1. teehee123

    Case Western dental

    Hi everyone, I recently got accepted to case western dentistry class of 2027and was hoping to connect with current and past students to learn more about their experiences. I am from Toronto, Canada so connecting with other Canadians would be really great as well but I would love to hear from...
  2. G

    CWRU nutrition post-bacc

    Has anyone here done the nutrition program at CWRU? I'm interested but I'm not sure about how well looks on med school apps
  3. B


  4. Yams_

    LOR - Science Faculty & Nontraditional Path

    Hello! As I've posted before, I'm a nontrad pre dent. This means I am scrambling to finish my prerequisite courses ASAP, which of course are pretty much science classes (I did the others in undergrad). My school does not offer committee letters so my only option to apply to CWRU is to have 2...
  5. OliveMDToBe

    Case Western vs. Boston University

    I feel so grateful to have gotten into both schools as I like both of them a lot - but that means I’m very confused about picking one. A little about me: Current LA resident with the plan to move back to CA. I’m uncertain about which residency I want to pursue, but I want to set myself up for...
  6. D

    SMP Help please!!

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on SDN but I'm really in a bind and need help deciding on the following SMPs! Tufts, EVMS, CWRU-physiology, Drexel IMS, Georgetown. I don't qualify for the guaranteed interview from CWRU due to a much lower GPA than required.I live in FL so they would...
  7. Black Suede

    CWRU (Dean's Scholarship) vs. MCG (Minority Scholarship)

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance for chiming in! I'm very interested in getting different perspectives on this decision, especially from residents, attendings, and possibly PDs, given that Step 1 will be P/F by the time I take it. Some general info about my background/interests/goals: from GA...
  8. T

    Case Western vs Indiana University

    Hello all! Thanks for looking at my post. I'm currently trying to decide between attending CWRU or IUSM. Case Western Pros: • Prestige • Strong clinical rotation sites (University Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, VA, Metro) • Great research opportunities • Large amount of time during...
  9. A

    Thoughts on Case western reserve PRIME

    I have got accepted to CWRU prime program from summer. Did any one have applied before or any views on this program?
  10. T

    UF (OOS) vs Case

    UF vs Case UF pros: - nice weather - more global health opportunities than Case - lecture is recorded and non-mandatory - affordable housing within walking distance of campus - less expensive (49k OOS) but could become IS (37k) after year 2 (over 4 years this is about a 85k total difference...
  11. U

    CWRU vs. UCR for Pre-Med

    While there are several opportunities and situations that apply to each individual, I am trying to seek out some help in narrowing down and picking one of the 2 between UCR and CWRU. I have done some research on the net and did some comparison between these 2 and came up with a few points of...
  12. T

    Case Western PRIME Program??

    Looking for more info on the program because I think it's pretty new for a post-bacc but is there anyone that has heard of it or been a part of it? And why would someone apply here versus Case Western's SMP? Any info is much appreciated!
  13. T

    Case Western PRIME Program??

    Looking for more info on the program because I think it's pretty new for a post-bacc but is there anyone that has heard of it or been a part of it? And why would someone apply here versus Case Western's SMP? Any info is much appreciated!
  14. N

    SMP U Cincinnati vs CWRU

    I've been accepted to both. Just looking to see if anyone has any insight on which is better. Cincinnati has much smaller classes (32 vs 150), higher acceptance rate (82% as of 2016 vs 66% as of 2013). Cincinnati takes and scores classes alongside med students. Has no linkage but provisional...
  15. N

    CWRU SMP or SUNY Buffalo MA

    I've applied and have been accepted to several SMP programs including CWRU, Toledo, Cincinnati, Touro and I'm still waiting on a few more programs. I've also been accepted to SUNY Buffalo MA in Biological Sciences. I will most likely choose between CWRU MS in Medical Physiology vs Buffalo MA...
  16. H

    MWUAZ V.S. Case Western

    I got offers from these two schools and am having a really hard time to decide. I am a CWRU undergraduate student so I am familiar with Cleveland and have many friends over here. However, I really like MWUAZ and heard their clinical exposure is top among dental schools. I also heard from D4...

    CWRU vs McGill

    I know this may be slightly outside many people's area of expertise, but this is a decision I must make. I welcome all those who do have an opinion to help me out if they like. Thanks! NOTE: I am a citizen of both the US and Canada. CWRU Pros: Top 25 US MD school Excellent match list...
  18. T

    Case Western MS in Medical Physiology 2018-2019

    Hey Y'all, I am surprised no one has made a thread for this program yet! I am considering applying to this program, even though it is a little late. Is anyone planning to attend? I heard great things about this program. Does anyone know how big the class will be for this program? I heard...
  19. Dental_Dude

    Incoming Student for CWRU SODM

    Hello! I'm just trying to get some insight from students or others that have experienced CWRU first hand. If you could reply with some information towards starting the DMD program at CASE that would be awesome! I start August 7 2017. Some topics: What year was the hardest/ easiest? Housing...
  20. Dental_Dude

    Dental school acceptance is possible with 14 QR

    I am going to make this short but I felt the need to post this for people who need some clarification. I applied in the 2017 cycle. My DAT scores were AA 18 TS 18 RC 21 PAT 21 GC 18 OC 17 BIO 20 QR 14. I applied to 11 schools and received 3 interviews, 1 rejection, interview waitlist, and 6 to...
  21. Student1222

    Advice on SMP Decision

    Hi, I just graduated from college and I have a huge decision to make. I was wondering if you smart sdn ppl can help me out on my path to medical school. I currently have a 3.22 cGPA and 3.26sGPA from undergrad. Since my GPA is too low for any M.D., I decided to apply for special masters...
  22. NaomiM

    Case Western Master's in Medical Physiology 2016-2017

    Hey, there's no thread yet for Case! Has anyone else submitted an app here?