1. P

    School List Help?

    All advice would be appreciated! Planning on applying to 30 schools and sending in secondaries soon. Aiming to shoot as high as possible. Demographics: African American Male Cumulative GPA: 3.94 Science GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 513 (129/125/131/128) Research: 1800 hrs in my university lab (2 poster...
  2. artist2022

    Official AADSAS Q&A Thread 2020-2021

    Hey guys! As the application opened today to start filling out, I'm sure there'll be many questions about how things should be done, what to include where, etc. so let's keep all the questions posted to this thread so that 1) the forum isn't flooded and 2) people can search for their questions...
  3. O

    what schools take your best DAT scores?

    I was just wondering what schools take the best scores from your DAT tests? Thanks!
  4. E

    emails from schools after taking DAT and not applying ?

    Ok, so I'm sure this happens to everyone but I'm just curious as I've been getting many emails from dental schools. Many of them advise applying to the next cycle, I'm assuming they got my DAT scores after I took my DAT & sent them every school... lol I did not apply because I took my DAT in Nov...
  5. 3

    Updated Rankings of Podiatry Schools

    1. Midwestern Arizona 2. Des Moines 3. California 4. Temple 5. Dr. William Scholl 6. Kent State 7. Barry 8. New York 9. Western I used 4 year graduation rates, pass rates on part I, part II, and part II cspe, and match rates to calculate this list. I put the most weight into 4 year graduation...
  6. farmmd

    DO schools that do not require a LOR from DO/MD

    Hello, I wanted to create a comprehensive and updated list on osteopathic schools that do not require a LOR specifically from a DO/MD. When I was applying, I had to go through each schools websites and find out myself. So here is the list I have so far for this application cycle (2018-2019)...
  7. N

    What schools have sent rejections?

    Hi im just curious what schools that we know of have started sending rejections? From my friends and me we know of Pitt, Western, LECOM, and Midwestern Illinois. Feel free to keep adding schools please!
  8. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS Schools

    While looking through OTCAS for my schools that I am applying to, some of the schools that I want to apply to are missing. These schools include Stony Brook and Nova (Tampa). Both of these schools state that they are on OTCAS and I am confused why their application is not up? Anyone know...
  9. Snickerdoodle1996

    School List: Where else?

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on any other schools to apply to? I am not URM. new england area. MCAT: 505 GPA: 3.9 MD: Albany Medical College Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac...
  10. K

    Send scores to every school?

    Is there any reason I shouldn't select every school to send my scores to? Does it matter if I don't actually apply there?
  11. MBPB

    Schools that Emphasize GRE / Grade Trend

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on schools to apply to. I was a previous engineering major and kind of overloaded myself on prereqs early on and screwed up my GPA a bit. I think my GRE and grade trend are something I can emphasize so I want to target schools that...
  12. MBPB

    Schools that Emphasize GRE

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on schools to apply to. I was a previous engineering major and kind of overloaded myself on prereqs early on and screwed up my GPA a bit. My current stats are: Bachelor of Science in Kinesio - Emphasis in Pre-PT from San Diego State...
  13. thestylishgeek

    Help Cutting Down List of Dental Schools Please? (California resident)

    Sorry for having the same question as another fellow Cali applicant. Also wondering if I am applying to too many/the wrong places. My closer friends all are applying to 20 ish schools, but I've read forums that say it's too many? Thank you very much for the help in advance! My stats are: cGPA...
  14. C

    Help Cutting Down List of Dental Schools Please? (California resident)

    Hey guys, just wanted to get 2nd opinions on my list of dental schools to apply to. Right now I feel like I have too many, and want to eliminate some that I might not have a better chance of getting into. For example, I heard that Midwestern Arizona has an emphasis on community service, and I...
  15. Franzliszt1

    Adding schools after initial submission

    Dear SDN, Hope y'all are doing alright. I am on hold with the AAMC but I fear I will not get through to them in time to have this question answered, so I thought I could turn to SDN. If I submit to 9 schools tonight that is $140+$40+$40+$40 ect. If I submit a few more once I have the money...
  16. A

    DENTPIN Question

    Hello, This is a random question. I signed up for a date to take the DATs before I had all of the information. I thought I had a set list of dental schools I wanted to apply to and I did not realize that when registering for your exam that you could leave all of the dental school boxes...
  17. Master Thinker

    Chances and School List Help? 514/3.83

    Hey guys! I was wondering if someone can help check my school list? I currently have ~40 schools and I wouldn't mind applying to that many because I will pre-write essays and I have FAP. I want to get in in the first cycle, which is why I am applying to so many (also because of my MCAT lol). My...
  18. N

    Is it true?

    is it true that some schools only look at your last 45/60 hours of undergrad? I’ve heard some schools do that, does anyone know of any?
  19. B

    How to Choose the School?

    Hi everyone! So I'm new here, but I'm a pre-med student right now at University of California, San Diego. I'm in my 3rd year, and about to take my MCAT this summer, but will be applying after a gap year. I just had general questions about looking into different med schools and DO vs MD in...
  20. G

    3.84 512 School List

    3.84/3.8 (GPA/sGPA) 512 (128/127/130/127) PA resident Can provide more info if needed School List: (I think this is too top heavy - any suggestions would be awesome!) Rosalind Franklin Albany Medical Center Drexel George Washington Temple New York Medical College Jefferson Tufts Commonwealth...
  21. N

    MD 516 MCAT & 3.99 GPA | Help with School List!! | WAMC?

    Hi Everyone! I am a Junior at my university and will be applying to medical school (MD) this cycle (2018). I would really appreciate any help with my school list! I would love to go to a top tier school and aim to apply to a large number (35+) of schools. I study at the Honors College of a...
  22. F

    Ec, volunteer, research

    I'm a junior premed. -I did not take the MCATs yet - over 100 hours as a volunteer in a hospital (using skills such as listening, companionship, interaction with medical staff) - volunteering at a crisis text line (using skills such as listening, problem solving,collaborating) - 10 hours...
  23. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Friend Gets Accepted...But you haven't heard back?

    So want to know if anyone has any insight on this. I have applied to two schools that a friend has. She has gotten into both and I have not heard back from either. Does this mean bad news for me? Any insight would be great. (Already got into a school its just not my first choice, and am anxious.)
  24. I

    Whig schools are known?

    I’m applying in June and the only downfall of my application i would say is my GPA. Are there any schools known to look at the application as a whole or any schools that focus more on a higher DAT than GPA?
  25. F

    Am I out of the running for top 20 research medical schools?

    Hey guys, I'm at a top 20-30 undergrad university on full scholarship. I've been following the regular pre-med track and have taken general chemistry I and II, calculus I and II, and Bio I and Orgo I, along with some other classes. GPA: Semester 1: 3.97 Semester 2: 3.93 Semester 1 (sophomore...
  26. F

    Advice on university choice

    Just to give some background: I'm an american citizen, who is currently attending an international MD program in Europe. I have not completed an undergraduate degree. I am doing a 6 year program, and at the end I will hold a MD. I was told by someone who works in residency matchups that I...
  27. SteelAurelius

    California Pharmacy School Chances

    GPA's (after DIY post-bacc): Overall: ~3.5 Science: ~3.3 USC Pre-Pharmacy: ~3.2 DIY Post-Bacc (all classes taken were sciences and at the community college): 4.0 I will take the PCAT. Experience: 2 quarters of research at the university Volunteered more than 100 hours at the hospital No...
  28. redence

    Which SUNY school is best for premed?

    Hi, I'm a senior in high school, and I have to apply to colleges soon. I want to go to a New York State school to save some money, and I was thinking about SUNY Buffalo, Stony Brook, and Geneseo. I'm leaning towards SUNY Buffalo as my first choice, anyone go there? Can you give me a review and...
  29. Titoxyco

    USMLE Schools to prepare USMLE?

    Hi guys! I am a European medical student looking to prepare the USMLE. In my country there are academies to prepare the equivalent exam. What academies are there in the US to prepare the USMLE? Are there options online? Thank you very much!
  30. J

    Am I applying to too many schools?

    So i am premed from CA, and will major in biochem or soemthing. So these are the schools i am considering. Cal Poly SLO Cal Poly Pomona Cal State Long Beach UCLA UCB UCSB UCSD UCD UCI UCR USC Alabama Minnesota Rice Northwestern Case Western Is this too much for premed? I don't know what to cut...
  31. G

    out of state?

    hi, I am an undergrad student in Alabama. I plan to apply to at least 20 med schools (there are four in AL). I am wondering what would be other good ones to apply to out of state that do not give preference to their in state applicants??? I am open to MD and DO suggestions thanks.
  32. J

    MD School List Help

    511 MCAT (126,129,127,129) 3.67 sGPA 3.77 cGPA Hispanic Female Florida Resident Mid-tier Undergrad 20 y/o (a lot of dual-enrollment credits) Hours: 344 Shadowing 120 TA 2910 Non-medical volunteering 120 Research 727 Medical Volunteering 3000 Paid Employment (non-medical) 2000 Hobbies...
  33. L

    3.81 cGPA, 4.0 sGPA, 512 MCAT, Postbacc, CA Resident

    Hey friends, Just wanted to get your opinions on my school list. First, a little background: I am a CA Resident. I did my undergrad in Film at a CSU, then a 2 year postbac. I only speak English (very basic Spanish). MCAT: 512 (130/128/127/127) Film experience: 3 years (3000 hours) Paid film...
  34. S

    School list Help...please!

    DAT: 20 AA, 19 TS, 21 OC, 18 GC, 18 BIO, 20 RC, 21 QR, 21 PAT oGPA: 3.5 sGPA: 3.4 Shadowing Hours: 115 (general dentist) Volunteer Hours: ~100 Age: 25 Working in pharmaceutical Quality Control for 1.5 years. Please advise whether I should leave list as is or add/delete schools? Thanks! School...
  35. T

    Re-Applicant here: List ALL the dental schools I applied to before...Can't remember...

    As the title states, I'm reapplying to dental schools currently and the application is asking me to list all the schools that I applied to. Problem is, I applied to just over 25 schools and I'm pretty sure I can remember like 80% of the schools I applied to, but I feel like I'm gonna miss a few...
  36. D

    Which Dental Schools for Low GPA/ 23 DAT?

    Hi SDN, I am wondering what schools I should be applying to for a realistic chance. I have a very low GPA and science GPA, but an ok DAT, which I know doesn't make up for my horrendous GPA but I wanted to give it a shot this year. oGPA 3.13/ sGPA: 2.90 DAT: AA 23/ TS 22 Bio 22 Gen Chem 22...
  37. Jaboi

    Schools to remove off my list?

    Hey I'm re-applying to dental schools this cycle and wanted to apply to a ton of schools this time around just to be safe. I've got 21 schools that I was going to apply to but I feel like I should widdle it down a bit, don't wanna spend too much money applying. My GPA is 3.89 overall, sGPA 3.82...
  38. amg_la

    School List, Need Guidance

    I am putting together my school list and really want to hear some advice on making a balanced application cycle. I feel that the schools are very top heavy. I included the latest data i could find on the schools im also trying to keep the debt down as much as possible so heavily looking into...
  39. Babbitt4MVP

    Do all schools want you to go into primary care?

    I realize the simple answer is no. But I have heard a lot of emphasis on this given our shortage of primary care docs, and more than a few schools specifically mention it in their mission statement. I personally don't want to be a primary care doctor. I've shadowed one, I have great respect...
  40. Shooters Shoot

    Need Help on School List!