1. C

    Philosophy in Psychiatry Survey Study

    Hello, We are conducting a questionnaire survey to investigate psychiatry trainees’ attitudes towards conceptual and philosophical issues in psychiatry and psychiatric training. The survey is takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Responses are anonymous and no personal information is recorded. Some...
  2. P

    Is a B.A. or B.S. better for premed? I’m a psych major. Also premed requirement question

    A b.a. would be quicker and would result in me having a higher GPA. Also, is a philosophy minor beneficial? I want to add one but I don’t know if it will lower my acceptance chances.
  3. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS 2019-2020 MOT Cycle

    Hello everyone, It may seem like a long time from now, but OTCAS applications will be opening up in less than two months. I'll be starting a thread for applicants to share their stats, questions, etc. with each other as a way to (hopefully) ease some of the anxiety that comes along with this...
  4. N

    Let’s talk about money! Scholarships undergraduate transfer help?

    Disclaimer:) If this is not the right forum please tell me where to post/English is not my first language and I am on my phone so don’t kill me over formatting/grammar. I am hopefully transferring out of my Californian community college (applied to UC’s tagged UCSB so that seems a sure yes)...
  5. M

    DO Advice for Pre-Meds (Post-Bacc and/or SMP Programs)

    Hi all, I'm new to the SDN community. :) I am currently a senior majoring in philosophy (lol merp) and minoring in biology. I have not finished my pre-reqs and was looking into a post-bacc program since I don't have many upper-bio level classes. I haven't taken the MCAT yet, will probably do so...
  6. J

    Philosophy or Psychology Major?

    Help! I like philosophy and psychology both equally and Im not sure which one I should choose along side doing my premed reqs.
  7. A

    MD & DO BS in EMS or BA in Philosophy

    Hi there everyone! This is my first post on SDN, but I've read through quite a few discussions and figured I'd seek some advice on something I've been contemplating. Let me start by saying that I know it's not important to ADCOM's what your undergrad major is per se, as long as you've...
  8. G

    Pre med hopeful, need some advice

    Hey everyone, I am new here (just got an account) and I would really appreciate some advice on how to proceed because I have such low grades right now: the breakdown is as follows 1st sem: 3.0 2nd sem: 2.9 3rd sem: 2.4 (I know :/ I was diagnosed with anxiety at this point and probably...
  9. J

    Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

    I go to a school that places a huge emphasis on its core curriculum of humanities courses. Personally, I can't stand it and find these courses more demanding and challenging than the courses pertaining to my major. If for some reason I end up with a few B's (or God forbid C's) in these courses...
  10. N

    Transitioning from philosophy/cognitive science to medicine

    I love philosophy and the mind, but after doing research in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive science I've realized that I just love patient interaction and the isolation of research makes me unhappy. However, I have been warned by multiple people that medical school, especially the first two...
  11. N

    Anyone here come from a philosophy or cognitive science undergraduate program?

    To those students in medical school: Did anyone here major in philosophy or cognitive science? I'm wondering what the transition was like to medical school, which for the first two years is largely memorization based before you finally get to use critical thinking skills in the clinical years...
  12. D

    Psych area of study advice (philosophy emphasis, counseling)

    Hi, I am an undergrad psych student trying to figure out which direction to go in my studies. I want to have the option to do counseling/therapy, and I may want to work in a university setting. I am not very interested in serious disorders. I'm pretty sure I want to work with grief and...
  13. C

    Looking for advice on postbacs and whether this is even a good idea

  14. ferrari430man

    Concerns about G.P.A

    Greetings fellow members! I write to you as a concerned Junior about one of my courses and its effect on my GPA. As of now, I have a cumulative GPA of 3.99-4.00. I have worked diligently to maintain this standard but I feel that I may be in trouble with one of college requisites: Ethics. My...
  15. S

    Philosophy as a reason for choosing psych?

    Hey everyone. I'm a third year med student and I wanted to ask the psychiatrists here a little more about the field and what reasons for choosing psych are good ones. The reason I'm asking is that I went into med school pretty much confident that I want to go into psych. I'm still fairly sure...