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    Roast my School List!

  2. bschaefer97

    Help with school list?

    Hi guys. 505MCAT, ~3.8GPA in biosciences. Hoping to get into UA Tucson or Phoenix (Phoenix preferred), as well as Mayo Scottsdale. EC's include: 150 hours volunteering at hospital 500+ hours research (volunteer) 150+ hours research (paid through program/stipend) Presented 2 research posters: 1...
  3. O

    Help with School List: 516 MCAT, 3.92 cGPA, bad EC

    516 MCAT, 3.92 cGPA. Senior who will be taking 1 or 2 Gap years to get a Masters in a public health field (hopefully LSHTM or somewhere else in the UK) and improve ECs/shadowing. Right now my ECs are minimal, especially in the medical field, -currently spending 4 months in India on Global...