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  1. S

    New Exam Krackers + Old Kaplan?

    Hello need some advice, Its been a long while since I finished my second degree to complete my pre-med course work (I am a career changer & older pre-med). I took the MCAT back in 2011 with a Kaplan in-person course. Didn't get into med school, have been working & publishing in research since so...
  2. N

    For Sale Berkeley Review, Princeton Review and Kaplan MCAT books for sale.

    Hello, I have various MCAT books and study prep for sale. Berkeley Review: ( Biology Part 1 &2, Chemistry part 1&2, and Physics part 1& 2) These are the new ones published in 2018. I only used them briefly so they are still in brand new condition. There are no markings or highlighting in these...
  3. V

    Online tutoring

    Online tutoring offered. Medical student taking a research year, able to tutor MCAT, Step 1 and Step 2 CK. Chemical engineering background, scored 41 on the old MCAT. Hours flexible, price negotiable.
  4. M

    Courses to Take Prior to the MCAT

    Hi all, I have been planning out my courses for the next few semesters and was wondering what everyone thinks are some essential courses to take prior to taking the MCAT. I am planning to use a study program such as Kaplan to prepare, but I know that an actual undergraduate class and the...
  5. C

    Big Blue, Big Red, Ranger Red for sale

    Selling: - Ranger Red 10th edition with audio MP3 player. Untouched - I ran out of time and decided to use UBP instead -Big Blue 26th edition, all 3 volumes. Used but no markings on pages -Big Red 26th edition. Used but no markings on pages All listed for $595 on Dr. Jensen’s website. Will...
  6. doctor.ee

    Barron's 2nd ed. and Kaplan 8th ed. for sale!

    Hey everyone, I have Barron's DAT prep 2nd edition and Kaplan DAT 8th edition for sale. Both are in very good condition because I did most of the work on separate notebooks. I am just trying to get rid of them so I can be really flexible with the price. I can also send you pictures of their...
  7. psyflgirl

    Anybody taking the exam June 29th? How ready do you feel?

    I am taking the exam June 29th, and I am kind of freaking out. I will be done with content review in a couple of weeks then I will start taking practice exams, but at the moment I feel like I know nothing. How is everyone else feeling in regards to the exam?
  8. throne

    The Best SAT Math Book

    For any students looking to gain valuable skills or raise their score on the Math section of the SAT, I highly recommend buying Dr. Steve Warner's "28 SAT Math Lessons to Improve Your Score". The book is pure magic. Why? I improved my SAT Math score 100+ points in 1 month with this book. It's...
  9. S

    Studying for DAT as a full time student?

    Hi everyone! I'm hoping to find some comfort from all of you here at SDN. I'm currently entering my 3rd year of my spring semester at my undergrad university. My plan prior to entering my 3rd year of school this past September was to take the DAT in February/March of 2018 and prepare all of my...
  10. N

    Selling Princeton Self-Paced MCAT

    Books included. DM for details.
  11. WildWing

    READ FIRST: Discussion of DAT test prep materials

    DISCUSSION OF SPECIFIC DAT TEST PREP MATERIALS Thank you to our members for your feedback as the moderation team works to address the stealth marketing issues in the Dental Forums. Your feedback has been loud and clear that you want to be able to provide and view DAT study breakdowns. Based on...
  12. C

    When should I take my MCAT? should I postpone to January? September?

    I'm a rising senior at Rutgers University. I'm now signed up for the 8/24 MCAT. I'm taking a prep course with TPR, which will end in a couple of weeks. My ideal MCAT score is around 515 to compensate for my relative poor GPA(3.5 Science, 3.6 Overall). I started studying for my MCAT in the...
  13. T

    More DAT Practice Exams

    I am looking for more practice exams for the DAT. I know of the free ones offered by Princeton Review, DAT Bootcamp, and DATQVault. I am approaching my test date and want to expose myself to the test as much as possible through taking and reviewing practice exams. Sidenote: I am finishing the...
  14. I

    WTB EPPP Prep Materials

    I would like to buy the supplementary EPPP test materials from AATBS. I would also be willing to buy similar materials from other sources. The materials that I'm the most interested in include the Color Coded Flashcards, DSM-5 Transition Pack, and Theories of Psychotherapy Chart. If anybody has...
  15. R

    USMLE Step 1 Prep Survey

    Greetings everyone. I am a recent IMG who will be taking U.S. licensing exams over the next 18 months. After browsing the many threads on here for the last few weeks, I wanted to survey current US MD/DO students and other IMGs who have recently taken or will be taking Step 1 this year. You do...
  16. Dustyrose96

    Is Orgoman Dat prep books worth the purchase?

    I'm currently looking for some books to help me prep for the DAT and I came across Dr. Romano's DAT destroyer and the Organic Chemistry Odyssey. I already have the DAT Math Destroyer and this book only has practice exams. Are the other Orgoman books the same or can anyone who has used these...
  17. A

    WTB TBR Bio, Chem, Ochem, & Phys. EK1001 set. TPRH Verbal WkBook.

    PM with price and details. Thank you!
  18. D

    Kaplan Review Course?

    Hi Everyone! I've tried studying for over a year now for the DAT on my own. I tried to follow the DAT bootcamp schedule while also using Crack the DAT and my Kaplan blue book. However, after months of studying and below-average DAT scores, I'm trying to find a new and better method of studying...
  19. M

    Which tutoring company to work for?

    I'm thinking about tutoring MCAT for my gap year to keep my skills sharp and make a bit of money; does anyone have any experience tutoring for a major company (Kaplan, Next Step, EK, Princeton, TBR?) How demanding are they about teaching specific methods (I've heard Kaplan requires you to...
  20. U

    Best book to memorize for USMLE prep

    Hello All, I posted this on the USMLE sub-forum but decided to post it here too, since their seems to be more activity and a lot of qualified individuals to answer this question on this forum. So I know similar questions have been asked on the forums in the past. My question is more specific...
  21. C

    For Sale PCAT Study Guides and Practice Tests with July 2016 Updates

    I am glad that I do not need to take the PCAT again, so I have no need for the materials anymore. Someone please take them off my hands for a reasonable/negotiable price. Absolutely no highlighting or marks. Message me if interested.
  22. charcot bouchard

    Cell Biology on DAT?

    I am currently trying to decide if I should take cell biology or not. There was a post about this but it was over 10 years ago. Talking to friends of mine who have taken the DAT they don't seem to think Cell Bio is necessary. I have taken Molecular and Microbiology, Physical and Developmental...
  23. C

    Selling DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer Combo - For Sale

    Hey all, $130 - Selling 2016 DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer. Books have not been written in. Some bent pages at the tips, but excellent overall condition. I'll pay shipping (US only). Message me if interested. Just got a 24+ score with these. Thanks
  24. N

    Looking for cheesy, annoying science books (serious)

    I'm not kidding about the title. In my molecular bio class we were given an excerpt from a book called "Whirlwind Tour of the Life Sciences," and it was so bad I haven't forgotten a word of that chapter. It had the smarmiest jokes I've ever read, and I was actually embarrassed on the author's...
  25. U

    TBR Books for sale

    I have TBR books for sale: Biology I and II, Gen Chem I and II, Physics I and II, Verbal Reasoning, and Organic Chemistry I and II. I'll upload pictures when I get home, but they're barely used and have no writing in them. I'm asking $300 OBO for the whole set and can mail them to you overnight.
  26. F

    For Sale AATBS EPPP prep materials

    I'm selling all six comprehensive volumes of AATBS EPPP prep (http://www.aatbs.com/materialinfo.asp?license=1&lcnum=1&id=1) These volumes were purchased in July 2015, used for three months while I was studying, and are in excellent condition. There is some (neat) highlighting and periodic notes...
  27. D

    FL practice scores vs real MCAT predictors: How valid/reliable?

    I've been looking through some of these FL practice score vs. Real MCAT score charts/spreadsheets, and they seem pretty great-- even too good to be true. These tools basically say "add ten points to your average, and that's your score". I realize that the scores used to compile data have an...
  28. T

    Practice USMLE Question Writers Wanted

    Are looking for an opportunity to apply your medical education outside of a clinical setting while you’re still in training? Whenever you can make the time? With flexible weekly/monthly time commitments? From the comfort of your own home? Well, here is your opportunity to work for one of the...
  29. A

    DAT in 4 weeks...

    My DAT is in 4 weeks..! Nervous & anxious. I just wanted to share what I plan on doing for the remaining month and get others advice on whether to add or subtract anything. Already watched Chad videos multiple times for Bio, QR, gChem, & oChem. I'll probably skim through it again at some point...
  30. C

    GRE Prep Materials

    I know there are many threads on this but all the ones I've found are at least 12 months old. Hoping to get some updated responses here. Any recommendations for my first go-round at the GRE? I'm taking the test at the end of August. I am particularly worried about the math section as that has...
  31. PB&Jam

    How Accurate is Practice MCAT? Also good MCAT strategies?

    Hey SDN! I recently took a practice MCAT through an MCAT prep course at my school, through e-mcat.com (AAMC practice test). I scored a 516 (128 physical/chemical, 131 CARS, 129 biology/biochem, 128 psych/sociology), which I know is a very good score. I am planning on taking the real exam in the...
  32. I

    For Sale DAT practice tests/guides

    DAT practice tests and guides for sale. Asking $60 including shipping. There are 3 CD disks that contain the following (no access codes or anything needed, they are in word/pdf documents): Disk 1: 100 questions each of General Chem, Organic Chem, Biology, Quantitative Reasoning, and PAT...
  33. F

    PCAT preparation? Any advice

    Hey everyone! I plan to take the PCAT this coming July and I was wondering if you have any advice- study aids, tools, websites, anything that could prep me in advance for this test. What has helped you ace it? I have biochem, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology left as course I did not...
  34. S

    The Princeton Review COMPLETE MCAT BOX SET **FOR SALE**

    Hello everyone! I am selling The Princeton Review MCAT 2015 Subject Review Complete Box Set PLUS The AAMC Official Guide to the MCAT exam. They are in like-new condition, with light highlighting inside. No answers marked in book. A couple of the front covers have scratches but no damage done on...
  35. C

    Practice Test Advice Prior to Jan 23rd

    Hello All, I am looking for a little bit of advice on Practice tests... So I have already taken 7 kaplan Tests (8-10 and 1-4)... and my score on the last two were 506/505. The next text I am going to take in the next couple days is the AAMC (non-scored) to give me some more AAMC practice and...
  36. doe_eyed

    NEW NAPLEX - no partial credit on select all that apply? T/F?

    According to RxPrep instructions: For the NAPLEX: You may have heard that the exam is somewhat more complex, and there are a higher percentage of Select ALL that Apply questions, which do not have partial credit. Is this true??? Obviously, I believe yes. How much partial credit was given on...
  37. doe_eyed

    NAPLEX - anyone favor anything OVER RxPrep??

    Hi, So I actually used RxPrep when I took my NAPLEX for the 1st time a month ago (it was still the original version.) My friend had the online videos/quizzes, and she let me use her login. I utilized the online videos/testbank and I have the book. I messed up the 1st time because I got so...
  38. doe_eyed

    pharmacyexam question HELP (CS class determination) is it math???

    Hello, So if this is blatantly obvious I am going to be very embarrassed. I'm either overanalyzing this to the extreme...or dumb as a rock. Here is the question: A pharmacist is adding 1000 mg of pure codeine powder to 100 cc of Tylenol with Codeine Elixir (120 mg/12 mg/5 cc). The resultant...
  39. doe_eyed

    For Sale Pharmacy Pronto Pass MPJE Federal law Flashcards $60

    Hello, So I am selling the latest version of Pronto Pass "quickcards" for the MPJE. For this exam they made a set that comprises cards and paper. The paper portion is state specific statutes in the form of a larger booklet of paper and a stapled leaflet (state law review) with roughly 80...