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Jun 29, 2016
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Hey there. As far as I know there is a unit cap, but this refers to the general unit count (you need 120 semester units from UC Berkeley or 180 quarter units from all other UC's to graduate). If at all possible, try to save your syllabuses. When you get there, with anything that didn't transfer directly as noted from's agreement, you can try to petition with the department directly. For example, say you took 1 semester of the 2 needed for a full year of general bio at your CC. You can go to UC Berkeley's biology department and petition that your 1 semester be evaluated as the same as their first semester biology and jump right into the second semester. However, at UCLA, your 1 semester might only cover the first of their 3 quarters, so you can see how you might lose a few units. If you haven't already checked it out, most UC's have fantastic transfer information on their websites, specific to colleges and/or majors.

Hope that helped. Good luck!