1. D

    Improving patient care

    Hello! As a mental healthcare professional, one of the things that I feel would be very useful to improving my patient care is to improve the collaborate care model, allowing patients more agency (aka let them navigate the ship), and improving data collection of their symptomatology over a...
  2. J

    Nursing Home Geriatrics

    Hi Everyone, I started new outpatient work and am slowly building a practice. In the meantime, I picked up an opportunity doing nursing home rounds 2 days a week. I was reluctant to take on the gig, because I have little geriatric experience. The medical director just said start low go slow...
  3. AbcJuly

    FAP going AD in 6 weeks

    I'm about to start AD in July as a 60W (psychiatrist). I'll be a O-3 with less than 2 years because I am assuming (from reading other threads) I will not be given any prior service for residency or fellowship (7 years in all). Can anyone break down what my pay will look like when I finally get...
  4. A

    Picking a job - IOP/PHP Full Time

    Looking for full time job Whats the pros and cons with a IOP/PHP
  5. C

    To become a psychiatrist, what do I major in?

    Hi, I know there are a few similar threads on this topic but they are all from 2009, so I wanted a more updated response. I am a senior in high school and have applied to colleges with an intended major of psychology. I love the topic and want to major in it and my plan was to take medical...
  6. A

    Staff Psychiatrists needed in Williamsburg VA (Senior Residents Welcome)

    Immediate full-time opening in Williamsburg, VA INBOX ME IF INTERESTED IN APPLYING Salary: Up to $250k plus benefits (Depending on experience) Benefits: Relocation & Sign-on Bonus available, PTO, Weekends Off INCENTIVES • Sign-On Bonus for those new to state service in the amount of $10,000 •...
  7. R

    Counselor to Psychiatrist?

    Hello, I'm a Clinical Mental Health Counselor considering continuing my education and applying to medical school to become a Psychiatrist. Are there any Psychiatrist's here that have taken a similar path? Any advice/warnings?
  8. D

    Accepted to medical school! But...

    I am very excited to announce that I was accepted to medical school after I was waitlisted and convinced I wouldn't get in. However, as one does when they are unsure of their future, I had to find alternative plans and just started a job in the mental health field. I am conflicted between...
  9. H

    Can a LPC practice hire a psychiatrist?

    Where can I find state law for the corporate practice of medicine?
  10. damusiel

    General Surgeon or Psychiatrist

    I am currently interested in becoming a general surgeon or a psychiatrist. What are the cons of each specialty and how can I decide? What should I choose and what are the common personalities of each? (My personality is an INFJ) Im compassionate, kind, caring and hardworking, but im impatient...
  11. damusiel

    General Surgery or Psychiatry

    I am currently interested in becoming a general surgeon or a psychiatrist. What are the cons of each specialty and how can I decide? What should I choose and what are the common personalities of each? (My personality is an INFJ) Im compassionate, kind, caring and hardworking, but im impatient...
  12. redence

    What should i major in college for premed? I want to get into medical school. HELP

    Hey guys l, im just a high school junior (age 17) and I plan on becoming a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist, I would need to go through med school. However, I'm still need help on my back up plan (just in case I don't get into medical school), i was thinking about becoming a pre-Physician and so if...
  13. damusiel

    Psychiatrist in a Medical Emergency

    Ok So pretend my mother or sister fainted or had a seizure or a cut from a knife. Will a Psychiatrist be able to help treat the problem and save them? In other words, can a psychiatrist diagnose other illnesses other than depression or schizo from outside?
  14. damusiel

    ER Psychiatrist

    Hello, I really wanna become a psychiatrist in the ER setting. I want to help the mentally ill and give consults to emergency physicians. How do you become a ER Psychiatrist and what are the pros and cons?? How much do you get paid? What do I have to do?
  15. Maylily7

    Career guidance/advice? (Psychiatry)

    Hello! I need some help! I know what I want to do (I have since high school), I want to work in a psychiatric unit and help others, I want to be able to talk with them, help them with their progress, be a part in planning their treatment, and (if need be) be able to prescribe medication. This...
  16. J

    Advice needed!

    I am a graduated high school student recently returned from a two year volunteer mission in Scandinavia and will be starting my university education this summer. As of right now I am torn between psychology and psychiatry, but leaning towards psychiatry. I have about 4 months before I begin...
  17. P

    Med school acceptance chance? Psych B.A. (from liberal arts univ) - desire to be a Psychiatrist

    Might anyone have advice for my situation: No doctors in my family and no one I know in medical school, and my univ is not well versed in putting students on the path I want. I am in my junior year. Attending a liberal arts college, studying Psychology (B.A.) with a genuine desire to become...
  18. B

    Volunteer to go Active, Abroad? Military Psychiatry

    Hello All! I'm in my last year of residency in Psychiatry. I have 16 years of National Guard time and am in drill status currently. I used the Army National Guard ASR program as a medical student and am currently getting loan repayment, year for year to the tune of $40K (actually $30K after...
  19. R

    Physchiatrist needed north of Tampa

    Our Client is the owner and sole psychiatrist for his privately owned and operated behavioral health group. He has established a unique approach to treating patients and wants to grow his health group as he believes this approach is something worth spreading. He doesn't have the time to focus on...
  20. CommunityCareAllianceRI

    Psychiatrist Wanted in Rhode Island (actual psychotherapy!)

    Would you like to be doing psychotherapy instead of just medication maintenance? Community Care Alliance, a state-of-the-art Health Home community mental health center in Rhode Island seeks a Board Eligible/Board Certified Psychiatrist to help incorporate psychiatric services within our Adult...
  21. sloanetaylor

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner v. Psychiatrist

    Hi all, I would be grateful for any insight or help you could provide regarding this. I went all through high school and half of college thinking I was going to be a doctor (leaning towards psychiatrist), but I haven't been so certain lately. My questions: 1. Back to Basics: Why did you choose...
  22. K

    Being A Psychiatrist

    I'm currently in high school, but I was thinking if it was possible to take a Psychology bachelors degree in the UK and then going to Med School at US? After all the research I found that the steps taken to be a psychiatrist is longer in the UK than in the US. Although since bachelors degrees in...
  23. S

    NHSC (S2S vs loan repayment) & Psych job prospects

    Hi all, I'm a MS 4 at a UC school, career changer (worked in education for 10 years), with a spouse and 2 young children. I will apply into Psych and plan to complete a Child Psych fellowship. If all goes as planned, I will be in my early 40s upon finishing the fellowship and likely will...
  24. SnowInVenice

    How do I become a psychiatrist?

    I apologize if this is a common topic, but I am including personal factors that will make this thread at least somewhat unique. I am currently in high school taking basic college courses as a dual enrolled student. I love learning and using computers and I plan on majoring in Information...
  25. BabyyD

    Wondering if I am too old for Med School

    Hi guys! So I am currently 26 and finishing my masters in exercise physiology. I have all the pre recs for med school. However, due to illness and unfortunate circumstances through my undergrad years I do not feel that I am competitive enough to apply for med school. I am thinking about taking...
  26. M

    Psychiatry Vs. Psychology and the differing details

    The main reason for posting this forum is to find help in choosing between a career in psychiatry or psychology. I understand the differences in schooling for these two career paths and am not seeking advice in this aspect. I will begin by saying that I have been interested in behavioral...
  27. Teemo

    Are psychiatric hospitals open to teen volunteers? (Please Read)

    Hey there! I turned 16 and looking to volunteer at a hospital quite close to me that has a child/teen mental health area. I've been wanting to pursue a career in psychiatry, especially with teens & children, but would like to try it first. Since my hospital is looking for volunteers I am trying...
  28. docjohng

    Pharmacology or psychiatry student wanted for project

    We're looking for a motivated, responsible student or recent graduate who's interested in helping us out with a project in updating our drug reference information on our website. You must be studying in either the pharmacology or psychiatry field, or have a recent degree that reflects such...
  29. A

    Medical school vs graduate school decision

    I am an almost graduated senior with a bs in biology and psychology trying to decide between medical school for psychiatry (possibly child and adolescent) or grad school for clinical psychology. If grad school, I would prefer the psyD route since I'm more interested in clinical practice than...
  30. B

    Inpatient psychiatry average reimbursment

    What is the average reimbursement for inpatient psych CPT codes below? 99231 99232 99233
  31. B

    Private Practice vs. Employed

    I have a difficult decision. I have two good offers both in cities that I like. 1st offer: Private practice splitting half an inpatient unit (25 beds), then outpatient in the afternoon (approximately 15-20 patients). I would have to be on consults for two different hospitals close by (avg # of...
  32. chekakanova

    Post-Bacc Lurker with Humanities Degrees & Plenty of Questions

    Hey Everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend (if you can). So a little bit of introduction: I'm a post-baccalaureate student (not in a post-bacc program) with two bachelor's degrees in English Literature and Philosophy. In the year after graduating, I had a lot of time to think about what...
  33. P

    Can a ND become a Psychiatrist?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here. I just graudated with a BS in psychology as a pre-med student. I have taken all pre-med classes at my state college except for Anatomy and Physiology. I have heard mixed feedback on whether a naturopathic doctor could get licensed as a Psychiatrist. I...