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    Is This Appropriate for an Adversity Secondary Question

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    Adversity/Challenge Essay Topics

    I don't want to hop onto anyone else's thread and steal their thunder, but I was hoping to get some advice on possible challenge/adversity essay topics: Stuttering - Throughout my childhood and high school, I had a stutter which I went to a speech therapist for. I struggled, and still struggle...
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    Adversity essay idea: Talking being a bad writer at first and how I worked to improve?

    I've had a very comfortable middle class life without big adversity and don't have any crazy stories to talk about. One idea I came up with is writing about how I used to be a terrible writer and how I improved. Does this sound stupid and privileged?
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    Diversity and Adversity Secondary Essays - Help!

    Diversity What is everyone’s opinion on writing about an anecdotal experience for secondary essays? For this diversity essay in particular, I am an ORM, so wanted to write about my experience caring for a resident of mine at a nursing home who does not speak english, and what I learned from...
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    Adversity/Challenge Essay Advice

    So for my challenge essay, I was thinking about writing parts of my experience as a patient. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder at age 16, but the journey to get a diagnosis became long and arduous. While I could write about the resilience of not having...
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    Help with adversity essay topic?

    Hi all, First, please don't quote any more than you need to. This is all kind of personal, so I'd like to be able to go back and edit/remove what people see if for whatever reason I feel it's necessary (although I've made sure not to include anything that I couldn't live with if a troll decided...
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    Secondaries - Adversity/Challenge Essay topic advice

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    Challenge essay--mental illness hotline experience?

    I'm brainstorming my adversity/challenge essay options, and one I was considering was writing about a particular conversation I had while working as a crisis text line counselor and god knows how many times I thought I'd failed, the texter's dead, why won't (s)he open up to me, etc. After a...
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    Diversity Question???

    Hello guys! I'm currently preparing for post-bacc and not sure what to write for the diversity question. Now, I can think of two options. 1. Typical immigrant story grew in single-culture Asian country -> moved to a rural city in America, experienced ignorant sentiments, practiced my...
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    Adversity essay ideas

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    Secondary challenge essay ideas, please help!

    Two ideas In my senior year I took on a role in a a peer health organization that required me to act as a leader of a team of four other seniors, one of them that I was friends with. Our team had to research a specific health topic three times per semester and make outreach materials that we...
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    Challenge/Adversity/Failure Prompts

    Hi there, So, like many others I am working on secondary essays, and I am stumbling over one of the most common types of prompts, i.e. the challenge/adversity/failure question. My family is pretty firmly in the White, suburban, lower-middle class, so I have been fortunate to lead a relatively...
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    Challenge Essay Idea - Seeking Advice

    Hi all, I am usually a lurker, but seeking some thoughts on the personal/professional challenge essay. I am confused between these three options: 1) Immigrated to the U.S. right before college and got accepted to an elite school. Once in college, struggled with spoken English a lot...
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    Diversity Essay

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    Adversity Challenge Secondary Essay

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of writing my secondaries and was wondering what direction I should go with my adversity/challenge essay. Would it be best if I talk about: Immigrating to the U.S from Iran at the age of seven: 1. being mocked for not speaking english and the process and...
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    challenge/adversity essay ideas

    problem solved, thanks.
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    What counts as adversity? (Help choosing a direction)

    Hello! I am trying to think of what to write for my adversity essay. The example I had originally written about was from early childhood, which I know can be a risky move. Any feedback about the following topics would be much appreciated! I have been staring at my secondaries for the past three...
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    Advice on adversity/diversity

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    Talking about surgery and allergies in secondary...

    For some of the mandatory special experiences/adversity essays (such as Baylor's) I am considering discussing my hip surgery and recent diagnosis of being allergic to soy, eggs, and dairy (completely unrelated). For Baylor's question specifically (Indicate any special experiences, unusual...
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    When is it appropriate to write adversity essay on pre-adolescence/adult events?

    Hello everyone, I've heard differing opinions on whether it's appropriate or not to write about pre-adolescence/adult events for your adversity essay? I understand to stay away from early-childhood events. But what about childhood and onwards? [examples removed to remain anon] Edit: Consensus...