2023-2024 Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM-Auburn)

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Hello everyone! For those of you who have received the official acceptance letter for 2028 with a guarantee for 2029 if spots don’t open this year, did you send a letter to state you would accept this offer? I’m afraid to give up my spot elsewhere until I know that I’m either officially accepted this year and have paid my deposit or I’ve paid my deposit for next year. Do you think that the letter is all we will get or will we get something more concrete for next year if we don’t get off the waitlist this year?

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506 (126/127/126/127) mcat and if they looked at the last 90 credits (they say they do online since I had over 140 credits) then I had around a 3.8. Otherwise I had a 3.2 gpa. Non-trad, 3,000 clinical hours as a surgery tech
congrats. When did you interview with them?
For people who have sent in their letter of intent, which email did you send to and did you receive anything back acknowledging it? I sent mine to the auburn specific admissions email and uploaded to my portal back in March but not the regular vcom admissions email and haven’t received anything back. Wondering if I should resend to the other email.