reading comp

  1. O

    OAT Reading Comprehension

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling with reading comprehension section of the OAT exam. Do you think if we are allowed to used Cntl+f for searching keywords during the actual OAT? Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improving my reading section.
  2. V

    RC Help! Take DAT in 3 weeks!

    Hi Guys! So I have been preparing myself to take the DAT for about 3 months now and I will take it in about 3 weeks! (May 30th) I have been doing great on practice questions, tests, learning from mistakes, etc. and have scored a 21 on two full tests but really want to do better. Where I...
  3. Dr_Dentist


    okay so I’ve struggled with RC the whole time while practicing the DAT RC and taking the DAT my first time. i was ranging from 17-19 on all practice test and i made a 13!! My first time taking the DAT. I used the method where you list numbers on the page and write keywords next to the number...
  4. Auntymarkovnikov

    Reading Comprehension Strategies Needed

    I took my first 3 reading comp tests beginning 2 days ago and scored terribly: 16, 15, 15. I don't understand why I am doing so poorly. I'm pretty sure I just don't have a good strategy. I read and write a lot. I am a liberal arts major and my major requires an excessive amount of reading and...
  5. J

    Reading Comprehension Note taking vs highlighting

    Last year I took Kaplan's course and they recommended reading and taking brief notes (names, dates, main topic) on each paragraph for the reading comprehension. My RC practice exams with them were usually around 16-17. On the real DAT I got a 22! I am not sure if I just got lucky with an easy...
  6. S

    Is it my comprehension issue?

  7. B

    Reading Comprehension... any advice?

    So I've been struggling finding RC practice besides bootcamp. Has anybody tried CDP RC section? is it any good?! I'm currently reading scientific articles everyday to improve my comprehension and timing skills, I've also done TopScore and trying different strategies. English isn't my first...
  8. tomdapredent

    Reading Comprehension Harder on Real DAT

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone has advice on how I can prepare for the RC section of the test. I took the DAT for the first time in the beginning of July, and will be retaking the test at the end of this month. I am very worried and lost when it comes to studying for the RC...
  9. J

    Reading Comp Prep

    I have my dat coming up in about 2 weeks and have been trying to find a way to boost my rc score which is averaging around 18. I have used all of bootcamps test and qvaults test. Is there any recommendations for any other resources to use?
  10. J

    Readings or the MCAT

    Hey guys! I'm kind of new to posting on studentdoctor but I was hoping to gain some insight. I was wondering what journals/ books you guys have found to help with speed/ efficiency of reading. I am using Kaplan and have seen significant improvements in my scores over the past few weeks, however...
  11. J

    Reading Comp practice material

    I am currently study to retake the DAT and my largest obstacle is the Reading Comp section of the test. I went through all of bootcamps test and was averaging around a 17. I am still working on a method that works as well but I want to make sure that I am practicing with the most realistic...
  12. Z

    Which RC strategy do you recommend?

    So my DAT is tomorrow and throughout my studying I've used several RC strategies to see which one works best for me. I've tried mapping, "search and destroy", and full on reading but score the same every time (19-21). Which strategy do you recommend?
  13. J

    Reading Comp Practice

    Im studying for the DAT and am looking for material to study for the reading comp section. I have been reading scientific american and the like but want practice tests to work on this section. Are there any resources out there besides Bootcamp that are comparable to the actual DAT?
  14. J

    Reading Comp HELP!

    I just started studying for the DAT for the second time and have been having a tough time with the reading comp section. I have used the Kaplan BB section tests and done the all Bootcamp section tests (my score on the real test wasn't comparable). This section is really bringing my overall score...