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AVC c/o 2022 hopefuls

Discussion in 'Pre-Veterinary' started by DrAlex2022, Oct 20, 2017.

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  1. ZZ801832


    Sep 7, 2017
    So jealous all you international students getting news so early! Canadian student here, just got an email yesterday saying that all of my documents were received and I'm officially being "considered" as long as they get my fall transcripts in time. Not at all expecting to get in, or even get an interview though, this round was just to get familiar with the application process.

    Anybody know what the average GRE score is for AVC? Trying to decide if I should take it again for next year.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017 at 4:07 AM
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  3. SkiOtter


    Mar 10, 2016
    Don't count yourself out before you even hear anything!!! No matter how slim you think your chances are, there always IS a chance as long as you're still in consideration.
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  4. antsy125


    Nov 28, 2017
    I don't know about the GRE... They just told me they looked at my scores (which are average for to most US schools) and it was fine. It doesn't seem like they care nearly as much about the GRE as they care about our GPA. I couldn't find any stats... If the rest of your application is strong enough, don't worry too much about it. Retaking it can't really hurt you though.

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