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    Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars Track

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    Rutgers MBS Spring 2022

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone got their acceptances yet? I applied about a month ago and still waiting to hear back, on the dental scholars track if that makes any difference. :confused:
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    Rutgers Medical scholars Vs. Touro MS Vs. NYMC Basic Medical sciences

    Hello all, I am having a hard time deciding on which SMP/Masters to attend. I graduated from uni with a 2.9 GPA overall, and a BCPM of 2.83, MCAT 509 (30) I have been accepted to all three, but am having trouble deciding what route would be best for me. Touro (middletown) has linkage to...
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    Rutgers GSBS Dental Scholars program update

    Hello, I am currently a student in the Rutgers School of Graduate Studies (SGS), also called Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Dental Scholars program. To those who have never heard of the program, this program is designed for students who desire admission to dental school, but wish...
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    MBS Programs: Rutgers Dental Scholars vs. Barry University

    Hi guys, I have recently been accepted into Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars program in Newark this Spring 2018 and the 18-month track at Barry University's Master's in Biomedical Science Program, also Spring 2018. I am having a heard time deciding between the two program. Could former/current...
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    Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars Progam

    Hi guys, I'm expected to start Rutgers MBS program in Newark this fall. So I'm trying to plan out my classes. Could former/current students from this program please tell me what are some good classes to take? Thank you :)
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    Low HS GPA, want to get into BA/MD programs

    ***UPDATED 8/30/2017***** Hi... I just made an account here cause i couldn't find an answer to my question in any other threads.. Im a junior in high school right now with a 3.7875 gpa out of 5.0 and I reaallly want to get into a BA/MD program. How are my chances looking? I want to apply to...
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    Where to move near rutgers?

    So after a decent amount of research and thought process I am leaning towards attending Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Regardless of what school I choose I would like to move closer to the school. Does anyone know of any good living situations near rutgers where I would be safe and still...
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    Rutgers GSBS Spring 2017

    Hi guys I just got accepted to the dental scholar program. If any students currently in the program or old students can provide me some advice that would be great!
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    My chances for Rutgers MBS?

    Hello, I'm interested in essentially going to dental school. My undergrad gpa isn't great (2.7) so I know I need to join a masters or post-bacc program to redeem myself. Does anyone know what the stats are for masters programs like Rutgers or Barry U are like? OR have any recommendations to...
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    Pre- dent Master programs opinions 2016

    Hi!! Im pre-dent with a very uncompetitive undergrad GPA (around 2.7). Had a lot going on my junior and senior year but somehow made it though and graduated although my GPA took a toll. I chose not to chance taking the DAT and just apply straight to Masters programs. So i took a year off and...
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    Minimum GRE score, but awesome everything else

    GRE: V=151, Q=152, W=4.5 GPA: 3.91, Major: Health Science/Minor: Chemistry Hours in PT experience: 150+ Worked as an assistant for 1 year with medical school professor who teaches rheumatology. Gone on 2 medical mission trips to Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Volunteer experiences, Global...
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    Rutgers Newark (North) DPT Interview

    Hope all is well and everyone's applications are going smoothly! I was hoping someone could provide some insight on the Rutgers Newark DPT Interview. I was granted an interview for this Friday, Nov. 20th and want to be as prepared as possible so any questions I should expect or anything else of...