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  1. GosuSummoner

    Selling a Variety of NEW MCAT Books (Used it to get a 516 on the MCAT) Name your best offer

    I AM SELLING ALL MY MCAT BOOKS. Please either DM me for the prices or text me at (225)773-8420. They are selling fast. All books are in new condition. The second picture has all very updated and new mcat textbooks. The Berkeley ones are the ones still being used in the course today and so are...
  2. A

    MCAT Books for sale!! Exam krackers, Princeton Review, AAMC guides

    1. Princeton Review Complete MCAT 2015 (good condition) = $15 (plus shipping) 2. Princeton Review MCAT Biology and Biochemistry Review 2015 (good condition) = $15 (plus shipping) 3. Princeton Review MCAT Biochemistry Review (very good condition)= $15 (plus shipping) 4. Princeton Review MCAT CARS...
  3. G

    For Sale $450-Princeton Review MCAT Self-Study course for sale

    Hello everyone! I recently got accepted to medical school and do not need my Princeton Review online course anymore. It has served me well and helped me get a 514, but since Im done with it I decided to sell it it for les than a third of the price I got it for to whoever wants it. It goes for...
  4. D

    MCAT Study Book for Sale: Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook (Princeton Review)

    Selling 2010 edition of Princeton Review's Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook. Used it in 2013, and its tips were very useful in helping me earn my 41 (equivalent new score of 525). Book is in near-perfect condition; absolutely ZERO markings/writings. Spine is unbent. The cover has a few small...
  5. D

    For Sale MCAT Books: TBR, NextStep, Kaplan, Princeton Review, ExamKrackers

    Please let me know if you are interested! Two quick notes: 1. All prices are negotiable, especially if you are interested in bundling up! 2. Free shipping for any combination of over $100. The Berkeley Review Full Set (2018): All books are like new with BLANK passages, and minimal writing or...
  6. fueledbyboba

    MCAT Books (The Berkeley Review, Kaplan, and Princeton Review)

    The Berkeley Review Full Set (2019): All books are like new with BLANK passages, and minimal writing or highlighting. Full set is $200 - Physics (Part I and II) - General Chemistry (Part I and II) - Organic Chemistry (Part I and II) - Biology (Part I and II) - Critical Analysis and Reasoning...
  7. M

    MCAT books for sale - make an offer!

    Like new (no writing/highlighting) Berkeley Review set. Bought for $250, asking $175 (includes shipping within the US). Barron’s MCAT flashcard set - $10 1001 physics and chemistry questions (minimal writing in the physics book) - $25 for both. Set of Princeton review books (like new- no...
  8. D

    For Sale Selling Lots of MCAT Books (EK, Berkley Review, and TPR)

    Hi everyone, I took the MCAT earlier this year. Grateful that I did well on the MCAT and never have to open these books again. But, looking at these books on my desk still gives me PTSD, so I'm selling them lol. I didn't do majority of the practice questions in the books so lots of...
  9. M

    TPR MCAT full set for sale - new

    I have a full set of Princeton Review MCAT books for sale. I used them when studying for the MCAT last summer. They are all in perfect condition and writing-free except for the In-Class Compendium (it has approximately half of the answers filled out). I would like to sell them as a set. Asking...
  10. D

    Princeton Review Course/Material

    I have all the books for the princeton review course, for all subjects. How should I create my study plan for through out the semester. I have 3 months of the semester plus 1 month in the summer. How should I split up the subjects, etc.
  11. H


    This is from the Princeton Review second edition which was released October 2018. Can anyone tell me how accurate this is considering it says there are about 10 questions of trig and geometry? The ADA doesn’t list anything about those topics. I know they still appeared in some people’s exam but...
  12. H

    Physics help (Princeton vs Chad)

    Hi everyone! Im on a bit of a time crunch and I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice. Im deciding between watching all of Chads videos for physics + Cracking OAT Princeton review to supplement or if I could get away with JUST using the Princeton review to save time. Since crack...
  13. T

    519'er here! selling my kaplan book set and princeton review, both which helped me immensely!

    hi! gave my mcat on 5/18 and got a 519! Been over the moon since then since i hadn't expected such an upscale. my normal AAMC's were 508,509 and 512. Selling my lucky books to any takers out there. Contact me ASAP
  14. K

    Recommendations for psych/soc section?

    I know everyone says to supplement with KA videos, but which book is better EK, NS, or PR? I've heard good things about NS and PR. Also is BR good for psychology? Thank you so much!
  15. S

    AAMC Material Enough for Practice?

    Hey Everyone I have done the content part of the MCAT STUDYING and am now going towards the practice exams/question part. I was looking through AAMC Material and Noticed they have the: MCAT - Official MCAT Prep Bundle This bundle has: - Sample Test - Online Practice Questions - 3 full length...
  16. K

    Princeton Ultimate Review

    I was wondering if anyone has had any success with these princeton in person ultimate review classes. I have been doing content review for about 3 weeks so I am about 3/4 of the way through most material, and I have the ultimate class next month. But I wasn't sure if taking the class would be a...
  17. S

    The best full length tests

    Hey everyone I have not started doing full lengths but I will soon. How many Full Lengths do you think I should squeeze in before my Exam (August hopefully)? Also, I know AAMC has a couple of full length exams but where else would I be able to purchase more full lengths realistic to the MCAT...
  18. C

    MCAT Books for Sale!! CHEAP

    Hey guys! Trying to sell my collection of MCAT books! I also have some pdf materials, notes, etc. that we can talk about if you PM me. Prices are negotiable, I want to get rid of them before I move for med school so we can work something out that is fair for both of us. All books are in great...
  19. walrus99


    Hi everyone! I registered for my MCAT exam on September 19th. I'll be taking The Princeton Review Ultimate MCAT course M-F, 3 hours each day. from June 25th-August 15th. All 9 of the PR books have just been delivered to me and I feel antsy to start studying for the MCAT now. The thing is I...
  20. A

    MCAT score increases after prep-programs

    Hi guys, How much did yalls score increase after taking a prep program such as princeton review or kaplan? Did you find the prep-program to be helpful or not really?
  21. A

    Princeton Review Ultimate in-class

    Hi guys, I am going to be taking the princeton review ultimate in-class course during the summer of 2018. I was wondering if anyone has taken this course already and can provide some opinions on what it was like? How much did it help? How detailed were their classes? etc. etc. etc.
  22. E

    MCAT Prep books

    Berkeley Review: BIO Pt. I and II (2013) OCHEM Pt. I and II (2013) Princeton Review: BIO/BIOCHEM for new MCAT PSYCH/SOCIOLOGY for new MCAT Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook (2009) ExamKrackers: 16 Mini-MCATs book (2004) All in great condition. Make a fair offer and they are yours. Shipping...
  23. N

    Selling Princeton Self-Paced MCAT

    Books included. DM for details.
  24. M

    6 month Study Plan MCAT

    Hi Everyone!! I'm looking for a 6 month MCAT study plan using TPR and AAMC materials mainly. I plan on taking the MCAT in May and I'm going to start studying in November, giving me six months. If anyone has a plan they would like to share I would really appreciate it. Any tips will help too...
  25. M

    MCAT Spring 2018

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to create a feed for those of us who are/will be preparing to take their MCAT in Spring of 2018. I was hoping we could possibly exchange ideas on study plans, materials that will be used to study, etc.
  26. A


  27. T

    For Sale TPR Princeton Review Course Books (full set) + extras!

    Recently completed Princeton Review's MCAT prep course, so I'm selling the materials we've used. All were purchased 3 months ago (May 2017) together as a set and have very little to no writing or highlighting in them. They are all the most updated versions for the "new" MCAT. I'm asking $200 for...
  28. RxMeds

    My Testing Material Scores (AAMC + TPR)

    Hey everyone, So I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I figured I would make a thread with my current scores for several popular MCAT prep items in order to 1) doc my MCAT journey because why not, 2) get any and all feedback, and 3) show my performance so that others...
  29. T

    For Sale Princeton Review MCAT 2017 Self Prep Course + Books

    Bought TPR's online course in April only to find out 2 weeks later that I was accepted! The account does not expire until January 2018. The books are BRAND NEW and the workbooks UNTOUCHED. Selling Online course and books for cheaper than what I paid for. Comes with: ALL BRAND NEW 1st...
  30. afterallthistime

    Selling TBR, EK, TPR sets!

    Selling this EK set for $65. The MCAT 101 Passages has been marked with pencil throughout. Everything else is clean. Some may have pencil markings on 3-4 pages. Brand new, never used TPR 2016 set; $150 whole set or $20/book Used, all books are clean; no markings at all: $20/subject book...
  31. D

    A whole lot of MCAT books/prep resources- mostly unused

    Hi All- New MCAT Prep Books and Many Other Resources Looking to sell all of MCAT materials. They're basically in brand new condition minus a few pencil markings on less than 3 pages. Check out my ad on craigslist because that includes pictures. I will give you the ENTIRE set of resources for...
  32. K

    Mcat books

    MCAT Review: Berkeley Review(2012), Examkrackers, The PrincetonReview(2012) $300 OBO Little to no pencil markings on a few pages. Berkeley Review General Chemistry Part I & II Berkeley Review Physics Part I & II Berkeley Review Organic Chemistry Part I & II Berkeley Review Biology Part I & II...
  33. R

    Princeton Review Study Schedule

    Hello everyone! I was browsing the forums and I came across a syllabus/proposed study schedule that TPR releases for students who take their classes. Unfortunately, the assigned readings (for biology and biochemistry) no longer match up with the 3rd edition of the books I own. I'm assuming that...
  34. S


    new MCAT 2016 The Princeton Review complete set +science workbook+ compendium + physics review sheets Will sell under 100$ text at 954 496 1126 payment through PayPal or Venmo will ship next day
  35. xoANichole

    MCAT Prep Book Sets for Sale (CHEAP)

    I have the following MCAT prep books for sale. SETS- Examkrackers- (full set of 6 books including physics, chemistry, psych/ soc, bio, and Verbal reasoning) Berkeley Review- (8 books including physics 1 & 2, Bio 1 & 2, O.chem 1 & 2, and Gen. Chem 1 & 2) Kaplan- (7 books including biochem, gen...
  36. J

    What MCAT prep materials did you use? Recommend or nah

    Hey, I'm trying to wrap my head around how to prep for the MCAT. From what I gather so far, EK is really good for concise review and Kaplan is more detailed, but provides more practice questions (is this correct?). I think I'll end up settling for one of the two. Also, is it correct to assume...
  37. M

    MCAT Books for Sale!! Kaplan, Official Guide, Examcrackers

    Hi - just finished taking the new MCAT this summer and am looking to sell my books. I have Kaplan Biochemistry Review, Kaplan MCAT Flashcards (1,000), the AAMC Official Guide to the MCAT Exam with practice test questions, Exam Krackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning, and the Princeton...
  38. V

    oat materials for sale

    kaplan big blue book, princeton review, complete destroyer series all available. Ships out of Chicago PM me for details.
  39. 1

    Prep Books for 12 month Studying Schedule?

    I'm a sophomore right now and I'm planning on studying for the MCAT for about 11-12 months. I have already taken all the prerequisites and am taking biochem junior year. My plan is to use EK complete set to review since I heard that they are brief. Then later on in the year use BR. However...
  40. medicaldalliance

    Selling MCAT Prep (TBR, TPR, Hyperlearning, EK 1001); Competitive Pricing

    Hello! I used every book I listed below to study for my MCAT and was pretty successful (95+ percentile) - please feel free to PM me for prices, for additional information about the state of specific books, ask for additional photographs, and even my exact score (rather not share it publicly)...