical Fellow/Clinical Assistant/Observership - Detroit - PM&R/Interventional Pain

    1-year, unpaid position in Detroit suburbs. Opportunity to work directly with physician in private practice setting, however physician heavily involved in academic medicine as well. - Will have ample exposure to clinical care. Will learn about private practice business development. - Research...
  15. B

    Position Available Opportunity for observership/externship

    in the fort lauderdale/sunrise area for internal medicine-primary care, to start soon contact me for more information
  16. T

    Looking for the observership/externship in internal medicine

    Hi all, I am an IMG, graduated from Germany. I have also 3 years of clinical experience as an internal medicine resident in Germany. I have already passed my USMLE step one, CK, and CS exams and I am ECFMG certified. I was wondering if anyone is aware of any observership/externship in internal...
  17. K

    IMG aiming for IM and Cards later

    Greetings. I'm a south american medical student to be graduated from a medical school in 2 years. I'm thinking on going to the US to do IM, then cards, and then staying there to live. I have yet to do the steps, or to have USCE so I haven't a clue of what my real chances are, but I would like...