1. DocSherman


  2. D

    Chance at getting into another school after suspension / dismissal

    Hello. As explained in another thread, I was dismissed from optometry school at the end of my 1st Year Fall Semester for academic reasons - failed one lab and lecture. I attempted to appeal and that fell through - the committee upheld my suspension. I was wondering how likely it could be to...
  3. D

    Dismissed from Optometry School for Academic Reasons. Need Advice.

    I am in a predicament: **** has dismissed me for academic reasons during my first year / first semester. I failed one lecture and one lab (only passed the other courses), appealed to the academic committee and failed the appeal. After crying and gnashing my teeth for a few days (I take...
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  5. TragicalDrFaust

    Drug related suspension from 2011

    In 2011 someone I know was expelled after their freshman year of undergrad because about an ounce of marijuana was found in their dorm room. Their school judicial board charged them with possession/possession with intent to distribute. The school was in a state where an ounce is automatically...
  6. 6

    Sooo Pre-Med or Healthcare Administration?

    Bare with me, this is gonna be a long post but only because I feel that all the details mentioned are important. So my life plan since like 8 was to be a doctor which was my main motivation growing up to be a good student which paid off because I was able to get a highly ranked private...
  7. S

    Undergraduate suspension for fighting: medical school out of the equation for life?

    Hey all, Going to try to not sugarcoat things here. Background: 30 y.o. male, have worked in technology in the past few years since undergrad, have also worked in education teaching middle/high school students in intimate settings. Major f$$$up: I hope none of this comes across as an excuse...
  8. N

    PhD/PsyD Advice Requested ASAP regarding Provost's decision to dismiss

    Hello, I am submitting this for my pre-doctoral intern coworker and not for myself. We are both pre-doctoral CAPIC interns in the LA area. She has a 3.89 GPA, was never in academic or ethical trouble. She took a 1 year LOA after the economy busted to help save her parents house. Legitimately...
  9. G

    From undergrad suspension to med school?

    Hi all so I am getting suspended from college for a year for a really dumb cheating incident that occurred back when I was a freshman. I won't serve my punishment until after my sophomore year because I was fighting the case. During that time I will be joining the Army National Guard as a medic...
  10. C

    Getting into Med School after being Suspended in undergrad

    Hi, I am about to be applying to medical school starting in June 2016 and I was wondering if anyone has applied with a major disciplinary record and could shed light. I was suspended after hitting another girl (EDIT: I am also female) who had pushed me into a wall at a party I was only 18 at the...