Dec 19, 2014
I alreday graduated from my university but decided to continue taking courses during my summer. I found some credit-verified courses on edX and Coursera and was wondering if those will count toward my GPA when I apply.
Any help will be great appreciated.
Thank you!


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Sep 16, 2012
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It most likely will not count.

You will need a transcript from the university for it to count towards your calculated GPA and to get that you will need to be directly enrolled in the university, rather than through a non accredited third party like EdX and Coursera. Those services are typically for personal enrichment rather than accredited course work. There are a few options for actual course credit at certain institutions but I assume they'd be Pass/Fail and won't contribute to your GPA. Of greater importance, I do not think an ADCom will view an MOOC as highly as it would an in-person class. However, if you can find an interesting course in a niche subject like bioethics, health care systems, etc - it could be a great resource for writing thoughtful applications and participating in stimulating interviews.