1. BaDing

    Are there any medical schools to avoid?

    Hello, I am applying and wondering if there are any MD or DO schools that should be avoided in any of your opinions? And why? I know new schools are risky - are there any exceptions this year? Sorry, I keep searching for this and can’t find any threads on it. I understand this will be largely...
  2. N

    Help Deciding Gap Year Position

    Hi all, I was hoping some people could offer some advice. I have two offers for a gap year position. Offer 1 is as an assistant in a medical clinic that deals with lymphatic disorders. I would be working with the physician and involved in direct patient care. Offer 2 is as a TMS technician at a...
  3. terebellumjokes

    Should I mention winemaking in my application?

    Hey guys! Wondering if I could get some opinions on what is “ok” for a secondary essay. I’m reapplying this cycle (waitlisted last cycle) and don’t want to elaborate on things I might’ve already written about. I’ve been making my own wine for over 10 years now, and my initial interest in...
  4. R

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Huntington, Indiana Wesleyan, KU Med

    Hi! I'm looking for any input on the programs listed above. I've applied for all three, have an interview at one, and hope to receive invitations to interview at the other two. If you are in the program at one of these three schools and have any feedback whatsoever about the program, please let...
  5. F

    Is Kaplan itself bad?

    Hello All! Long story short, I won an entire Kaplan review course but I keep reading that Kaplan is bad and you shouldn't purchase it. My question is, is it bad because its not worth the money? or Is it actually a bad product and I'm wasting my time using it to study? Thanks for all your...
  6. Y

    What do I need to add to my resume?

    Hello, I am a Penn State Pre-Med student about to start my major in Philosophy. I am going into Junior year and currently have a GPA of 3.56 after taking all the pre-reqs for med school except Orgo lab, Physics II, and BioChemistry. Hopefully at the end of Junior Year I will have a GPA at about...
  7. K

    Review My List of Schools to Apply Please

    Help! I keep over thinking and would love your feed back. It is so expensive so I'd like to narrow it down to eight schools. Michigan Resident DAT average:19 GPA:3.4 Experience/Volunteer Two summers at oral surgeon plus one full year working full time One year at general dentist office full time...
  8. BrontoPronto


  9. E

    Optometry school chances

    Hi everyone, Just wanted other opinions to see if I would get accepted into ANY optometry school. Preferably PCO, NECO, SUNY or NOVA. So my story is that I was accepted into a 3+4 program with Salus University and my current college. I believed I would be attending PCO this year however, they...
  10. D

    Psychology or Biology?

    Hi, all. I’m in a predicament. I’ll be a non-traditional student. Have just gone back to college and trying to decide on a major. I’m attending Arizona State ONLINE. Options: A) Major in Psychology. Better chance at a higher GPA. Very interesting to me anyways - and most people say to undergrad...
  11. sdlrxo

    MD How do you feel about Physician-Assisted Suicide?

    Please take the following survey if you would like to share your opinion. :)
  12. M

    Opinions wanted from University of Maryland medical students!

    Hello! I have been accepted to UMB. Being from MD, the in state tuition is seeming hard to turn down. However, I am wondering what it is like to be a student there? I have heard some rumors that it is very cut throat and the staff is not very attentive to the students. But I might be wrong! I...
  13. F

    Opinions on something I said during interview!

    So I had a relatively smooth interview, and even got a nice conversation going at some point. At the end of the interview I was asked “Do you have any questions for us?” to which I replied “I would like to get each of your opinions on what the strongest aspect of this school is.” I immediately...
  14. F

    Why evidence-based medicine is bad

    I am very pro evidence-based medicine. It seems to me that our decisions in medicine should be backed up by as much data as possible, lest we fly by the seat of our pants and do things simply because we subjectively think or feel that they are right. Medicine as a body of knowledge is a science...
  15. J

    WSKW conference

    I've recently been accepted to present a poster at this conference. I was looking through the site and didn't see anything about others presenting here. I am curious to see if any others have presented here, and if so, what was it like? Also, because this conference appears to be not as well...
  16. O

    Admission status opinion

    Hi! I'm looking for some opinions from people who may have been in a similar position, or would just like to give their input. I was invited for an interview and accepted at PCO prior to taking my OAT. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped on the test due to unfortunate circumstances, and they asked...
  17. M

    Recommended schools with my stats?

  18. Alve24

    Personal Problems with SDN

    I'm just curious, since everything has a downside and a upside. What problems have you had on SDN? What are some flaws that you think should be addressed? Whether it be a toxic community or bad experiences, please share as I am interested in anyones perspective and personal story. Of course it...
  19. M

    Withdrawing or Retaking

    Hi everyone, I need your guys' opinions on something. I am premed with a 3.94 cumulative GPA, but I am getting a "C" in one of my classes. I spoke to the professor and she basically said that there was no way I could raise the grade. Should I drop the class and receive a "W" on my transcript...
  20. L

    MCAT CARS - where would you expect to find this passage?

    I'm studying for the MCAT, and I'm trying to find a pattern in the CARS section for the inference question, "In which of the following would one most reasonably expect to find this passage?" Based on one question, I got that the editorial page of a scholarly journal would be opinionated, but...