Interviews at UHCO and UIWRSO


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Oct 31, 2016
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    Anyone have feedback or tips for interviews at UHCO or UIWRSO? I have interviews at both coming up and I have looked at the interview feedback on SDN, but I am wondering if anyone has gone to an interview at either school this year (or last year) that could give some more tips.


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    Jun 2, 2015
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      I interview with RSO last May. The interview day started with a small breakfast and a presentation about the school and how the day would go. We were called back for a one on one closed file interview with a faculty member. The interview was very conversational and laid back. Prepare for the normal questions that I'm sure you already know about. I would also prepare by reviewing your personal statement and playing to your strengths. Showing them why you deserve admission over the next person is the best thing you can do.
      The rest of the day was spent on a tour of the campus and then various presentations about the curriculum and financial aid. You will also have a student panel which is a good way to find out about anything you want.
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