1. Auntymarkovnikov

    Unit Circle - QR

    Should you memorize the unit circle for the QR section? I have 0% of it memorized and I hope to keep it that way unless it is helpful to know it for the exam. Also, are there any tricks/hints to memorizing it ?
  2. D

    Worried about DAT QR!!

    Hi guys, i was hoping i could have some advice/motivation?? I am really struggling with the QR section of the DAT! Maths has always been a subject i was good at, im not one of the genius maths people, but definitely not bad either! So it came to a shock after taking the BC test 1, i only got a...
  3. jya5ab

    Good GRE math book for new QC & Data Sufficiency questions?

    I'm taking my DAT on July 31, and I keep getting like 1/3 of the new QC and Data Sufficiency questions wrong. I have Bootcamp and Math Destroyer, but I'm trying to find a GRE book so I can get more practice with these types of questions. I see a bunch on Amazon that cover QC and Data...
  4. L

    Has QR/PAT gotten harder over the years?!

    Hi Guys! So I find myself constantly reading old posts and it seems like many people used to agree on the fact that Bootcamp/Destroyer was much harder than the real DAT. However, I have come across recent threads that are actually saying the real DAT was much harder for QR and PAT...
  5. ringofkeys

    Bootcamp change to Khan for QR

    Does anyone know why Bootcamp switched from Chad's to Khan for the QR section? If Chad's was working for so many people, what would the reasoning behind the switch be?
  6. jya5ab

    DAT QR section - I've never taken Statistics before...

    Hello! I'm taking my DAT on July 31, and I plan to study for 10-11 weeks. I am most worried about QR because 1) I haven't taken math since high school and I was never good at word problems, and 2) I've NEVER taken a probability/statistics course before, so I will have to learn that from...
  7. bentley13

    DAT Done: 25AA, 24 TS, 25 PAT; 3 week study Schedule

    Hey SDN. I took my DAT earlier today, and I just thought I would share my experience with everyone. I used several posts like this to help me throughout the process. There is honestly nothing more helpful than learning from past test takers. I studied for a total of 3 weeks (8am-8pm every day...
  8. bentley13

    2 weeks out

    Alright I am just over 2 weeks away from my test date. Tomorrow is my last day of Chad's videos. I started studying 10 days ago. I got through bio, gchem, and qr in that time (Cliffs, Chad's, Chad's). I'm a little nervous about ochem since I've only had one semester. I am planning on doing...
  9. T

    How I Got a 24 AA in Less Than 2 Months

  10. D

    DAT Destroyer QR vs. Math destroyer opinions needed

    hey predenttts. I've been studying for my DAT and I recently transitioned from math destroyer to the QR section at the end of DAT destroyer and its like significantly easier.. and i like it lol. But i don't wanna get played so I want to know is the actual DAT like math destroyer or like the DAT...
  11. C

    QR Probability and stats

    anyone know an efficient way on knowing if something is gonna use the combination formula or the permutation.. not order matters or it doesn't cuz that don't work. something accurate like for example: how many ways can 8 horses Finnish a race in first second and third place. - permutation or...