General Admissions & OTCAS Any stats for those applying to Michigan-area OT programs?

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Oct 16, 2017
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Hey Everyone!

I'm seeing a lot of application stats for those who live on the west and east coasts on here. Does anybody have OT stats who are applying to Michigan schools? Even Indiana or Illinois-area schools would be nice to know as well!

Thank you, and good luck with the application process!! :)

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I had applied to Davenport University in Grand Rapids. I was accepted for Fall 17 start but ended up declining because I got accepted into another school.
cumulative GPA: 3.6
Pre-req GPA: 3.6
Observation/Volunteer Hours:
Outpatient peds hippotherapy: 96
Outpatient peds in clinic: 200
Outpatient peds sensory clinic: 80
Hand therapy: 40
Neuro & Hand therapy: 40

Extra: ABA therapist, front desk at OT clinic, sorority, golden key honor society

You should check out Davenport. They don't conduct interviews but their program is very hands on and their facility is new and very nice looking! The students I talked to said that they had enough extra time on their hands that they were able to work and keep up with their studies.
Good luck!