1. K

    Tulane vs. Indiana

    I am struggling so much trying to decide between these two schools. I am from Indiana so I have an in-state tuition rate, but I recently received a scholarship from Tulane that makes the COA about the same for the two schools. I went undergrad and did my master's at Tulane- I have fallen in love...
  2. I

    Other Feedback about resources across IUSOM Clinical Sites

    Hello, I am a physician looking into moving to Indiana. I was hoping to hear from folks outside the interview process about the reputation of the various clinical sites across the states. Which ones have most resources (social work, renovated/updated facilities, dangerous neighborhoods, sicker...
  3. G

    Seeking Psychiatry Shadowing Chicago Area

    Hello, I'm seeking psychiatry shadowing/clinical opportunities in the Chicago area. Loyola University Chicago explained that we need to set up shadowing on our own during post-bacc. How do people go about finding these opportunities, and are there specific opportunities anyone can recommend? I...
  4. T

    Case Western vs Indiana University

    Hello all! Thanks for looking at my post. I'm currently trying to decide between attending CWRU or IUSM. Case Western Pros: • Prestige • Strong clinical rotation sites (University Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, VA, Metro) • Great research opportunities • Large amount of time during...
  5. BNoog

    MD/DO possible? IN resident with 3.5 cGPA/510 MCAT

    Hello everyone! Been a lurker (inactive) for the past year and was wondering what your thoughts on my WAMC are! cGPA: 3.50 (upward zigzag trend explained below) sGPA: 3.18 AMCAS 3.25 AACOMAS MCAT score: 510 (127/128/128/127) State of residence: Indiana (have direct family connections in Ohio)...
  6. 1

    University of Indianapolis Class of 2022!

    I figured I would start a thread for the incoming class. Has anyone been accepted yet?
  7. 1

    Wait lists for 2018-19 Midwest schools!

    Hey everyone, I've done a couple interviews now and have a couple more to go. I have been wait listed for some midwest schools, so I figured I'd make a post out there to see that I'm not alone and get more information about the programs! I was recently wait listed at Mizzou and I'm still waiting...
  8. D

    ***The Official Indiana University Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Current IUSD D1 here! I saw that there wasn't a thread yet for this application cycle and I found it really helpful when I was applying last year. Let me know if you guys have any questions and good luck! Link to interview prep: Indiana University School of Dentistry Interview Feedback ----> Be...
  9. O

    Post-bacc vs. Chances with the waitlist

  10. O

    5 acceptances and torn between 2 schools

    At this point I really like all of the schools I was accepted to and decided to narrow it down to NSUOCO in Oklahoma which only accepts roughly 28 students and ICO which has the largest (around 150). ANY opinions or help from current students or anyone applying from any of those schools would be...
  11. J

    Manchester University (Indiana)

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the pharmacy school at Manchester University in Indiana? Good, bad?
  12. J

    Manchester University (Indiana)

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone currently attend Manchester University Pharm in Fort Wayne, Indiana? How do you like it so far? Also, if you got accepted for Fall 2018, what are your plans?
  13. N

    IN MPJE Law Review

    Help!!! Is there anyone that can help me with the Indiana Pharmacy Law Review? I didn't go to school in that state and I've failed the MPJE twice now!! (74 both times and needed a 75 to pass). I need some advice on study materials. What works and what doesn't. TIA
  14. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS Any stats for those applying to Michigan-area OT programs?

    Hey Everyone! I'm seeing a lot of application stats for those who live on the west and east coasts on here. Does anybody have OT stats who are applying to Michigan schools? Even Indiana or Illinois-area schools would be nice to know as well! Thank you, and good luck with the application...
  15. Jyggaswoop

    ***The Official Indiana University Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Who? Hoosiers!! Didn't see this one yet. My application is submitted and received/reviewing. Residency: Indiana. Stats: 3.42 o, 3.49 s, 3.48 BCP, 21 AA 21 TS, 18 PAT. Attended Dental Day- Very helpful! Class of 2020 stats: APPLIED 1,403 Resident 191 Non-Residents 1,212 MATRICULATED 106...
  16. L


    So... I'm 22, finished school to be in IT, and HATE it. I hate sitting in front of computers and waiting for something interesting to happen. I've gone back to school (Pre dental if you couldn't tell) and have a few questions! Firstly, I'm thinking of getting an associates in dental hygiene and...
  17. O

    Indiana University or NOVA for Optometry School?

    I've been accepted to IU and NOVA for optometry school next year and I am completely torn between the two and don't know which one to attend. I am Canadian so I will paying out of state tuition for both schools, and they are the same price for me due to scholarships. Any advice about which...
  18. P

    Indiana student planning on taking MJPE in Illinois

    Hello all, I go to school in Indiana and I want to take the MJPE in the Chicagoland area since I got a job offer there. Illinois students....please help! Did your schools have any advice on how to study for the exam? Are you studying only your class notes? Is there an Illinois Pharmacy Law...
  19. M

    Please help me choose a Dental School. ~I didn't expect to have this problem

    Hello Everyone, I experienced a problem that I definitely didn't expect I would-especially because the pre-health committee at my school told me that I wouldn't be able to get in to dental school. I was fortunate enough to receive acceptances from multiple dental schools, and I would really...
  20. D

    Indiana University Anesthesiology Residency

    I need a little input from the SDN nation... I am seriously considering IU for residency but am having trouble finding outside perspectives on the program. At first glance the program boast some of the best intangibles I have come across to date. No other competing programs in the state, has a...
  21. P

    Rosalind Franklin vs Indiana

    Hey I got accepted to Indiana and Rosalind Franklin. I am very excited about both schools. I am just unsure where I should go? Any help?
  22. P

    Indiana State University

    Hey Guys! So I was just offered an interview at Indiana State University which obviously I am going to go but I do not know much about the school or previous students that have gone there. I know that they are still in the accreditation process but I also know they have had at least one class...
  23. M

    IU vs UA vs CU

    Hello all! I'm a new user to SDN, but I have been intermittently reading/lurking on SDN for the last few years. I have gained a lot of valuable information from this site and have been so grateful and fortunate this year to have received multiple acceptances. Never in my wildest dreams would I...
  24. K

    Indiana vs ASDOH

    Hey everyone, Having a hard time deciding between these two schools. Indiana has been around for a very long time and ASDOH hasn't. ASDOH seems to be very focused on clinical experience and IU has unlimited resources and every specialty. What school would you choose and why?
  25. K

    ASDOH vs Indiana

    hey everyone, I have been fortunate to be accepted to ASDOH and IUSD. Having trouble deciding among the two. ASDOH has a modular system which may ease stress and the clinical rotations are awesome. But Indiana has an established name of a long time, unfortunately it is more expensive and you...
  26. ElleTori

    Passed MPJE for Indiana using RxPrep, March 2016

    Just found out today that I passed the MPJE for Indiana!! Wanted to let anyone studying know what I used: RxPrep, Dr. Wilson's notes, and the IN Chapter from Pharmacy Law: Examination and Board Review. I was skeptical about using RxPrep, since I hadn't seen much written on the forums about...
  27. Radiologyreviews2015

    Midwest Help

    Hey all, I thought I'd change it up here and ask some opinions on some programs I'm having trouble separating in the Midwest. Too many Californians/NE people on SDN! Haha. So far, I have CCF, Indiana, Wisconsin, NW, and UPMC as my top 5. I did not get interviews to Mayo, MIR, or Michigan (1st...
  28. ElleTori

    Indiana MPJE: Study Buddy

    Looking to see if anyone would like to partner up and study for the Indiana MPJE. Would also appreciate any information on helpful study guides. Currently have Dr. Wilson's packet and RxPrep. Thanks!
  29. oklahomasooner

    IUSO Admissions Day

    Does anyone who applies to Indiana University Optometry School get invited to an Admissions Day interview? Or do they first narrow it down then invite people to an interview? I'm just trying to figure out if I should feel special because I got invited to the IUSO Admissions Day, or does...