orthopedic surgery

  1. bikeforlife

    Orthopedic Surgery from IM

    I have an unusual scenario and would love some advice. I applied ortho but didn’t match so I SOAPed into IM categorical and just started my PGY-1 year. I chose IM during the SOAP vs a surgical prelim or gen surg because I didn’t think that a prelim would increase my ortho odds given my scores...
  2. O

    Between GS & Ortho

    Hey everyone, I'm torn between ortho and GS at the moment. If you were also between the two, which did you end up choosing and why?
  3. Bones & Muscles

    Canadian medical student interested in matching to US Ortho programs.

    Hey, I am a Canadian who is interested in matching to US orthopaedic surgery programs. 1- Are there certain programs that are Canadian friendly? (if so which ones) 2- Any other suggestions and insights would be much appreciated.
  4. T

    SF Match Algorithm

    Anyone know if the SF match algorithm is the same as the residency match algorithm? E.g. Does it "favor" the applicant in the same way?
  5. A

    Position Available Clinical Research Position in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

    Clinical Research Position in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Position: Full-Time Clinical Research Assistant to Dr. Benjamin Domb, MD Location: The American Hip Institute, Chicago, IL Description: Dr. Domb runs a successful sports medicine practice in addition to an active research...
  6. M

    PA or MD for Orthopedics

    Hello! I am currently in the process of deciding between PA or MD. I have always wanted to be a doctor and have been set on going to med school for orthopedics since I was diagnosed with a rare shoulder condition as a kid. As I have been realistically weighing the pros and cons of both options...
  7. N

    Programs that accept DO applicants

    Hello everyone. I am a fourth year osteopathic student interested in pursuing orthopaedic surgery. I am competitive as an applicant in all fields and have had MD peers tell me that if I was an MD I would have an easy time getting a residency spot. I'm not here to debate anything prior to this...
  8. A

    Ortho Match Questions

    Hi everyone, I am a third year medical student from a US MD program who would like to match Ortho next year. Before medical school I was a professional musician, which lead me to the idea of being a hand surgeon so that I could help other fellow musicians or craftsman who rely on their hands to...
  9. zc9191

    Chances for Ortho as US IMG

    Looking for advice as to my chances of matching into an ortho residency. I'm a US IMG. My credentials are as follows: Step 1: 251 (Step 2 score is anticipated to be around the same if not more) Honors and High passes in all of my 3rd year clerkships 1 publication in Ophtho (I was considering...
  10. pvpapaioann

    Ortho Residency

    Once through Ortho surgery residency, is there an opportunity to become a non-surgical orthopedic physician or does this put you at a huge disadvantage in some way? If not, how would this set you up to work with athletes (sports medicine) or become a team doctor?
  11. S

    Orthopedic Surgery & women

    I am very much interested in becoming a surgeon of some sort. I am fascinated with orthopedics, organs transplants, and sports medicine. That being said, I am a female, and am always told it's "much different" for women- most don't make it, it's too hard, etc. I understand that women want to...
  12. FutrDoc22

    Incoming MS1 gunning for Ortho w/ low MCAT

    Like many other male MS1s, I am entering medical school with a high interest in Orthopedic Surgery. Ortho was the first shadowing experience I had in high school and I've basically been in love with it ever since. Unfortunately, it happens to be one of the more competitive residencies to match...
  13. B

    ortho advice pre-m3

    Got my step score back--248. A little disappointed cuz my averages were in the 260s on NBMEs and 260+ on UWSAs. Don't get me wrong––still a great score, but was wondering how I can make myself competitive for a top tier ortho program. My dream is HSS but I'd be ecstatic with any of the Northeast...
  14. I

    Rewriting Personal statement after not matching. Need advice.

    I did not match to any program this year. I delayed graduation for a year to do research. Here are my strengths/weaknesses summed up: Pros -Top 30 medical school US -Top half of class overall -Top quartile clinically -Step 2 250 -Letters of rec from my Ortho chair, and 2 others with whom I've...
  15. D

    Really interested in orthopedic surgery but...

    Last semester I got the chance to shadow an orthopedic surgeon and thought it was really awesome. But I feel discouraged from ever trying to pursue it because of the stereotypes around orthopedic surgery. For example, it's a male-dominated field and a lot people say you have to be kinda macho...
  16. OrthoTraumaMD

    ortho attending AMA

    Hi SDNers, I have some free time and so am happy to answer any questions you may have about the myths and realities of orthopaedics, resident life, and general questions. Just avoid the "what are my chances with score X" questions-- so many better posts and options on this site for that...
  17. Legardemain

    Need advice and comments on likelihood of success

    First post here on Sdn, I'm an 18 year old Highschool student that wants to specialize in Ortho and sub in Hand but here's my dilemma; My Highschool experience has been highly unfavorable and definitely not the ideal. 9th and 10th grade went decently and I pulled about a 3.3-3.5. Then junior...
  18. Z

    Orthopedic Surgery Research - Good or bad idea?

    Hi everyone, My dilemma is that I am trying to choose my first research topic (I am eager to get started in research) and I am not positive of my interests. I had an interest in orthopedic surgery coming into medical school but I am nowhere near ready to decide that is what I want to do...
  19. B

    Advice: Aspiring Physicians Assistant|Exercise Science Degree but Low Grades

    Hello Everyone, I have read an incredible amount of threads and posts about people from different backgrounds seeking advice on getting accepted into PA school. Unfortunately, I have not seen any threads in regards to Ex Sci students in particular seeking to get into PA school but with low...
  20. T

    Orthopedic Surgeon/GP Possible?

    Is specializing in Orthopedic surgery and being a GP in dentistry possible and doable if I do a 6 year DMD/DO program?
  21. ApolloCME

    Orthopaedic Surgery Board Reviews

    Update for 2016-2016 Orthopedic Surgery Board Exam Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review Credit Hours: 31 Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1 Format: Online Video, CD, MP3 DVD MP4 Expiration Date: January 31, 2018 Summary: Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review offers a comprehensive preparation for both the...