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vet student

  1. T

    What to do if you don’t think vet school is for you anymore

    I’ve been a vet student and I’m still feeling burned out and strained from that experience. I withdrew from the program in August and pretty much went straight into a different program. I can’t say that I’m extremely happy. I’m not really enjoying the courses. Over the past couple of weeks...
  2. vahidehr

    DVM license for foreigner

    Hi, Is anyone aware about the veterinary license accreditation program for foreign veterinarian in Irland? I couldn’t find the answers of some questions in my mind from the university website. I appreciate if any last-year veterinary students in UCD university could contact me.
  3. aen07

    Materials for First Year of Vet School

    Hi! Wondering if people had any suggestions for things to buy for 1st year vet med. I know the list will vary a bit between schools, but any suggestions or things that you found useful would be helpful! Thanks
  4. S

    having a pet in vet school?

    To any current vet students - do you have a pet at school? if so, is it manageable with classes and do you have enough time to spend walking a dog? do vet students often end up with animals from the teaching hospital? I hope to be accepted into the class of 2025 and am wondering if I should take...
  5. vetstudentgirlfriend

    How to Be a Supportive SO?

    I'm new to this site, but my SO is a pre-veterinary student. He is currently waiting to hear back from his vet school of choice and the stress/strain it is putting on our relationship is crazy sometimes. We have the same major (animal sci) and I have a science/animal background because of it, so...
  6. Evyamiga <3

    Vet Student burned out, tired and ending it all after 4 years

    Well, it's no surprise that NAVLE results came out yesterday for some. I failed ....At this point I'm tired of working so hard for years and leaving my home for nothing. Before y'all start with the classics: "You can retake it", "It's not end of the world", "It happens" ... Hear me out. I've...
  7. N

    Vet Corps but not HSPS

    Hey everyone! I'm currently a second year vet student considering joining the Vet Corps after graduation. However, I did not apply for the HSPS lasts year just to keep options open. Has anyone pursued the Vet Corps after graduation not on the HSPS and can exlain how it works/the timeline while...
  8. LoveForAllThingsFurry

    Cummings School of Vet Med Schedule

    Hey guys! I'm going to be applying for vet school this year and Tufts is my dream school! I was just wondering what your course schedule is like (for all years!) and a description of each course, what they allow you to do, etc... Just want to know what I'm getting myself into :) thanks!
  9. F

    Vet students and veterinarians, what are the grossest things you’ve seen in the field?

    Mine without a doubt is parasite removal. It makes my skin crawl. I am starting to watch videos to numb myself to it, but it’s still hard. It’s weird because I can handle pretty much anything else. I’m especially fascinated by surgery. I thought it’d be interesting to see what gross things...
  10. F

    Vet Tech or Veterinarian?

    I keep going back and forth on whether I want to become a veterinarian or veterinary technician. I love/hate both for different reasons. I love veterinarian because I love that I get to have a sick or injured animal, make a plan and be able to fix them. Plus I can live comfortably. I hate how...
  11. F

    Vet students who have dogs, how do you manage it?

    6 months ago I decided to get a dog. I knew what I was getting myself into, and I understand that a dog is a huge responsibility. I told myself I'd never give up on her, especially since my parents would gave away a couple dogs we've had. It was highly upsetting to me and the dogs, and I...
  12. F

    Vet students, what are your monthly living expenses?

    This includes rent, utilities, food, etc.
  13. K

    Transferring from RUSVM

    I'm currently a student at RUSVM and I applied to transfer to several schools in the US. I was wondering if anyone who has ever successfully transferred could give me some insight into when they heard back from the schools they applied to (Especially if you applied to OK State). Also, a lot of...
  14. Admiral Charly McPie

    Foreigner for veterinary Internship on Guam (who did it before?)

    Hi, I am a veterinary student in my final year at university and I got the rare chance to do an internship at a vet clinic on Guam. But I am from Germany, so I will have to obtain a so-called J-1 visa in order to ever set a foot on US-territory and start my internship. Everything is sorted out...
  15. K

    Black or white, in or out

    Hello, I posted here a while ago, next week a very important test will decide if I'll be a vet in the future or not. This is my second time trying, the first time, as you can see now, I did so bad (well not that bad but still i'm here writing so) and i'm so freaking nervous because there isn't...
  16. Caterpillar

    Vet student blogs?

    Anyone know of any current vet student blogs? I'm having a hard time finding any that are up to date when I search through google and old forum posts.
  17. FLVettrain

    Recommend volunteering at Vet Clinic?

    I applied for a Vet Tech full-time positions which says they'll train. The Vet asked me if I'd be willing to volunteer for a while before being hired. I don't have Vet experience. It seems certification isn't required in Florida. I'm guessing it's unpaid. Not sure how different it is from a...
  18. tigerkissedqt

    Veterinary Blogs

    I know there have been previous threads on this topic but those seem to be out-of-date at this point: I follow quite a few veterinary & veterinary student bloggers (as well as having my own), but it seems most of the people I've been following for the last couple of years seem to be deciding to...