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  1. M

    Might Fail Organic Chemistry II Twice. Will this ruin my chance of going to Pharmacy School and Grad

    So I am currently taking Organic chemistry 2 lecture for the 2nd time and it is finals week. I believe I am going to get a D or C in it. The first time I completely failed it. I didn't really try because I was focusing on my other classes. My priorities were all screwed just like it is this...
  2. S

    Organic Chem ACS

    Hi, taking ochem 2 right now and contemplating buying the ACS study guide. My professor is not going to do much review for the exam, but has posted select problems from the chemistry GRE exam to prepare us for the exam. Is this adequate for studying, or should i just suck it up and purchase the...
  3. S

    Organic 2 lab?

    I am currently enrolled in a summer course for organic 2, including a lab. I'm just wondering if taking the lab is worth it, because I can use this time studying? I am not taking biochem, so that is my only hesitation in not taking the lab, because it possibly makes up for it. Any advice on this...
  4. try1ng

    Finishing prereq at University of Houston Downtown

    Hi everyone, I'm a pre-dent who is one year out of college. I got my bachelor's at Rice University and have finished all my prereqs except Orgo 2 which I plan to take July-August at University of Houston Downtown (4 year school). My question is will dental schools regard UH Downtown as a bad...
  5. I

    Withdraw or retake ochem 2 over the summer?

    hi everyone, I just got a pretty devestating grade back - I’m not doing so well in ochem 2 this semester. I got a 68 and 44 on the exams so far. It seems like no matter how hard I study, a lot of the questions on the exam are so foreign to me. That fact that I’m taking several other hard...
  6. T

    Organic II Lab Online?

    Hello everyone! I am planning on applying for the 2018-2019 cycle, but I had a quick question that I need some opinions about. i have completed organic 1 and 2 and organic 1 lab at my university, but not organic 2 lab. My degree plan requires it, but the medical schools that I am applying to...
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  8. P

    pcat without ochem

    hello, I wanted to know if organic chem 1 or organic chem 2 were tested heavily on the pcat? I have not taken the courses yet and want to know if I should wait and take the course if I will be able to learn some stuff on my own. I am familiar with some organic 1 topics but not the majority of...
  9. C

    Organic 2 grade: Attempt 2

  10. T

    How to show stereochemistry of chair conformational functional groups?

    Anomeric centre (alpha and beta) - CAZypedia Scroll down to the bottom of the page I tried to emulate the B-D-glucofuranose functional group, but I am unsure.
  11. S

    Is Organic Chemistry II worth it? (poll)

    I am hoping to gain some input on people's opinions of the difficulty, necessity, and content of Organic II. (Keeping in mind that the school I'm taking prereqs at does not require second semester organic for biochemistry). If you only took OChem I, any regrets? Did you feel prepared for...
  12. G

    Orgo 2 Distance Learning

    Hello, I'm applying next year, but have completed my undergrad degree in 2014. I'm looking to take Orgo 2, but distance learning as I'm currently employed full-time. I have already taken the lab in college, but need the lecture. Does anyone know of any programs in the Spring that offer this...
  13. davethebarbarian

    Organic Chemistry 2 and Biochem combined in a semester?

    Forecasting for next semester, and I'm having a hard decision deciding what to do for my 2nd semester of my sophomore year. I am acing organic chemistry 1 right now, but I put a lot of effort into the course. Majority of my time this semester has been used for studying and I'm pulling As in my...