1. D

    Dismissed from Optometry School for Academic Reasons. Need Advice.

    I am in a predicament: **** has dismissed me for academic reasons during my first year / first semester. I failed one lecture and one lab (only passed the other courses), appealed to the academic committee and failed the appeal. After crying and gnashing my teeth for a few days (I take...
  2. D

    Got into UHCO - looking to work in CA in the future (CA native)

    Hello! To start, I recently got off the waiting list at UHCO and was sent an offer of acceptance from the institution. While I haven't formally accepted yet (the deadline hasn't expired), I am just elated at the opportunity the school has given me with this acceptance. That being said, I have...
  3. D

    UHCO Admittance Chances Around Now?

    Hello! I just recently finished my interview with UHCO. I quite like the school with its myriad of research opportunities and plethora of clinical chances. I was overall surprised that I got an interview for this school since my numbers are slightly below their expectations - my work experience...
  4. R

    What are my chances for UHCO?

    Hello, my current number one school choice is UHCO and I am trying to get into this cycle, but not sure about my stats. My GPA is really low 3.08, but hopefully by the time I graduate it will be almost a 3.2 I just took my OAT scores yesterday and did really well on the science section, but I...
  5. E

    Married man... how to live during Optometry school?

    Whenever I go to optometry school, I will be faced with the challenge of finding a home, getting a job, moving, etc. All of this including the stress of admission, financial aid, and overall focus on study. This is a challenge I'm accepting, and I am prepared to create a high-quality, positive...
  6. N

    Seeking Advice

    Hi everyone, I've been a casual observer for a while. However I am stuck in a dilemma and so I made this account to seek for advice. Tomorrow marks the first day of my senior year as an undergrad. My target is to apply to the College of Optometry of the University of Houston for this current...
  7. M

    UHCO's TEXOCOP Program

    Hi! Has anyone applied and been accepted to UH's TEXOCOP program? What was it like attending the classes and observing in the clinic? Is there anyone else who is applying for this year's program?
  8. N

    My Brief Guide to Optometry Applications

    Hello everyone I wanted to write this to give those in pre-optometry or considering optometry an idea of what to expect and tips about going through the process. I wished someone had put something like this out there when I was going through the process, so I figured I would try to help you all...
  9. P

    University of Houston Timeline

    Does anyone know about how long it takes for UHCO to respond back with interviews? I had my application verified and have received interviews or application holds from pretty much every school I have applied to. I'm instate and the optometrist I shadow has a daughter that goes there now and has...
  10. wcwhitty

    Interviews at UHCO and UIWRSO

    Anyone have feedback or tips for interviews at UHCO or UIWRSO? I have interviews at both coming up and I have looked at the interview feedback on SDN, but I am wondering if anyone has gone to an interview at either school this year (or last year) that could give some more tips.
  11. T

    Vision Therapy at UHCO

    I recently have been accepted into University of Houston and was curious about their vision therapy program. Does anyone have information about the tests/therapies that they perform and what disorders they treat. Also if anyone knows how respected the program is. Thanks in advance!
  12. L

    UHCO supplementary app

    I recently completed and paid for the secondary app for UHCO. I was expecting to be prompted to write an essay of some sort, just from what I've heard in the past. Now, I'm wondering if I had overlooked it or if they decided to eliminate it from the supplementary process completely? **Edit...
  13. L

    UHCO chance???

    I am just trying to see if I need to possibly retake the OAT, or just sit pretty until applications open this July for 2017 matriculation. Goal is for UHCO!! OAT scores BIO: 310 GEN CHEM: 350 OCHEM: 350 RC: 350 PHY: 300 QR: 280 AA: 320 TS: 330 undergrad gpa: 3.8, major in Biology with minor in...
  14. N

    Brain Vision Rehabilitation/Neuro Optometry

    I am going to be starting school at UH Optometry in the fall of 2016 and as of now I am very interested in the Neuro/Brain Vision Rehabilitation Residency offered. I just had a couple of questions for current optometrists who are both in this field and not. 1. Where would a nero-optometrist...
  15. N


    I have an interview at UHCO this friday and I just had some questions. I'm super nervous for this interview since UH is my #1 choice! Was the interview open or closed file? What kind of questions did they ask? Did you get your acceptance letter right after? Any other advice? Thanks.
  16. O

    Missing 1 Pre-Req, already graduated

    Hi all. I graduated undergrad in 2014. Took a year off and just took my OAT a few weeks ago. I made a 340AA/330TS. My cum GPA is a 3.35 and science GPA is 3.0. I applied to UHCO (1st choice), RSO, NOVA, and Maryland. I also successfully completed the summer TEXOCOP program at UHCO. I have 150...
  17. N


    Anyone willing to share UHCO interview experiences? Did you get an acceptance letter at the end of the day? My interview is on Nov 6th and UHCO is my #1 choice since I'm from Houston and UH is my alma mater. Any feedback helps (: