1. X

    MCAT Exam Next Week

    Hi all, my test is next week and I was wondering what do you guys suggest I should focus most on? I was thinking of just focusing on SB the next 7 days, what do you guys think? Also few test day tips would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. X

    AAMC Practice Test 3 B/B #38

    Could someone please explain this answer?
  3. X

    How do I tackle the passage-based questions?

    Hi everyone, My MCAT is in about a month & I am not doing well in the passage-based questions. It's not about the content anymore, since I believe I am good at it; because I can answer the independent questions very well, but I can't seem to do well on the questions which infers to the passage...
  4. W

    Retakes at a City College for md school

    Hey everybody. I am a recent graduate with a good upward trend in my last 70 or so units, which were also heavy in the sciences . Unfortunately, my freshman and beginning sophomore year were not so hot. I was thinking about taking courses at the local city college in my town and was wondering...
  5. W

    DIY Postbacc for grade redemption.

    Deleted for privacy. Thanks for everyones help:)
  6. W

    Taking beginning spanish.

    Deleted for privacy. Thanks for all the help guys!
  7. stonefawkes

    "Special Masters" vs. "Masters" in LORs

    Hi, wanted to get some input: I am planning on applying to Western U's MSMS program which is a 1-year deal. I have LORs on Interfolio from the last few years in two versions from each letter writer--one that uses the term "special masters program" and the other the uses "postbac program" when...
  8. W

    DO and MD school suggestions/list

    Hi, My MCAT is 501 (first take was a 496), my overall GPA is 3.67 and science GPA is around 3.5. I have been working in clinical research for 5 years and I am a certified phlebotomist, worked inpatient for 7 months. I also have research experience at my university (2 years). I am the president...
  9. Lyoness

    Are AAMC FL's same version every year?

    I have to take the mcat spring of 2018, so I am studying very early. If I buy the practice exams of the AAMC 1&2 right now, will they have the same questions as the practice exams that will be sold next year or will they be a different version? I am asking because if they are different versions...
  10. P

    PNWU-COM application- Secondary Question

    Hi guys! So for the secondary, the prompt asks us to talk about experience with underserved populations...my whole personal statement for the primary application addressed this question. Should I just copy and paste the essay? Or should I write a new essay? a. Describe specific experiences you...
  11. BoredPrescriptionPills

    Is it too early to shadow and too early for any LOR?

    This is my first post here on SDN but I have looked and search on here for similar questions as mine. I got some answers from them but I have multiple questions geared towards my own situation. I'm a year one pre-med and was wondering if it's too early for me to shadow? If I happened to shadow...
  12. Rennyrenren

    Interviewing for Medical Assistant position (Pasadena,CA)

    Hello everyone, I'm just posting here to see if anybody would be interested in a full time medical assistant position located in Pasadena,California. I am currently employed at this clinic and will be matriculating to medical school this year and am looking for a replacement for my position...