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  1. A


    Hi All, I am a student considering SGU's 5 Year MD program. The program is appealing to me as I am a non traditional student, with a nearly 2 year gap followed by 1 year of sub par performance due to some extenuating circumstances. Spoken to some advising officers and so long as I have at...
  2. medshousing

    Renting Furnished Detroit, MICHIGAN-Comfortable Room Available in Macomb County, Michigan

    As posted on Listing # 273 540 E Canfield St, Detroit, Michigan, United States We live in a 7-bedroom house in Macomb, Michigan just minutes away from McLaren, Beaumont, Henry Ford, Crittendon, and Detroit Medical Center Hospitals. We are also posted on Airbnb and have a...
  3. C

    St. George's University Interview Invites

    Hi everyone! I'm still waiting to hear if I will be offered an interview for SGU's DVM program. I applied 5 weeks ago and still haven't heard back. I'm applying for the January 2022 semester so I'm worried that I won't have much time to get things in order if I wind up getting accepted! How long...
  4. F

    Honest opinions?

    This is ONLY for current and/or past students who attended Medical School in the Caribbean. How did you enjoy it? Pros? Cons? I would like to attend a school in the Caribbean... & then do family medicine residency which is not something super competitive to find residency in...which is why I am...
  5. H

    MD, DO or Caribbean?

    Hey everyone, i’m new on the forum and was just wanting some advice regarding my chances and where I should apply. GPA at time of applying will be 3.2-3.35, MCAT 515, I have 4 letters of rec from 4 MD’s, volunteering with multiple organizations, I do have hospital volunteering, however, when I...
  6. M

    Any somali in here ?

    hey any somali in here doing MD in SGU grenada please ?
  7. T

    transferring to sgu

    Hey all! I am a current first year student at a Caribbean school and I was thinking about transferring to SGU for my second year. Is this possible? I submitted an application when I was originally applying to schools but got accepted into my current school before I heard back and they ended up...
  8. NeuroNerdMD

    Stats of Direct Accept vs CFP for SGU

    Hi everyone! For those of you who were accepted to SGU, I was hoping you could list your stats? Were you accepted directly or asked to complete MSAP or CFP? I'm mostly looking for MCAT scores, but if you have your cGPA, sGPA, and/or post-bacc GPA feel free to post those too! Thanks!
  9. R

    SGU 5 year MD program

    Hey Guys! Anyone here aware of the 5 year MD program at SGU? Anyone been enrolled in one? What's the application timeline? Thanks
  10. S

    Ross or SGU

    Greetings fellow SDN members, I have researched a good amount of posts regarding this topic here and in other well known forum sites. This has provided me with a good amount of information belonging to a time span of about 14 years (2003 to 2017) ranging from how class sizes have gone up...
  11. F

    Has anyone heard of SGU?

    I'm currently a junior and at first I was thinking about becoming a PA but I have come to my senses and I realized I want to be more then a PA. I recently did a medical internship and it made me open my eyes and realize what I really want to do in life. That being said I'm not sure how high my...
  12. I


    Hey! I got accepted to term 1 2018 on the condition that I pass the MSAP. Has anyone completed this program and are willing to give advice and share info. Thanks!!
  13. I

    SGU MD admission

    Does anyone have an idea of how the admissions process works at SGU ( pre and post interview). Do they look at your grades before granting the interview? If so then what is the reason for the committee meeting AFTER interview to decide whether you are accepted or not.