1. ripbabwe

    Withdrawing Application?

    Hi guys! I am a third year predental undergrad, so traditionally I should be applying to dental school this month. I have recently been thinking about taking a gap year though, for the purpose of making sure that dentistry is without a doubt the career I want for the rest of my life. I have been...
  2. D


  3. O

    Need Advice!

    Hi everyone, I am a little confused on what to do next with my life. I applied this previous cycle and got one interview with an 18AA and a 3.21 oGPA and a 3.0sGPA. Over the past year (my senior year) I was able to raise my oGPA to a 3.39 and my sGPA to a 3.1. I am planning on reapplying right...
  4. D

    DR vs. ESIR vs. IR as it relates to subinternship/prelim years

    I know there is information about the changes to DR/IR programs in various forms all over the internet and I've read most of them. I am trying to understand what the correct choices are for a student who is interested in radiology and possibly IR but not ready to commit fully to an integrated IR...
  5. D

    4 vs 6 year Resume Differences?

    Hey everyone! Quick question. So I met up today with the faculty in our oral surgery department, and they informed me that: 6-Year programs: CBSE and grades and externships are all that really matter -Research and volunteering is basically irrelevant. It is better to do well on the CBSE and...
  6. d-dimer

    TY Electives to Prep for CA-1

    How many months of anesthesia do you recommend for pgy-1 as a TY? How about other useful electives? Extra month of cardiology, IM Wards or IM clinic? Or should I go for easier electives like radiology, derm, rheum, non-surgical ortho to study for Step 3? Thanks in advance
  7. TheOnlinePharmacist

    What are some of the biggest mistakes I can make in my first year (P1) of pharmacy school?

    Title says it all. I've been really stressed out ever since I started early last week, and I found a few google links to answer this question, but they were all generic mistakes that I already know not to do. I think some people on here can give me actual valuable answers from real experience...
  8. G

    What to do during gap year?

    Greetings SDN Community, I am currently a senior at a public 4-year state school and have an anticipated graduation date of May 2019. I plan on taking the MCAT right upon graduation and would like to use my gap year to pay off student loans (private + fed) and gain more clinical/research...
  9. Franzliszt1

    Where on AMCAS do I write gap year plans?

    Hello all, Thanks for taking time to answer me, I just graduated and I'm applying this cycle for 2019. Is anyone else wondering how they will communicate on their application what they plan to do during their gap year? If there is a place on AMCAS I don't see it. I've taken a job as a scribe...
  10. N

    Do schools typically overlook a bad freshman year?

    Do you think schools overlook a bad freshman year? I’ve been on a strong upward trend since but the highest I’ll be able to get my oGPA to is a 3.3 by the end of this semester. I started with a 2.3.
  11. J


    Hello! im a predental student graduated just this past semester of Fall 2017. DAT score: Bio 14/18 Orgo 20/19 Chem 22/20 PAT 15/17 MATH 18/17 Reading 18/16 aa: 18/18 science average: 18/19 overall avergage 3.4 science average: roughly 2.7/2.8 i know my DAT isnt amazing. i know my sciecnce...
  12. G

    Feeling bad for taking so many gap years

    I graduated December 2016 and don't plan on applying until 2019. I'll be 25 (almost 26) by the time I enter med school in 2020. Is anyone else taking this much time off from school, and if so, what are you doing during these years? I was hoping someone could shed some light on what it's like...
  13. D

    Chances as a 3rd Year Undergraduate to UPenn/Buff/NYU 21AA

    I have just finished my DATs and am happy with my results. Bio: 19 GC: 21 OC:22 TS:20 RC:20 QR:25 AA:21 PAT:21 I am only a sophomore going into my junior year and after receiving my scores, is it possible for me to apply this late into the process (Likely late September application submission)...
  14. KCraig

    Best job during a gap year?

  15. KCraig

    Please help: Is a second gap year necessary?

  16. RogueBanana

    For those taking a gap year

    Weird question but here it goes: Do you guys feel as though you aren't as sharp as you were when you were in undergrad? Maybe it's because I don't have anything to really study for and apply myself to, but I just feel like I'm not as "sharp" or quickwitted. I wish I had something to study for...
  17. L

    Should I do an SMP

    I'm a little concerned about what I should be doing for my 2nd gap year and I heard a little about SMPs but I'm not really sure. Here are my stats: -Biology major 3.3cGPA 3.4scGPA from a top 20 University -MCAT in 2015 500 (yes I know), retake in 2016 507 -Graduated this May and am currently...
  18. Q

    Two years off after undergrad - Same lab or NIH?

    Hi all, I'm taking 2 years off between undergrad and MD-PhD programs. I've been offered a paid research position in my current lab for these 2 years. During this time, I would be working on an independent research project that is different from the research I did in undergrad. Alternatively...
  19. MedicalMermaid

    How does the AACOMAS application process/timeline work?

    Hello again everyone! I am new to applying for med school and am a bit confused about how the application timeline works and was hoping someone could explain it to me. I saw that the AACOMAS application for the 2016 cycle opened on May 2015 and then each school has a different deadline...
  20. M

    NIH Postbac IRTA

    I just got invited for an interview at the NIH for the Postbac research program. I know this is a great opportunity and all, but I wanted to ask if anyone on this thread has been involved in it or knows someone who was - how was the social life? I'm from Bethesda originally (went to college...
  21. C

    For an IMG from the Indian Subcontinent

    Hey guys, My first post here.... Just wanted to know what exactly the best path for an IMG hopeful for applying to UK to take is.. After completing an year of internship, PLAB exams etc..would it be better to try for Foundation Year 1 posts or Foundation year 2 posts? In terms of future...