1. Lynx123

    UConn AEGD

    Hi, I recently obtained an interview with the University of Connecticut for their AEGD program. Does anyone have any pointers on the interview process?
  2. W

    UConn Post Bacc 2020-2021

    Anyone applying to this program? I am looking into Program B. Interested in success stories from Program A and B students.
  3. M

    UCONN Post-Bacc 2019-2020

    Hello everyone, I haven't seen a current thread for UConn's post baccalaureate program for 2019-2020. Where is everyone in their application and has anyone heard back?
  4. V

    UCONN (OOS) vs. Stony Brook (IS)

    I'm currently committed to UCONN but I recently was accepted to Stony Brook's dental school. I am New York State resident so I would be paying state tuition for Stony all 4 years and in-state tuition for UCONN for 3 years and out-of-state tuition for the first year. However, after calculating...
  5. M

    Any info about UConn AEGD interview?

    Hi, can anyone share information about UConn's AEGD interview? I know for 2019 intake, the interviews started on Oct 30, so some have for sure completed it by now. I can't seem to find any information about this interview ever since the program director changed from 2016. I would like to know...
  6. theonezepphyr

    MD c3.78/s3.85 - WAMC and Advice for a Fulfilling Gap Year!

    deleted for anonymity
  7. F

    AEGD UConn 2019

    Hello fellow applicants. I was wondering if anyone of you have applied to the AEGD UConn programme have heard back yet for an interview or anything at all? The deadline was 16 Oct and I’m anxious to know when they usually send out interview dates.
  8. P

    *** The Official UConn School of Dental Medicine C/O 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Hey everyone I didn't see one for the class of 2023 so I thought I would just start it. Feel free to ask each other any questions on this thread regarding the application cycle. Last year's thread: ***The OFFICIAL UConn C/O 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread*** Link to interview prep...
  9. Jaa_

    UCONN vs Stony Brook

    I was recently accepted to both UCONN and SBU. I love both schools. Both had a great atmosphere, friendly faculty, have similar curriculums including classes with the med students as well as a small class size (48 vs 46). I am IS for SBU and OS for UCONN. Cost difference would be about 30k...
  10. U

    ***The OFFICIAL UConn C/O 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Hi Everyone! Wanted to open up this thread now that many of you are sending in your applications. Best of luck to everyone and please feel free to ask any questions about the UConn Dental program.
  11. D

    UConn (Full Ride) vs. NYU (WL)

    Hey Yall, I posted a thread earlier with a few schools, but I have narrowed down to these two options and am still a little torn. I was offered a full tuition and fees scholarship at UConn and am currently on the WL at NYU. My main concern here is will NYU provide me with opportunities that...
  12. heather25

    UCONN Interviews for Class of 2021

    Hey! So I applied through PharmCAS back in mid-late October. I did hear back from UCONN that they received my application and they asked for the additional coursework information. However it's been about 2 weeks and they still haven't gotten back to me if I have an interview or not. I am coming...
  13. heather25

    PharmD Interviews at UCONN

    I applied as a transfer student to the UCONN Pharm.D program. All of my materials are submitted and I still haven't heard a response from them. I'm getting nervous since they started interviewing this month, according to the website. Has anyone else heard back yet?
  14. N

    Study partner for NBDE 1 in uconn?

    Hi, i would like to find a study partner in uconn health for NBDE part 1.. If you are interested please let me know, i would like to study with a partner. Thank you..
  15. C

    Retake 506 MCAT? Nontraditional 4.0 post bacc

    I was so hoping I wouldn't be stuck in this position....But now I have no idea how to proceed. I got my MCAT score yesterday and hadn't hit the submit button for primary bc I wanted to see score, not what I anticipated. C/P 129 CARS 125 B/B 124 ( eeekkk) P/S 128 I was shocked as CARS and B/B...
  16. N

    Orthodontics program

    Hello! Hope everybody is good.. I have a question. I am an international dentist. I will present the boards (part 1 and 2), toefl and GRE (between this year and next year). Right now I am doing research at uconn health center, in cell biology department, probably I will have a project with a...
  17. NightRunner

    Medical ECs and UConn BS/MD

    Hi SDN I'm a soon-to-be-senior at high school in CT. I've been thinking about applying to UConn's SPiM (BS/MD) program, but I have some questions. First off, the medical ECs. My grades and test scores are great, but I'm stuck on the medical ECs. I know they are pretty much mandatory. I was set...
  18. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    Chances, 3.68/512, reapplicant

  19. W

    Post Bacc Pre med Decisions- UVM v Mills v UConn

    Hi everyone, After years of thinking about it, I decided this winter to apply to some post-bacc pre med programs in the interest of becoming a physician. I've received accepted to UVM, Mills College. I'm waiting on UConn, so who knows, but for the sake of this post I'm assuming I am in...
  20. M

    UConn DPT 2019

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else on here has been accepted to UConns DPT class of 2019, I know it's a pretty small class but I figured it was worth a shot. I'm looking to rent an apartment or house off campus if anyone is interested, figured it might be nice to live with...
  21. M

    UConn 2019

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else on here has been accepted to UConns DPT class of 2019, I know it's a pretty small class but I figured it was worth a shot. I'm looking to rent an apartment or house off campus if anyone is interested, figured it might be nice to live with...
  22. D

    Worried about drug test after summer Amsterdam (Penn, UCONN, Columbia, NYU, Temple, Roseman, UCLA)

    Hello SDN, Before we start, I know some of you have qualms about illicit drug use and the like. For those people, I am not a regular user, will not use in dental school, and any prior use (I think twice now) is legal in my state. Thus, please do not get in a ethical argument with me, I just...
  23. ckwsnik

    Clinical Experience: Tufts, Columbia, Uconn, Stony brook, University of Colorado

    If anyone has any insight or could elaborate on the level of clinical experience at the following schools it would be greatly appreciated! Pros/Cons/Postgrad strengths etc. (Tufts, Columbia, Uconn, Stony brook, and the University of Colorado.)