1. B

    BCPS Spring 2022

    Didn't find a thread for Spring 2022 so figured I'd make one. I took the exam in Fall 2021 but unfortunately failed. Was not too far off though. In any case, I am retaking it this Spring and hope I pass. Anyone else taking it? What/how are you studying?
  2. S

    MPH Please help me choose.

    Hi. I am a medical doctor from india with GPA of 3.5, Toefl 92. I am applying for the spring 2019. I have selected some schools for applying can anyone please let me know which among these are good ones( i am hoping to get into atleast 3-4 of them owing to my public health work and...
  3. M

    Senior Spring Classes

    Hopefully on December 1st, we all will be receiving some good news! With that being said and the hopes of receiving good news, does anyone know if dental schools care about the strength of our schedule senior spring (assuming we get in before then). I was considering taking no science classes...
  4. M

    Studying for April 28th MCAT full-time student and work-study

    Hi, My MCAT is April 28th and I haven't started studying yet but will start this week (1/15) I am currently registered for 17 hours for Spring 2017: 1. Algebra-based Physics with lab (4 hours) 2. Child Psychology (3 hours) 3. PE (1 hour) 4. Biostats (3 hours) 5. Animal Biology (3 hours) 6...
  5. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Spring semester off to study for the MCAT?

    I have looked around SDN and found post related but they were all pre-2015.... I was planning on taking the spring semester off. I was planning on studying for the MCAT, and doing research for credit (I would obviously continue the normal stuff like shadow, and volunteer.) I haven't taken...
  6. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Which option is best?!

  7. K

    Wait for Spring Grades or Nah?

    Hi everyone, I'm in a dilemma. I want my spring grades to count, but I have also heard that applying as early as possible would be extremely advantageous. I am on the quarter system and and will most likely have spring grades come out in late June before I can send out my transcript. I have a...
  8. Ligamentumarteriosum

    When is a good time?

    I'm sure this question has been asked in some variation, although I'm looking for specifics. I'm for all intents and purposes a junior and came to my college specifically to do a biomedical science program as all of the classes are pretty literally the list of pre-reqs for med school, which I...
  9. D

    What classes are you taking next semester?

    And please include if you'll be taking summer courses. List majors also, I'm curious.