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  1. medshousing

    Renting Murrieta, CA Furnished Rooms for Rent University of California--Irvine

    Check out the listing on www.MedsHousing.com Listing ID #0046374 Please contact the landlord through www.MedsHousing.com web site Beautiful home conveniently located off Highway I-215 and Clinton Keith Rd./Whitewood Rd. Private bedroom: Queen beds with private bath. Smart 65″ TV with...
  2. J

    USC Keck vs. UCI

    I am really torn... I don't strongly prefer one over the other (hence the sparse list) so your thoughts and perspectives are extremely appreciated. USC Keck Pros More robust clinical experience/students are more prepared(?) bc of LAC+USC hospital Bigger network, USC connections and all that...
  3. neurologyplzzz

    UC Postbaccalaureate Consortium 2019-2020 Cycle

    Hi all, the 2019 application should open any day now so I wanted to start a new thread for the upcoming cycle. Feel free to ask any questions and let's do our best to help each other during this stressful process.
  4. C

    Position Available UCI PM&R PGY3 Position Available

    We have an opening for a PGY-3 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation position at UC Irvine starting July 1, 2018! Come join our excellent team in Southern California! If interested, please contact our program coordinator, Susie Downing, at [email protected] dot edu
  5. bootsandspooky

    BU vs. Mount Sinai vs. UC Irvine

    Hi everyone! It's going to be awhile before waitlists start moving and I am doubtful that any of those will work out for me, but fortunately I do like the options I have right now. I would really like to hear others' experiences with the below schools, perceived differences between them, and any...
  6. Q

    How to get into MD school

    I just graduated from UC Irvine (BS in Biochem) with a 3.5 cGPA and 3.45 sGPA (I took a lot of engineering calculus and physics classes, which kind of ruined my GPA a bit). I was initially planning on going to graduate school and do research. However, I recently got involved and became extremely...
  7. bababa_banana

    Community college GPA vs 4 year GPA

    Hello everyone, 2 years ago I transferred from a community college to a UC college. My community college GPA was 4.0 and my UC GPA is currently a 3.85. I am about to graduate with a BS in Biology and I wanted to know if the fact that my UC GPA is lower than my CC GPA will affect my chances of...
  8. AbominablePain

    Help me rank these southern CA programs please!

    Greetings fellow SDNers, Come rank list crunch time, I seek your brutally honest input regarding ranking my favorite southern CA programs: UCLA/OVH, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, and Kaiser San Diego --- especially from anyone familiar with them. I'm lucky to know I'd be pleased with any of them...
  9. J

    Do I have chances of getting into university?

    Hi, I am a freshman at community college. I graduated high school with a GPA of 3.8. At the high school, I got a C in chemistry, then A in honors math classes such as algebra, geometry, Algebra II. My first semester at college I had taken the below courses so far. I will start my physics classes...
  10. P

    Pre-med college decision: more selective UC, lower GPA vs. less selective UC, higher GPA?

    Looking for advice for my daughter who will begin undergrad as a freshman in fall 2017. She's going in with stellar academic record from one of the nation's top school districts, so it will be a shock to her system when she experiences "failure" for the first time in college - and it will happen...
  11. F

    UC Postbaccalaureate Program 2017

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to start this forum for all of us applying this cycle.
  12. R

    Questions about UC transfer credit limit

    Hi everyone, been lurking for some time now. But I finally decided I needed to make an account and join the club. I know a lot of people have already discussed the question of taking pre-reqs at CC, but don't worry that isn't my question. My question is regarding to transfer credits for my...
  13. C

    Which UC school is better for Pre-med?

    Hi, I got accepted into the following schools: UC Berkeley UC Santa Barbara (honors program) UCLA UCSD UC Irvine (honors program) UC Davis University of Rochester However, I can't seem to be able to determine which school(s) is best for pre-med. What are your thoughts/opinions? Thank you
  14. F

    Position Available PM&R PGY-3 position starting 7/1/16

    New opening for a PGY-3 or PGY-4 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation position at UC Irvine starting July 1, 2016! Come join our excellent team in Southern California! If interested, please contact our program coordinator, Susie Downing, at [email protected]
  15. nutritionbuff

    Current/Past Med students: UCI vs UCSD?

    Hi there, I am hoping that current or graduated medical students could shed some light on UCI and UCSD - beyond what can be read on their websites. I am choosing between the two schools and having a hard time.. In the last couple years, all the major differences that I could identify have been...
  16. T

    Thoughts on some programs I'm considering ranking highly?

    Hi, I was hoping anyone might be able to weigh in on these programs as I had a good time during my interviews and believe they'd probably all be able to get me to my eventual goals: UC Irvine Baylor (Houston) Northwestern Cedars-Sinai I know these will be among my top choices, just don't know...
  17. neur0goddess

    anyone willing to read my UC app essay?!

    Super last minute, I know. Please PM me!!!!!!