volunteering at hospital

  1. O

    Advice for choosing between volunteering positions at a hospital

    Hi all, I'm a second year looking to gain clinical experience and was recently offered the choice between two different positions starting next semester. They are for a hospital close to my school. I was wondering which one would be the better position to take for someone starting out with...
  2. D

    Do you think I even stand a chance at med school?

  3. K

    How can I get involved at hospitals with volunteer positions?

    I want to get a jump start on my shadowing of positions and general hospital etiquette and procedure but don't know where to begin. I know medical terminology fairly well (can brush up on it), have decent school schedules (both for this summer and fall), and have previous job experience (non...
  4. D

    1000+ paid clinical hrs and 100+ NC volunteering hrs; do I need clinical volunteering experience?

    Hello all, Hoping to get some insight into volunteering. I have been a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters for 6 months now and I've put in 100+ extremely meaningful hours into it. I also work as a CNA at an Alzheimer's/Dementia home where I have gained more patient experience and have improved...
  5. M

    Freshman Premed - Need advice

    Hi, I am a freshman premed majoring in Medical Studies at Arizona State University. I need a sense of direction as I begin the path to prepare for admission to medical school. My goal is to become a surgeon-scientist, so I primarily want to apply to MD-PhD programs. I am an Indian American, so I...
  6. F

    Importance of volunteering tasks? Clinical or not...

    Hello! I was wondering how important it would be to my medical school application whether or not I volunteered in the clinical field for a majority of my hours. I'll be soon starting the second year of my undergrad education and so far I have shadowed and recently obtained a lab internship...
  7. A

    Does this count as clinical experience?

    Hello, I am new to sdn. I recently started volunteering at a hospital as a navigator assistant. That is, I walk around the hospital or stay at the front desk to greet patients and visitors and then help them get to wherever they need to go. The question is as the title suggests: clinical or not...
  8. F

    Clinical Volunteering in Philadelphia

    Anyone know of good opportunities to get experience in Philadelphia? Will be here for the summer!
  9. iluvhoney710

    Should I shadow at my age and if yes, how?

    Currently a junior/grade 11/year 12 with my last known cumulative GPA at 3.68 (unweighted) and I have not take the SAT or the ACT but planning to do so before 2018 ends. (Might I add that my PSAT was no good at all with the score being around 1,100-1,200 so I don't expect my SAT or ACT to be...
  10. T

    Issues regarding CPT and volunteering

    Hey, international student here. Do all international pre-med students need CPT just to volunteer in a hospital off-campus? I talked to my school's international students' office a few weeks ago and all they told me was that CPT was unnecessary if I plan to volunteer strictly as community...
  11. C81115

    PhD/PsyD Advice requested [volunteering, etc.]

    Hi, everyone. I'm a psychology undergrad student at Rollins College in Florida, though I am willing to relocate to anywhere in the U.S. I'm looking for some advice about applying for APA accredited Psy.D/Ph.D. programs. I've spent a decent amount of time looking over these forums, so I...
  12. G

    Question about a specific volunteer opportunity

    Good afternoon, In the context of gaining experience that will contribute to the strength of a medical school application, does this program seem substantive for someone with zero prior healthcare/medical experience? - "Non-clinical support" to patients' bedside - Volunteers serve as "adjuncts...
  13. T

    Currently thinking about how lame I think Clinical Volunteering is, am I being too cynical?

    So, I am about to finish undergrad and I'm not really worried about my application or most of my extracurriculars however I have no clinical volunteering. This doesn't even remotely bother me either. I've shadowed. I understand volunteering in the clinical setting is important and is obviously...
  14. K

    Underages and Volunteering

    I am currently a undergraduate freshman. I intended to volunteer over the summer, but I fear that my chances may be limited now. I was charged with an underage alcohol charge, both municipal and disciplinary action were taken (due to the incident occurring on campus). I was placed on...
  15. davethebarbarian

    Volunteering at Hospitals

    I have been planning on volunteering in hospitals, but the hospitals I have applied for have been telling me to commit to 6 months! This one hospital which has a medical school says it will look bad if you leave/snake us by quitting before the 6 months is over. They told us during orientation...