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Adversity/Challenge Essay Advice



So for my challenge essay, I was thinking about writing parts of my experience as a patient. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder at age 16, but the journey to get a diagnosis became long and arduous. While I could write about the resilience of not having answers, the whole "obstacle" part of it is a bit murky. I am thinking of writing about how an initial misdiagnosis as a psychological disorder made it much harder for us to convince physicians to actually take on my case. We had to get accounts from teachers and coaches about the things they saw when I was symptomatic.
In short, instead of writing about persevering through a disorder, I want to write about how I handled being doubted and the importance of believing in yourself when you're questioned. I feel that this is a valuable perspective to write about that does not just cover how I fought through symptoms pre-surgery.
Any thoughts on this topic?
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