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  1. S

    Illinois DPT 2021-2022

    Figured I'd start a thread for Illinois DPT applicants. I've applied to NIU, Bradley, Gov State, Iowa, Rosalind Franklin, and UIC. GPA: 3.55 cumulative, around a 3.8 prerequisite GPA. Observation Hours: around 900 outpatient, 25 inpatient GRE: 155 Q 150 V A lot of various volunteer and other...
  2. C

    Moving to Illinois for school (Rosalind Franklin)

    Hey everyone! I am from California, and am moving to Illinois to attend Rosalind Franklin. I was wondering if current/previous students can tell me how the environment is, housing, anything you wish you knew before moving,Etc...? Any information is greatly appreciated!
  3. S

    Rosalind Franklin - Any News??

    Hi all, I have been anxiously waiting to hear ANYTHING back from Rosalind Franklin and wanted to know if anyone knows when the last interview is and when you would get an invite. My application was verified August 8th. The last email I received from them was September 25th saying that my...
  4. P

    Do you need CASPer score to be sent in order to be complete?

    Hi all! So 3 schools I'm applying to require a CASPer score to be sent to the school. Does this mean you are not marked complete till the score is received? Does this not delay many people's applications since it takes approximately 1 month to process and score the CASPer test?
  5. B

    MD What are my chances of getting in off the waitlist?

    I'm currently on 2 waitlists hoping to hear back after traffic day. I'd appreciate advice on plans moving forward and my chances of getting off the waitlist. What is your advice moving forward/chances of acceptance next month?
  6. M

    Rosalind Franklin Postbacc Questions

    Hey everyone! I wanted to know if anyone is currently attending or has attended in RFU's postbacc program. I am a senior graduating in May with a gpa of 3.0. I started my freshman year with a 2.4 so I have had a steady incline since then. Last semester I racked up a 3.6 for my semester gpa. I...
  7. C


    I'm noticing a lot of OUWB vs discussions out there lately but I'll add mine anyway. Essentially, I was wowed by the OUWB community, especially the faculty and staff. They really seemed to have their sht together on interview day and wholly invested in making sure their students were happy and...
  8. O


    I know there have been other threads, but none within the past year or so. I have acceptances to both schools and I'm really having a hard time deciding. I initially got 4 DO offers and was ready to assume that as my future, but then I got one MD offer, that I didn't really consider getting at...
  9. weanprednisone

    Rosalind Franklin LOR

    "Three individual letters of recommendation, or one committee letter, are required. If you choose to submit three individual letters, you must submit exactly three. We prefer (but do not require) that at least one of your is written by a medical professional (not necessarily an MD) with whom you...
  10. SSJimmer7

    Tulane vs. Rosalind Franklin vs. NYMC

    Hey all, I'm having trouble deciding between these three schools and I was hoping for some objective input from SDN. A little background on myself: I'm a former CA resident that currently lives in NYC with my SO. My SO will remain in NYC--she has a great job and can't afford to leave. I'm...
  11. T

    WashU (St. Louis) vs Rosalind Franklin (Chicago)

    Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing well. I have a huge dilemma: WashU vs Rosalind. The quality/type of education and being away from family are two factors I'm worried about. I'm from Chicago, and Rosalind would be a 30-40 minute commute, cutting costs in half b/c I wouldn't dorm. I talked to...
  12. S

    Rosalind Franklin BMS 2016-2017

    Surprised no one has started this thread yet! Anyone apply already or planning to apply?
  13. Fancy312


    Hello All, I was wondering if there was anyone out there that applied to these 1 year masters programs and still pursued dentistry. I recently took my dat (literally yesterday) and did pretty bad, don't ask, I did horrible :oops: My initial step is to apply to these, programs, but I have a...