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  1. Logs

    SAVE repayment plan - will this work?

    I have been trying to figure something out that I hope you guys have an answer to. The biggest issue is the interest in paying the student loans out as fast as possible. I am currently on the PAYE but am thinking of switching to the Save program because it says that if I just pay the minimum the...
  2. J

    NYU’s Dental School Costs ~$600,000 Before Interest

    It costs about $600,000 before interest to attend NYU’s dental school, including all costs. It costs about $100,000 extra before interest to specialize there. That means students who specialize at NYU graduate with $700,000+ in student loans. I’m curious as to what current NYU dental students...
  3. N

    Entrepreneurial dental residents game plan re student loans

    Food for thought- how would you think a GP/ortho/perio/endo/pedo resident looking to own a practice at some point post associating would triage their debt as opposed to a resident planning to associate with no desire to be an owner..
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical Yale School of Medicine Announces Second Unit Loan Reduction in Two Years

    According to the Yale School of Medicine website, the unit loan – how much med students receiving need-based scholarships are expected to borrow – is being reduced from $23,000 to $15,000 per year for all students beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year. A reduction from $30,000 to $23,000 went...
  5. P

    Help with financial aid please!!!!

    Hello. I am growing very confused and feeling kind of hopeless about this. I just filled out Fafsa. I am aware that the maximum loan eligibility for the direct stafford federal loan is around 42k or 21k per semester. I made $0 in income in 2017 so I did not include a tax return. I included...
  6. P

    How much student loan you got? how much is too much??

    I hear so many people with 100k plus loans, really curious to see the reasoning behind peoples decision to take out that much loans. How much loan is too much? I graduated from Rutgers 2 years ago as an in state student and had 45K in loans. Did Not think too much of it at first until after...
  7. C

    Help! Want to apply to dental schools but student debt scares me

    Hi guys! I really want to apply to dental schools. I actually applied last cycle and didn't get in (it's probably because I took my DAT like at the end of August eventhough I submitted everything way before that --> my AA is 22, TS 24, RC 16, QR 20, PAT 20, OC 28, GC 21 [RC is probably another...
  8. BIGphysician

    Loan advice

    Not sure if this is common knowledge at this point, but you want to consolidate your loans all into a government FEDLOAN right after your spring dispersement of your 4th year. Once this is all consolidated, you want to apply for income based repayment, specifically the revised pay as you earn...
  9. R

    Optometry Debt

    Hello Canadian optometrists, For all those that went to the US to study optometry and are Canadian, how much debt did you have and how long did it take you to pay it off (or how long do you plan on paying it off in)?
  10. Johnny Appleseed

    Med School Debt

    I've been a little frustrated about the lack of info that exists on how much debt med students will really have when they finish residency. I've seen articles stating that the average medical student debt is ~$189,000. That just isn't true for most of us. If we take out $75,500 the first year...
  11. clinicalscience808

    Marriage effect on taxes while in school

    I didn't see any prior posts about this specific section of the subject but if there are any I'd be happy to read! :) I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and am heading to vet school in Fall 2018. We've been talking about getting married (we're basically engaged just not publicly) but I...
  12. L

    Recent grads - How much student loan debt do you have after optometry school? How much is too much?

    (I'm sure this question has probably been asked before but I can't find anything specific to recent grads. Please link me if I'm mistaken) With your undergrad + optometry how much in loans did you graduate with? What year did you graduate? I have 46k undergrad loans...and plan on taking out...
  13. H

    400k+ to 500k+ to become a dentist. 1 million dollar to become an orthodontist???

    here is a very interesting analysis from financial expert's point of view. After working my butt off for a few years, I found that I only paid back the interests* of my students loans that have been accumulating from my first day at dental school. Now, I still have long ways to go to pay back...
  14. M

    Remote Side Job for Med School graduates (no residency match? no problem!)

    Do you have significant medical student loans preventing you from having an allowance for fun? Did you graduate from Medical School and get snubbed by residency programs? Are you a practicing physician with a desire to pursue a career outside of practicing medicine? We have an opportunity...
  15. mudpiles

    PSLF application now available! Anyone applying?

    I'm curious if anyone on this forum is applying for Public Service Loan Forgiveness? The application is now available for those who started on this journey back in Oct 2007. I'd love to follow your progress, and am eager to see if you are successful at getting your loans forgiven. Thanks.
  16. C

    scholarship for minorities(URM)?

    For any urm that got acceptances or have knowledge through word of mouth I would like to know Which schools are generous with financial aid packages? Which schools are known to give scholarships to minorities? Please and thank you
  17. N

    Use all extra income to pay off debt or save/invest some of it?

    What do you guys think? Is it smarter to use all your disposable income to pay off debt or should you stash some away in a savings account? Say you have 120k in student loan debt.
  18. N

    Working for a loan forgiveness program vs on your own

    I had a question for those who have graduated DPT program with a significant debt (100k plus). I wanted to get your opinions on whether you think it's smarter from a financial perspective to work for a program that pays less with less autonomy, but will pay back your student loans or even have a...
  19. F

    University of Pittsburgh vs. State School for pre-requisites

    I'm a nontraditional premed student (former music teacher) in my late twenties. I've been accepted to the University of Pittsburgh (College of General Studies) for the fall to complete the prerequisite courses I need to apply to medical school. However, I'm currently taking two prerequisites...
  20. F

    2018 Whitehouse Budget to remove PSLF...

    Something to watch out for: Current 2018 Whitehouse Budget proposal is planning to eliminate PSLF and consolidate all IBR to a single method. Pg 140
  21. Student Loan Planner

    Here's What Dental School Could Cost for the Class of 2021

    Summary -About 10% of grads in 2021 could owe over $600,000 at graduation -About 1 in 3 could owe over $500,000 -About 50% could owe over $400,000 -About 80% could owe over $300,000 These numbers assume that everyone attending a public state school is an in state student and qualifies for...
  22. S

    What are the benefits of having a parent with a private practice?

    Would you say that dental students who have a parent or family member who is a dentist have a significant advantage, in terms of salary when they graduate, over students that will have to start their own private practice? What would you say are these advantages?
  23. R

    Does PRN pay count toward IBR for student loans?

    Hello fellow DPTs My grace period ends soon, and I'll be starting my student loan payments. I have a question about the income-based repayments/pay as you earn plans. I currently have a full time job, and I'm also working a PRN job (only 16 hrs per month). Does the added income from the PRN job...
  24. M

    Loan Repayment Advice

    New grad here. Currently on a 10 year plan to pay off 120K of student loan debt from Pharmacy school. Others are telling me to pay the minimum required (10% of yearly salary) and the remainder after 20 years is forgiven. Is this accurate? I know this is currently an option from searching online...
  25. K

    To Attempt to Get a PhD or Not? Student loans....

    Hello! I joined these boards looking for advice. I'm currently wrapping up my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I'm semi considering a PhD but am not sure about many things or what my chances even stand if I could get into a program. For starters, I bombed my last year of...
  26. MolarBear_

    Trump and Student Loans

    I didn't vote for Trump, but this could be good news for us. Thoughts?
  27. Jay Weinberg

    Who has switched over to REPAYE?

    As a financial planner that specializes in assisting physicians and dentists, I must say that REPAYE is really good, in the right situation..... If you are single or married to somebody that is not a high income earner and have a decent amount of loans, you should absolutely look at changing...
  28. MJ_413

    Relying entirely on student loans

    I am a 31 year old, seriously considering medical school as a career changer. When I think of myself decades into the future, looking back on my life, thinking about whether I will be happy with the way I spent it, I know that I won't be if I have not done the best I can do. I don't feel like...
  29. D

    Pay off student loan debt or add to savings?

    Was thinking about this issue and wasn't sure what was the right answer. But there is a rational approach to this issue. Take a look at this article: What do you think?
  30. P

    How much do optometrists REALLY make? A case study

    Have you ever wondered whether an OD degree is worth it financially? Unless you're getting a free ride from someone or somewhere, you're probably going to graduated with a good sized six-figure student loan. According to, the lowest in state tuition for U.S. optometry school is...
  31. SnakeDoc9497

    Questions about Student Loans

    Hey all. Been tossing around some questions about student debt and am wondering if some of you here could help me out. For undergrad I took on a modest amount of student debt. I don't want to get into numbers, because my questions are mainly conceptual and seeking opinion. But anyway, I have...
  32. Plasticbag80

    Paying security deposit/first and last rent

    Hi guys, So I'm a rising MS1 at a public institution in CA and I'm paying for my education through (mostly) federal student loans and grants. My problem is paying a security deposit and first months rent upfront when signing a lease to an apartment since my loans don't get disbursed until I...
  33. LatePrePharm

    Pharmacists: How manageable is $150k-$200k in debt?

    I have loans from 4 years of undergrad, and I'm applying to pharmacy school this coming cycle. I calculated the cost of tuition, fees, and living expenses for my top choices. My total loans will be around $200k once I'm done with everything. The total amount will be somewhere between $150k-$200k...
  34. manda4

    NC FELS loan

    Does anyone know when CFNC will notify us if we have been awarded for the FELS loan? I'm trying to figure out student loans and it would be great to know that I have the FELS to plan out everything. I applied in January when it opened and the deadline was April 1st. If anyone has received it in...
  35. L

    Federal loans vs family loans & loan repayment programs

    Hi all- So I will be starting medical school this fall. TBH however, the finances of the whole ordeal are really killing my spirit about the whole thing. I am looking for some advice from medical students who have applied to or are familiar with the loan repayment programs. A bit of...
  36. chompsss

    HSCP - years in dental school count for PSLF?

    Question: If one takes federal loans while on the HSCP and also makes at least minimum payments while in dental school on said loans, does that count for four years of the required 10 years for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program? So, in effect, one could be get the HSCP, pay loans...
  37. chompsss

    Can you take out loans while on HPSP?

    Hello, I have had a hard time getting a straight answer on this question, so I'm posing it to the collective forum in hopes that I can get real-world answers from people who actually have the HPSP and who have tried to borrow. My scenario: I'm considering HPSP but my expenses are more than the...
  38. GradSchoolLoans

    How long can I defer my student loan debt? allows for medical resident doctors or fellows to defer their payments with active status to defer up to 7 years.
  39. GradSchoolLoans

    Do I have to make student loan payments while in residency? allows for you to defer all payments while in residency.