4 vs 6 year Resume Differences?

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Hey everyone!

Quick question. So I met up today with the faculty in our oral surgery department, and they informed me that:

6-Year programs:
CBSE and grades and externships are all that really matter
-Research and volunteering is basically irrelevant. It is better to do well on the CBSE and study during my down-time instead of doing research.
-Maybe try to do a few case reports here and there, but don't over-do it

They also claimed that 4-year programs don't care as much as 6-years with regards to your CBSE score

My school is a 6-year program, so my question is (that I didn't ask them):
What makes a good resume if wanting to apply to 4-year programs? Do I have to shadow a lot at the hospital and make connections for strong LORs? Or are the externships the heaviest weighted aspect at 4-year programs?

Thanks so much


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Nov 11, 2010
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CBSE and class rank(if you have one) are highly weighted at most programs, whether they're 6 or 4. Being a good extern and having solid LORs with a connection will definitely give you a step up too.

I think that it is pretty common for 6 year programs to take your undergrad gpa into consideration for medical school purposes. In my opinion, this would be the biggest difference when applying to 4 vs 6.
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Jun 18, 2006
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Every program will want different things. In general, they all value grades/class rank and CBSE. These are usually the top 2 criterias.
So put down everything and focus on these 2 things and if you get top 10 with a 75+ cbse, you have a great shot at matching somewhere.
Some programs will want research, most won't care. If research is getting in your way of grades and cbse, then drop it, unless you want to go to a specific program that wants it.
Then comes the externships. Programs know that you have a very limited time off to go to externships, and if you did one with them, it shows that you are highly considering them.
Extracurrics are nice, but do things that you like, you'll enjoy the time and it will be extra things to put on your resume. Some programs care about leadership, most don't care.
Then comes the interview, which is by far the most important part of the entire process. If you got good class rank, cbse, research, leadership, but if the program doesn't like you, you won't be ranked.
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Feb 3, 2012
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i'm generalizing but cbse, class rank, and strong recs get you interviews at both 4s and 6s.
the interview itself outweighs everything.
everything else is kind of bonus.
the difference is 6 years are restricted by med schools and are not flexible with cbse and undergrad grades.
a 4 year director can overlook that if you convince him you'll be a good resident at the interview.