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  1. A

    Post-Dental school options

    Hi all, I've started my 4th year of dental school and have just started to seriously think about what comes after. I spent a majority of my time in dental school confident that I wanted to be no more than a general dentist, and really had a "C's get degrees" attitude when it came to grades...
  2. A

    How to Improve Application Post-Graduation

    Hello, I was hoping to receive some advise on how to make my application more competitive post-graduation. I received a 3.7 GPA at UCSD in neuroscience and physiology. By the time I apply, I will have ~4,000 hrs of experiencing scribing for physicians in 3 different specialties (occupational...
  3. J

    Ophthalmology: Paid clinical positions for Pre-Med and Medical School Graduates

    Oregon Retina, LLP has a paid positions available for both: 1. Pre-medical students wishing to gain clinical experience prior to applying for medical school. The position is described on our Eugene, Oregon Craigslist post at Pre-professional student to work as full-time Clinical Assistant 2...
  4. J

    Pharmacy School In-State vs. Out of State? Differences?

    Hello everyone, I live in California and applied to a variety of in-state schools as well as out of state schools. Apart from costs and networking for a job, what are the differences between going to pharmacy school in california and out of state?
  5. L

    Medical specialisation

    Hey guys can anyone tell me if an Eu post grad student from a german university apply for medical specialisation in the UK ?
  6. K

    How are you finding your work/life balance and quality of life out of residency?

    Hey ladies - You’ve finished residency, you’re now living the life as an attending. You knew once you graduated that you wanted a ‘work-life’ balance (whatever that looks like for you), hit the gym again (get that pre-med body back right?) and have time for your family, friends, cooking...
  7. S

    Does Coursera/ edX Credit verified courses count toward med app GPA?

    Hi, I alreday graduated from my university but decided to continue taking courses during my summer. I found some credit-verified courses on edX and Coursera and was wondering if those will count toward my GPA when I apply. Any help will be great appreciated. Thank you!
  8. randombird

    DVM post-vet school: is it worth it?

    (EDIT: Title is supposed to say Phd post vet school. Oops.) Hey all! I'm a 4th year eyeing the prospects of what all is out there post graduation. I love birds, and I want to work with birds, and as long as birds are in the picture I'll work with just about any other species too. I recently saw...
  9. R

    Will non-research job hurt chances of getting into PhD program?

    I am graduating from college in May and am taking a year off before applying to PhD programs. I am interested in child psychology, specifically child trauma psych and hope to be a practicing psychologist in the future. I am much more interested in working with clients than doing research, so I...
  10. E

    Non-SMP, Research-focused Gap Year Programs - NonTrads

    Hey fellow Non Trads, (I hope it's alright if I post this question here too) I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for one-year masters programs (or other gap year type programs, aside from NIH, etc.) that provided interesting courses and preferably some structured research...
  11. E

    Non-SMP, Research-focused Gap Year Programs

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for one-year masters programs (or other gap year type programs, aside from NIH, etc.) that provided interesting courses and preferably some structured research experience in the biomedical sciences? To clarify, this is not for...
  12. Quarterelven

    OMFS externships for dental school grads?

    I saw a similar thread from 2009 but it was unresolved... Anybody know of any programs that consider Residents/Fellows (ie post-grad, but still university affiliated)? I've spammed a few, but scared that bugging them (when their website clearly says for dental students) will hurt my eventual...
  13. P

    Post grad, applying to dental school this cycle. Need advice

    Hello, I seriously need good advice. I'm a Pre dental student finishing up my post bacc in biology this year and really need some insight on my chances getting in and what my next best step is if I want to go into dentistry. My Science BCP GPa is a 3.02 right now and my SciGPA is a 3.2. I have...