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Apr 1, 2017
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Hello all!

Thanks for looking at my post. I'm currently trying to decide between attending CWRU or IUSM.

Case Western
• Prestige
• Strong clinical rotation sites (University Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, VA, Metro)
• Great research opportunities
• Large amount of time during the day for self-study (aside for mandatory PBL sessions)
• Typically very strong match
• P/F first two years
• 6 week dedicated

• Tuition (~$65,000/year)
• Written exams
• Mandatory PBL (8 am MS1)
• Non-recorded lectures (also non-mandatory)
• Virtual anatomy through Microsoft Hololens
• Not much clinical exposure until 3rd year
• Would have to start over – don’t know anyone in Cleveland
• Relatively far away from family, around 6 hour drive

• Max 26 hours of class per week
• P/F
• I did my undergrad in Bloomington and am a lifelong Indiana resident
• Much cheaper
• Closer to family and friends (depending on campus placement)
• Clinical rotations in Indianapolis (Diverse patient population, good hospital systems)
• Non-mandatory lectures
• Recorded lectures from any campus

• Stale - I've grown up in Indiana and went to IU for undergrad.
• 2 year pre-clinical
• Random campus placement in 9 cities, could end up living in really undesirable cities (when given the option to go to CWRU instead)
• May potentially have to start over – don’t know anyone in any campus except Bloomington and South Bend

I think both schools are quite similar, which makes it very hard to choose between the two. Generally speaking, I know I'll be more comfortable at IU (given that I end up at 2/9 campuses) but I think my medical education will be better served at Case. I enjoy the curriculum more at Case, and the students seemed happier. However I do value being close to my family and friends, and IU will make seeing my family and friends much easier. I currently do basic science research at IU, and would like to keep doing so if I decide to go to IUSM, but I am unsure if I will even have the time during my preclinical years to produce any meaningful basic science research.

All in all I am quite stuck and am not really sure if I should take the 'comfortable' route (being closer to friends, family, knowing the IU system, being an Indiana resident, currently doing research at IU) or the 'unknown' route (new, potentially better clinical experiences, better campus, better curriculum, better residency match, new experiences).