help me decide: school x vs school y

  1. RocketScientist05

    Creighton Phoenix vs Drexel vs Rosalind Franklin

    Hey guys, trying to decide between these 3 schools. I'm a FL resident so they're all very comparable tuition wise with some variation in COL. RFU is slightly cheaper COL in North Chicago. Distance from family isn't that relevant since they're all somewhat far from home. Thinking about aiming...
  2. T

    ACOM vs. NYITCOM (Jonesboro,AR)

    I've spent the last couple of hours reading through threads to get opinions, but wanted to ask here as well. ACOM Pros - 100% residency placement in 2021, heard of students getting competitive residencies incl. derm (not my interest, but good to know its not impossible for a dedicated student)...
  3. S


  4. C

    Touro Nevada vs Campbell?

    I’m from California but I also have family in North Carolina. Can anyone who went to these schools or knows anything about them chime in about the quality of their rotation sites or anything else that would help me make a decision? I’m also interested to know what the overall vibe is like, how...
  5. OngoGablogianMD

    Jefferson vs. VCU

    Facing a really tough decision after getting off the WL at VCU (was not expecting WL movement this late!). I am a non-trad student currently living in Philly, but my fiance is from Virginia and has a lot of family in Richmond. Both schools seem like a great fit with little to really...
  6. P

    Wayne State vs. Creighton (Omaha)

    I could use some help deciding between these two schools! Any insight is appreciated! (I have not entirely decided what specialty (leaning primary), but my long-term goal for residency is to match around the New England area, as I am originally from Massachusetts) Wayne State: Pros: -...
  7. H


  8. M

    DMU vs KCU

    Hey everyone! I recently got accepted to both these schools and am a bit confused about which to decide. Here is my pro/con list. I'm also interested in research if anyone can provide insight on which school is better for research opportunities. Any insight would be appreciated! KCU pros...
  9. L

    NYU vs Harvard vs WashU

    Hey guys! So thankful to have these options and luckily, the financial aid packages at all schools are similar enough for that not to be a huge consideration. For reference, Harvard would be about $6k a year in tuition/fees, NYU $4k/yr (fees), and WashU is offering full COA. I am not sure what...
  10. C

    Thomas Jefferson vs. Boston University vs. Virginia Commonwealth University

    I've been fortunate to be accepted into these three schools. It would be great to hear advice on your comparison. I’m a VA resident, so cost is obviously a factor in favor of VCU. I don’t know what specialty I want to do but possibly a competitive specialty. I believe I’d ultimately like to do...
  11. I

    NSU KPCOM (Davie) vs WVSOM

    I have 3 more days (Friday) to decide between the two schools and still can’t decide. I think they’re both good options. Talked to current students from both schools (3 from wvsom, 2 from nsu) and they of course all had good things to say about their respective schools. More about me to...
  12. bubble21

    Burrell vs. ICOM

    I am so happy to be in the position to have more than one acceptance! The problem is deposits are expensive and making the decision is tough! I received an acceptance from Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) and from Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM). I am from the...
  13. F

    Rutgers (NJMS) vs Quinnipiac (Netter)

    Hello everyone! I am having trouble deciding between NJMS and Netter. In the future, I want to live in the northeast and pursue a primary care specialty most likely. Thank you for your help! Rutgers (NJMS) (Tuition 43k per year) Pros: More well-known (first medical school in NJ) Home...
  14. S

    Iowa (Carver) vs UCF

    Iowa Pros: -higher ranked and name Carries some weight for residencies (really solid match list) -more colleges and resources for competitive specialties (I’m interested in Ortho) -can do all rotations within the school’s massive hospital system -Pass/Fail (I think there’s no internal...
  15. aspiring_physician123

    KCU-COM (Joplin) vs WVSOM vs VCOM-Louisiana

    Hey guys!! So I've recently been accepted to three pretty amazing schools, feeling incredibly blessed, but the first deposit is dawning on me, and I'd greatly appreciate y'alls insight on how to best go about choosing between these schools: KCU-COM (Joplin) Pros P/F Curriculum No mandatory...
  16. D

    Brody ECU vs Colorado

    Hi friends! Gotta make a decision this week and it's a tough one. ECU Brody PROS: Cost: tuition is about 25k a year, which is insanely cheap, and much lower cost of living than the Denver area Close to family and friends Small class size, get to know your peers and more easily connect with...
  17. I

    UCLA DGSOM vs UChicago

  18. S

    Einstein vs Temple (LKSOM)

    Hey all! I am very much torn right now between Einstein and Temple (LKSOM) and would like some advice if anyone has. Both schools are really great and I am very grateful to be in this position (even though I am stressed about making a choice haha)! I have narrowed it down to these two, but I am...
  19. J

    Weill Cornell vs UPenn Perelman vs Columbia VP&S

    Hey all, I would really appreciate any thoughts you have because I'm having a really hard time deciding between these schools (I'm really lucky to even have these options). My heart is telling me Cornell, but I'm not sure. ALSO I'm getting almost a full-ride at all these schools (super low cost...
  20. A

    Rochester v. SUNY Downstate

    University of Rochester Pros Well-ranked school (top 40?) with a great match list Received half in aid --> total cost would be around 160k Enjoy the biopsychosocial model approach/ great research and mentoring opportunities Have close friends that already attend the school, and also enjoyed the...
  21. jjsmiles

    Touro vs. Temple (OOS)

    I was fortunate to have been accepted into Touro and Temple Dental School. I have been waitlisted at Buffalo and UNE. Still waiting on responses from 4 more schools. If any Touro or Temple students could chime in on their experience at school it would be much appreciated. TOURO Pros: -...
  22. D

    USF SELECT vs. Wayne State

    Hi everyone! So I am debating between three schools at the moment. I am currently on the waitlist for Wayne State, but on the chance I do get accepted, I want to be able to have a solid idea of what would be the better place to attend. I am also interested in Anesthesiology, General-Surgery...
  23. T

    Case Western vs Indiana University

    Hello all! Thanks for looking at my post. I'm currently trying to decide between attending CWRU or IUSM. Case Western Pros: • Prestige • Strong clinical rotation sites (University Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, VA, Metro) • Great research opportunities • Large amount of time during...
  24. R

    Stony Brook vs UMass

    Hi all, Very fortunate to get acceptance to these two state schools. Without considering costs, is there is a perceived difference in the quality of these two (in terms of match competitiveness, general feelings towards, etc.) Here are some quicks pros/cons I jotted down.. Let me know if I...
  25. M


  26. Neuronom

    BUSM vs WCM

    Thank you in advance. I'm very excited to be accepted to both programs, it's been a long journey! Currently, I'm interested in emergency medicine / general surgery - potentially in academic medicine. Both match-lists look impressive, for what they're worth. I guess I'm looking for...
  27. anovas

    SJB in PR vs VCOM-Auburn

    San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in Puerto Rico vs Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Auburn Campus. Hello! I am making this post because I need honest opinions as to best choice here. I am leaning towards SJB, although I understand that both choices have some dilemmas (MD outside...
  28. harlo112211


    LECOM-Erie Pros Closest to home, a few hour drive to family, which is very important to me. Very low tuition cost (~33k). I might be able to get away without having to take out any loans. Chose the DSP pathway which essentially means learning independently and do not have to be in class or on...
  29. F


    After three years of applying, I didn't think I would be having to choose from my acceptances, so not a bad problem to have, but I was hoping to gain some insight from you guys about the hardest, most life-altering decision of my life. I have made a pros and cons list for both schools: ARCOM...
  30. M


    Hey guys, I got accepted to both KCU (Kansas City campus) and LMU-DCOM (Harrogate campus). I can't decide on which school to go to and would appreciate some feedback from either current students or just any advice in general. I do not know as much about KCU campus/area wise because I spent...
  31. D

    University of Washington vs University of New Mexico

    University of New Mexico Pros Affordable (Tuition ~$18,000 and cost of living is very low) Close to family Seems to have a supportive faculty, relatively low stress Nice facilities, new building Very diverse Cons Ranked less well, I do not know how much that really matters. I have heard...
  32. D


    I have already been accepted to PCOM (Philly campus) but was offered an II to CCOM. How do the clinical rotations of these two schools compare? Is there any significant reason why CCOM would be much better to warrant paying almost 20k more a year in tuition? Also which school would potentially...
  33. D


    Hello! After a rough cycle, I'm so happy to have been offered two seats. I would really appreciate if you could help me choose between these schools. Tuition doesn't matter to me-- I'm trying to focus on location, curriculum, and quality of life (their importances not in any kind of order)...
  34. B

    McGovern or UWSOM

    Hi! I have been lucky enough to be accepted to both of these great schools, but I am having a hard time figuring out which school to go to. Any help would be greatly appreciated! McGovern Pros: I really liked the feeling of the school and connected with the staff and students Texas Medical...
  35. M

    Vanderbilt vs. Pitt

    Hey folks! I'd love some feedback from you guys regarding this decision. I feel like there are so many factors to consider here and I am having trouble figuring out what weight to give each factor. I'm OOS for both Vandy and Pitt, but am excited about living in a new place. I'm interested in...
  36. I

    Case vs. Stony Brook (OOS)

    Hi everyone I am really struggling between Case and SB since they are both really good schools and have the same cost of attendance. Will be so grateful for any opinions! For me: If possible, I hope to specialize, preferably OMFS I enjoy big city life I am international and diversity is...
  37. P

    KCU-Joplin vs RVU-Utah

    I have been accepted to both medical schools and have until mid-January to put down a deposit KCU-Joplin Pros Less expensive tuition ($47,000) Less expensive cost of living. Husband and I could potentially live in a house rather than an apartment. Established school with a great reputation...
  38. Megustagatos


  39. J

    ACOM vs. CUSOM

    Hey, guys! So I know this thread has been done already in the past, but in light of the new cycle, I thought I'd start a new one so that I'm not spamming the people from the old one. I recently got into both schools, and they both have some great things going on for them, but they're so similar...
  40. J

    SUNY Downstate vs Howard COM

    Howard Pros Already confirmed, have a lease DC is probably nicer, haven't spent much time in Brooklyn Have car available Like previous living conditions in grad school The students and other classes are really cohesive Cons Long travel time home, (NY) More expensive Not as ‘competitive...